Ancient DOS Games

I highly recommend the YouTube channel Pixelmusement and its video series "Ancient DOS Games": Over 300 videos dedicated to this corner of gaming history.

Having mostly played console games as a kid, my memories of DOS games are limited and primarily from my pre-school years. Pixelmusement has given me the exhilaration of finally learning the name of a platformer that I barely remembered: Captain Comic.

When asking my older brother about the games we had, he confirmed that we used to have a shareware demo of Captain Comic. We also had Commander Keen, which was another wonderful nostalgia shock for me to remember after not having heard about it for 20+ years.

As a Mega Man fan, I naturally recommend Pixelmusement's videos about the Mega Man DOS ports. :wacky: The first two in particular are worthy of being on an episode of Angry Video Game Nerd (assuming they haven't already been featured there).

- Mega Man
- Mega Man III
- Mega Man X

Mr. Ite

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Mr. Ite
Captain Comic! I had a CD called “Imagination Station” which had Cpt. Comic, Clyde’s Adventure, and a trilogy of mystery/puzzle games called “Hugo’s House of Horrors”
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