Anybody up for a G-Bike archive?


As a person who does not have the hours to create an archive in addition to my Dirge Multiplayer one, but still wants G-Bike to receive the same attention, I just want to throw the idea out there in the hope that it might stick and somebody takes up the task.

While G-Bike almost certainly won't go the way of DCFFVII: Lost Episode and live up to its subtitle of being lost, the sooner a preservation effort gets started the more will ultimately get saved.

What would a G-Bike archive include?

- Version Update Reports​
- In-game inventory lists​
- Gameplay videos​
- Soundtracks​
- Screenshots, promos etc​
- Trailer analysis​
- Notes about compatible platforms, playability and potential emulation​
- Overall development history from inception to its end​

Who knows for how long forum posts about the game's multiple patches and updates will remain? I certainly hope that all the reports from our own thread won't accidentally get lost whenever the TLS forums get upgraded. Who knows when the G-Bike data files may become difficult for modern computers to read? Or when modern phones will no longer be able to load the data files (that are not dependent on server connections)?

I do keep my own folder with miscellaneous G-Bike files but I doubt I'll ever have the time and resources to expand it to a size comparable to my Dirge Multiplayer folders. Whether one big archive gets created or not, you can do the following in a preservation effort:

● Download YouTube videos. I use this site to download YT videos. There are thousands of G-Bike videos out there but I will occasionally download ones that look particularly interesting.​
● Request the original video recordings from the uploader. Confirming the exact time of the recording is also important when confirming which patch/version the uploader was playing at the time.​
● Use the Wayback Machine to save websites. I have a Chrome plugin that lets me instantly save web pages. I've spent countless hours using this add-on to save Dirge Online blog posts that otherwise would never have been saved.​
● Save websites the standard way by downloading them as files to your own computer.​
● Acquire and/or keep back-ups of the G-Bike installation data.​

The idea has been shared. Now we play the waiting game and see if anybody gets inspired. :monster:
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i have a lot of screencaps from this, i will try to send those over to you. i got most of the first half, but towards the end i took it off my phone to free up some space so i might have missed a few events.


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If you can dig up any hidden Aerith data, that'd be an epic win. I was pissed that they closed the game before she got a limit break sequence for it.

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I used to have an emulator installed on my computer, and I can certainly say that G-Bike crashed upon launch or just didn’t launch. This has happened with other SQEX titles like Opera Omnia. Mobius Final Fantasy didn’t work until they released the Steam version, and then it magically became playable. Maybe some games just aren’t meant to be emulated.

Anyway, I like this G-Bike archive idea.


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I simply cannot overstate how much I love that you do these things. They're so interesting and outside of my own skillset, but they fill me with immense amounts of joy. :D

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G-bike required you to be online at all times, since the server doesn't exist you won't be able to emulate it anymore.

Someone was able to activate it's debug mode though by replacing the title screen data with a stage's data:

For the record there's no Aerith data other than some voices in the apk. It also listed Red XIII, Cait Sith, Vincent and Zack as assists, but of course nothing came of them.

EDIT: iirc it implied that her limit break was Holy.
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I did and yes he does have data, but just like with this thread the intention was mostly to promote that *somebody* leads an archiving effort. Though I have a feeling I'll end up taking the helm anyway. :awesomonster:
Indeed, I do have various screenshots, backup data from the installs, most of the APKs per version update, and of course the BGM. Unfortunately I did miss a few events, due to the updates randomly clashing with my non-stock Android OS.

I do wish SE had opted to give the game an update that allowed offline play, even if there weren't any new missions, rather than end it as they did.
I simply cannot overstate how much I love that you do these things. They're so interesting ... they fill me with immense amounts of joy.
Thanks dude. <3

and outside of my own skillset
There is literally no skillset involved here. All I do is click and save. :monster:

On the topic, I have now proceeded to save the official G-Bike twitter as well as the dozens and dozens of information pages about the game's patches/maintenance and events. The amount of information and juicy pictures still present here is quite staggering.

For a game that was so unceremoniously pulled and has been interpreted by some as a tie to CyberConnect2 that Square wishes to distance themselves from, Square hasn't gone out of their way to remove the many official pages dedicated to G-Bike.
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After finding the Square Enix Bridge update history page I was able to find 160 additional information pages about G-Bike. Now I have saved 237 such pages, both standard browser saves and Web Archive saves.

The Web Archive can be glitchy, as sometimes it will crash or claim to save a page when in fact it hasn't. But I have the browser save backups in case of the online archive failing.

What I'd really like to do though is automate this search for pages that include references to G-Bike. I've been told that it's possible to do a "macro" and automate such things. The only context in which I've tried a macro was in Notepad++, when you record an action and then have the computer repeat it however many times you want.

The oldest G-Bike related url on the Square Enix Bridge that I found ends with the number 7780 while the newest one ends with 15281.

If anybody knows a trick to have some program automate a search through all possible urls (like from say numbers 1200 - 20000) that mention G-Bike and then print those urls, please let me know. It is the only way that I can be sure that I've found every single G-Bike information page on the Square Enix Bridge.

You can no longer limit your search to G-Bike on this official page, but you can limit it to games like Kingdom Hearts &#967;. If anybody wishes to archive the update history of any of the games on the list, I'd recommend doing so sooner rather than later.


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Hello everyone

I just found this thread, and I think I can contribute with a lot of resources to preserve part of this game.

When the Japanese apk came out I downloaded it and I was able to extract lots of internal resources, such as images, models, texts, renders etc ... I could even make a patch in my language (spanish). Some of the videos are on my YouTube channel:

G-Bike Spanish VideoList

My Gallery with some screenshots in normal mission and "multiplayer" raid against Shiva and Ifrit

Example: Hardy Daytona Model

I have backups of several game version from (1.0.1) to (2.0.0) and like Shademp I made local backups of the Square Enix Bridge news.


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Well almost a year after that I think it's time to start shaping the archive.

The recent name change of the twitter account of the game made me remember that I should take up this thread again. First thing that can help us to know all contents of the game is last version of location file, I have attached it to the post. Although this file was prepared to host both Japanese and English, only the first language was active during the time the game was available to play.

If any member of the forum who knows Japanese can begin collaborating with the translation of this file. :mon:

In regards to me, I plan to organize me with @Shademp mainly and whoever wants to collaborate here to try fill in the gaps in this game so we can get to know everything they had planned for him. Stay tunned.

If you can dig up any hidden Aerith data, that'd be an epic win. I was pissed that they closed the game before she got a limit break sequence for it.
The only asset related to Aerith that I have found has been this girls background:


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