Alternative Gameplay Styles?


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I just started playing Tomb Raider...and I suck at it...

I've never played "Parkour" survival action before, and I'm fascinated with how the quick-time events are handled.

Makes me wonder if instead of just swinging automatically out of safety, Cloud has to navigate the falling debris of the plate as it ascends, catches itself briefly, and then ultimately continues it's collapse onto Sector 7 slums? We already have context-sensitive navigation of cracks and crevaces, so this seems like a natural extension of that.

Likewise I'd like to use this topic as a jumping off point to discuss other forms of gameplay that could shake things up outside of combat: The terrain of the slums is treacherous, and there's huge buildings to parkour as an alternative to just following the narrow streets of Midgar's plate. There's also stuff like the Sewers and Sector 6 Wall to climb up to ShinRa HQ.

What do you guys think? Should Square draw on what they learned from Crystal Dynamics to add more flavor to the Final Fantasy VII remake?


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I wouldn't expect it to have many time-sensitive QTEs, but rather have participation QTEs to make cutscenes feel like you're slightly more involved than just sitting back and watching things. This is another point where I feel like FFXV is a decent reference point in generally what to expect for the basic feel of gameplay & techniques. It's pretty clear that the game delivered on the more ARPG style Final Fantasy game for people, so I'd expect them to pay most attention to that.

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