Barret and different types of Weapons? Will his Close Range Weapons return and how will they work?

So old good Barret has an arm and a Gun attached to his arm. Yes, I know nothing new duuh. I was thinking on how will it work with all the different types of weapons (guns) Barret equips. We have seen his Gatling Gun and how it works. Like a Gatling Gun, but how about his other weapons, will they be different and unique or will all of them be like the Gatling Gun with different skin to it and different ability/skill.

I am hoping for different variants of weapons (guns) to be usable and not just Gatling Gun type of guns that shoots many rounds. I am hoping for a Shotgun, Grenade Launcher and etc. with different attributes and stats. Like a Shotgun which should do high damage on close range and low damage on long range. Example below compared to his Standard Gatling Gun

Gatling Gun (DMG)
- Close to Enemy: 200dmg (20 rounds, 10 dmg per rounds)
- Far from Enemy: 200dmg (20 rounds, 10 dmg per rounds)
- RPM: 600

Shotgun (DMG)
- Close to Enemy: 400dmg
- Far from Enemy: 100dmg
- RPM: 60

This is just an examples I used to try and explain the idea I have in my head.

AND in the Original Final Fantasy VII, he does use close range weapons as well and not just long range weapons. Such as these;
- Cannon Ball
- Atomic Scissors
- Chainsaw
- Drill Arm
- Rocket Punch
(I hope I got the list right) ;P

And this makes me question how will Barret play like if his Close Range weapons returns in the REMAKE? Will they return at all or will they ditch the Close Range Weapons?
It's stuff like this that makes me realize what a nightmare some aspects of the OG must be when you try and remake them. That's so much variety that needs balancing, animations, and models for just one character's weapon selection.

To answer your question though, I think there's an argument to be made either way. Barret's role in the party is (in part) to do long ranged attacks--maybe they keep those weapons in but somehow make them ranged, like he fires the cannon ball instead of just hitting people with it. On the other hand, they've stressed repeatedly that they aren't cutting anything, so maybe they'll give players the choice to have less ranged attackers in return for Barret-brand beatdowns.

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