ACC to be released on Ultra HD Blu-ray this June

The remake series will never make FFVII look as "next-gen" as Advent Children. Almost otherworldly the visual jump between 1997 and 2005. Plus the style. My god the style. Cloud, Tifa, and Kadaj's designs are particularly memorable to me, but the whole cast receives a great modern twist. Nomura was in his element. Special mention to the incredible camera angles and scene transitions as well. And personally, I love the direction they took the world after Meteorfall.

I genuinely feel that, yes, Advent Children is "good actually".


Fire and Blood
I just finished TURKS -The Kids are Alright- yesterday (don't judge me, I didn't really want to read it because the Cases of... aren't really great litterature ok, but ToTP actually made me want to read it), and I truly think that the ending of this novella is the true ending of AC/C. There's just no ifs or buts, it's something they obviously couldn't do in the movie - lol NPCs no one knows about but they're part of their daily lives - but to me it falls straight into it.

I also really liked the description of the TURKs, Evan made me laugh because of how similar he is to Cloud (it's like a script commentary from Nojima himself really), and all in all, this is a great way to cement the story between the end of FFVII OG and the end of ACC. I even spotted a few characters from this novella that we could see pop up in Remake (in Nibelheim and Icicle Inn). it was just an enjoyable read, and I put my comments about it here because it ties so much into ACC IMHO. If you have only 2 novellas to read to understand ACC, then certainly CoT and TKaA are the to go books (since Cases of Lifestream are so short I don't even count them).
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