Who will be playing FFVII for the first time when the remake come out?

  • Me!!!

  • Played the original.

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Pro Adventurer
Hopefully it will be the same magical experience that it was for me when I was younger along with a lot of other people who share the same sentiment (even though you will have to wait a little longer to experience the entire thing).
I hope that my oldest brother will play FFVIIR. He's admitted that he enjoys the trailers and that he'd like to play it, but his chronic pain makes it difficult to sit still for any lengthy periods of time (and it's not like there's a shortage of great games to play already).

My brother vehemently dislikes turn-based combat. If he doesn't enjoy the gameplay then he can't bother with the story. He gave the original FFVII a shot for 30 minutes or so but he just couldn't force himself to continue. It's simply not his kind of game.

If he's ever going to enjoy the FFVII "experience" then it will be in this remade format.


Joe, Arcana
As far as I'm aware the entire game takes place in Midgar. Pretty sure all the other discs had were bonus features idk.


Joe, Arcana
I don't mean to stir anything up here, I'm just really curious. What would make someone a fan of a game they haven't played, or haven't played much of? If you haven't played this game, what brought you into the fandom and what kept you here?
I saw Advent Children and had questions. I don't know why I'm still here or why they made me a mod.
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