ASSEMblergames to close at the end of June

- Announcement thread over at ASSEMblergames

With origins dating back to 1995 (and finally getting its own server back in 2004) ASSEMblergames has long been a source of the rare and obscure in gaming: Prototypes, developer consoles, modding, hacking, restoration, preservation etc.

While activity at the forum has remained fairly steady over the years, even in the rising popularity of chat servers like Discord, the forum has been in a "management decline". No new members have been able to register for over a year. Now the administrator (themselves an obscure individual in recent years) opts to close the forum by the end of June. On the positive side this announcement came 30 days in advance rather than happening with zero notice.

The member base (or at least a portion of it) appears to now be migrating to Obscure Gamers. Fortunately the site is also in the process of archiving ASSEMblergames.

Memories I will keep with me from ASSEMblergames:

- One of the few places online to speak of the FFVII CG Collection DVD before hardly anyone knew about it.

- Being provided a hack for me to play Dirge of Cerberus International in Japanese even though I couldn't select that language on my console.

- Having the installation screens for the DCFFVII Online Multiplayer unlocked by member krHACKen.
-- Beta installation screen
-- Retail installation screen

- Being an enlightening place to read about mobile game preservation efforts (or the lack thereof).
-- Project i-mode / EZweb, to preserve the dying unpreservable
-- Lost Java-based Mobile Games

- Acquiring miscellaneous obscure insight and rare files from members.
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