Article: Unused Fields of FFVII

I have long dreamt of making this feature. Finally it has been realized.


All the maps which are not accessed in the final game are revealed here. Most of the debug rooms are only mentioned in passing though, due to these being reserved for Unused Text articles.

I chose to have external links to the videos, due to pages loading more and more awkwardly when the number of embedded videos increase.

The article now also has a link in the FFVII Content Index.

It is not unlikely that the article will receive some updates. The modding community of Qhimm may have one thing or two to object on when it comes to my interpretation of the technical details about FFVII. If corrections are made, I'll highlight them in this thread.

In a way, this article is my "anniversary gift" to TLS, due to the site getting very close to its fifth anniversary. Enjoy. :salute:
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The Twilight Mexican

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Finished reading the article (and performing my usual copy-edit for punctuation, grammatical syntax, etc.).

Wow. There is some really cool shit in there. It never ceases to baffle me just what a different experience -- and, consequently, what different memories would follow -- we could have all had if seemingly tiny decisions had been made differently.

Your excavation of the game data is probably as close as we'll ever get to a real "Making of" for this game, and, at this point, it's probably as reliable and comprehensive as anything Square could put together.

I know you like to call my new LTD article "your LTD Book," but if anything around here needs legitmate publishing, it's your research into the creation of the game. :monster:
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