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!!Announcement; a Departure and Recruitment


Yo sexy peoples

It is with great sadness that our favourite cookie monster Road has decided to step down as a mod, in his own words (which I'm summarising XD) because he's rarely here and doesn't really participate in modshipness any more.

Carlie left a little while ago, and so did Aaron. We haven't filled these positions since, so we'll be recruiting two new SMods shortly - keep an eye out for a nominations thread once we've ironed out the details.

In the meantime, wish Road the best of luck in his endeavors since we'll all miss him - he's been quiet for the past while but he's one of the most level-headed people ever to grace the board. As I understand it, he'll still poast from time to time so it's not really goodbye.



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Ruby Rose, Lucy
I was wondering the other day why we don't see enough of Road. Welp, hope all is well with him. :)


I barely got to interact with Road, but what little I did see was still easy enough to form the solid impression that he was a super sound guy - and if you see this, Road, sorry for the 3rd-person, past-tense referencing :wacky: Hope whatever keeps you occupied is good and fulfilling, and that you can continue posting here more casually and whatnot :)

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Haven't had a chance to really get to know you yet, Road, but I just wanted to say, you were the first person to send me a friend request here on TLS and I thought that was really sweet. Thanks for that! ^_^
Hopefully you do pop in from time to time and maybe I'll get to know more of ya someday. Hope things go good for you in life! :monster:
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