Barret post-Meteor

I didn't want to hijack Shademp's DoC thread so I'm making this one.
Question: is it specifically stated either in DoC or elsewhere that Barret was explicitly working for the World Regenesis Organisation in his quest for a replacement fuel? or is that simply assumed by fans?

Edited to add: Mako's character profile translations from the Ultimania suggest that Barret isn't in fact working fir the WRO until the Deepground crisis, at which point he 'joins forces' with them: "In order to stop the DG SOLDIERs’ acts of violence, Barret teams up with Cloud and friends and cooperates with the WRO."
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Yeah I gathered that Cloud, Barret, and Tifa (and Vincent) just help out in Dirge, but are not actually members. Whereas Cid and Yuffie seem to actually work for him.

I presume that when Reeve calls Cloud in Advent Children wanting to "help you out," he wanted to offer Cloud a job with them. But I doubt he would've taken it.
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