Before Crisis Fan Remake?


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Downloaded that too. The translation is so-so, but the game is fully playable (at least for the part I've already completed, up to Chapter 13).


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I haven't been shy about my opinion that Before Crisis was a lot better than Crisis Core from a narrative perspective, so I'm glad someone did this. It's really a shame that SE threw this game away like trash. I'm gonna give it a try before it gets C&D'd.


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I finished this fan-game some time ago and I was surprised, as a former user of Rpg Maker I can value it as a great work of recreation at least visually.

By other hand some of Before Crisis's plot not appears or differs a lot from the original script, probably the author used some random mixed translations like Gunshot Romance which was quite novelized.

Even with all that, it have all my recognition.
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