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First, a little about my art background. I've always loved to draw from the time I was really little but didn't really start working at it till high school. Then I focused mainly on basic line drawings (mostly Kingdom Hearts as I was obsessed with that back then) By the time I got to college I was branching out into Final Fantasy and other video games and experimenting with shading to make my drawings more realistic. As I got better, my family convinced me my talents would be better used drawing “real” things so I focused on pet portraits. My specialty was horses, with a few cats and dogs here and there. I have since gotten bored with those and have come back to my first love of video game art (all the beautiful screenshots from Remake were just too irresistible!)

Most of what I post here will probably be Final Fantasy as that is my current obsession, but some of my other subjects may make an appearance as well. I hope to update this regularly but no promises!

I'll start with sharing these two that I have posted already on other threads

Plus a new one of Reno.
I'm not entirely happy with it so I've been sitting on it for awhile thinking I would go back and work on it some more, but I've lost interest in him now, so this one is as good as it's going get. Also I lost access to my big scanner so had to scan this one in two parts, hence the weird line down the middle of it.

Anyway, welcome to my art thread. Hope you enjoy it!

(For future reference, what is the preferred format for posting images? Spoiler tags? thumbnails? full size?)


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I appreciate your use of traditional media for your art, and the realistic way you draw the characters. Veeeeery impressive stuff.
Given that art threads are all about pictures, full size is fine I think. Maybe put them in spoiler tags if you don't want it to get cluttered.
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Forgot the cutesy in my other pants. Sorry.
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Awesome art!

For posting, the thumbnail option is more user friendly, imo. Have in mind that some of us have shitty internet and full-size images weight a lot ^^;


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Thank you! I stressed over his face since my reference pic wasn't the best. It was from the scene of him and Tseng and he's looking at the Whispers. It was very low res and lacking details so I had to make a lot of it up as I went. My favorite parts to work on were his eyes and hair. I think I used 7 different pencils to get his hair color/texture right and 8 for his eyes!


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While trying to work up the gumption to finish my current piece, I looked back at some of my old stuff and found these oldies but goodies and thought I'd share them here for kicks and giggles. These cover about a ten year span from probably 2008ish to about 2018. (some of the older ones are quite cringe worthy now!)
First one of my oldest ones. Dart Feld from The Legend of Dragoon. It was and still is one of my all time favorite games! (Has anyone else played this?)

Another really old one. An original I did of Vincent. One of the first pieces I did without any reference pictures (for body positioning, etc) I was so proud of this one at the time. Don't ask me why he's jumping off a building, I don't know, thought I would look cool I guess.

Advent Children Sephiroth and Cloud

Assassins Creed


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Not sure this counts as “art” but I was cleaning out my craft closet and found this old creation of mine:
In high school I was into jewelry making, specifically chainmail jewelry. Then my crazy self thought, Hey if I can make a necklace out of chainmail then why not a whole hauberk? How hard can it be? Eh, it took me about 4 months to make and about a quarter mile of wire (I made my own rings because I was too cheap to buy the pre-made ones). Its a European 4-1 weave and the rings are just butted together, not soldered. I had so much more patience back then...


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Well, I'm currently facing an artist's crisis: my favorite pencils are in short supply thanks to the pandemic and I don't know when they'll be back in stock, which means I have about 3 pieces in limbo and it's driving me crazy :rage: So to take my mind off it, I decided to take the opportunity to experiment with a new medium and ended up doing another Reno using markers. The black ink is permanent marker (Sharpie) and the lighter colors are washable markers applied with a wet paint brush. It's not my usual style but I kinda like it. Maybe I'll do more like this...


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Young Tseng and Aerith.
scan0005 (4).jpg
scan0005 (4).jpg
Based on this piece I first found on Pinterest. When I first saw it I first thought it was Tseng and Aerith so that's what inspired my take on it. I followed the link to the artist's twitter but it's not in English so I don't know if its based on characters from something else or it's their original. Anyway, I imagine the story behind this one is little Aerith went out and got into trouble and poor Tseng had to rescue her and drag her back to Elmyra.
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