It's a manga made by the Death Note writers and it's pretty interesting, no killing or anything, so not your typical bandwagon manga.

There are these two boys whom dreams are to become mangaka (manga writers for those idiots). Well, they're at a very early age for people to start writing manga and they're really good at it and shiz.



and some other side characters.


Well, Saiko had a uncle who wasa mangaka and he use to visit him everyday to watch his uncle draw and make his manga. So, he always wanted to be a mangaka after his uncle.

Well, his uncle died and that dream faded until Shujin asked him to be his partner to write manga with. He declined the offer until the girl he loves (Miho) and him madea promise to fulfill both of these dreams and become married.

OH, and as a SIDE NOTE, I really dislike how they threw all this crap together.

Could yall make a whole sub-forum for anime and manga?

It's a little cluttered in here.

Ill make a suggestion thread about it.
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