• Due to datamining of the demo files, substantial leaks are now everywhere. As a reminder, some of these are in-development screenshots and may point to events that aren't going to be in the final game. Some of them are clearly going to be in the game. The TLS stance is this: Any thread which will contain discussion on the leaked images/ details must clearly contain [SPOILERS] within the title. Anything within those threads does not need to be spoiler tagged. Any POST anywhere on the board containing spoilers must be spoiler tagged or it will be removed and warned. Please report this where you see it. Let's try to make sure everyone can still freely post until everyone has a chance to play this game please!

Announcement (Kinda): Media Embeds


Yo all,

Media embeds have been enabled since we moved to Xenforo, in case anyone was unaware. This means when you paste a link to pretty much anything (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest etc etc) it will automatically embed that "media" in a box. If you're posting and you're unsure what this looks like, you can use the post preview feature.

Everyone native to TLS prior to the Xen move probably got used to using BBCodes (with the square brackets), but this is no longer necessary.

You may also have noticed that when people did this it looked kinda shitty. That's because we have a dark style board, and by default the "cards" this media appears on is transparent, so it didn't look great. Now we've kinda fixed that and are bringing some level of TLS-ification to it where possible (they can't be fully customised without some hacky shit because the sites don't want you to be able to do that).

Anyway, just keep an eye on those and remember that this is something you can do now, for slightly less stressful posting. Just drop a link and it'll do it automatically!
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