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Haven't picked up this game, but I'm slowly tempted to check it out at some point. I had a fairly good time with Demon's Souls back when (though hated dealing with Invasions - especially after it ruined the game for my brother). Either way, it seems to be getting a lot of praise, so I figured I'd make a thread.

Additionally, Strippin was playing it on Twitch and managed to uncover some of the

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Currently playing it as you speak.

I posted this on another board about the gameplay, can't be assed to write OC for this thread in particular.

I think they designed each weapon type to be incredibly distinct wielding affairs, the name of the game in Dark Souls was detailed customization. The difference between a Longsword and Shortsword for example were very minute and even Claymore had the same swinging arcs the LS did albeit notably chunkier, it only changed your strategy. Bastard Sword is also different. One weapon and some aspects of maybe another cover all of them handily.

BS was a guilty pleasure of mine I understood wasn't so practical, Shortsword was a suckier LS and if you're going to have a chunky weap... Kirk Hammer comes off as having many of the traits we had on Zweihanders or a Dragon Tooth, but it hits the chunky notes better than 'same as x weapon but bigger and slower' like a Claymore. Might as well give it a new face and emphasize it's distinct qualities so it isn't just an LS on literal roids.

And yes. Bloodborne is a naturally more offensive game and it isn't very much like the Souls titles at all. It's a shame that it wears it's spiritual heritage on it's sleeve with the Hunter's Dream, them warping tombstones, the hud... But it's designed in such a way that a boss is meant to either be able to kill or not kill you based on your skill. Vial spamming is harder when they're breathing down your neck constantly and it's capped at 20 anyway.

Souls was more raw. You could steamroll bosses damage wise based on how you handled the RPG elements, it was a less balanced experience and sort of embraced this as a quality, I liked it. I also like this.

tl;dr it's not Dark Souls
It's a super fast offensive game and imo isn't a Souls game at all. It's really fun for what it is.

What builds are you all playing? I started as Cruel Fate since I'm sort of irl RPing myself haha, but I found all my points going into Str, End and Vit regardless. Kirk Hammerbro, here.


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Long time Souls fan and been playing this though I haven't had the time to beat this yet.

I think you're half right about how in Souls you were able to just steamroll bosses due to prep and using stats/items properly and how you're not really able to in BB. The thing is that that wasn't the case right away at least in DkS1. The community was not too quick to pick up on the efficient strats using Red Tear Stone Right (RTSR) and as such people were not steam rolling bosses unless they were significantly over leveled. So thats not really the same thing as taking the right build and stats into play. It always came down to skill.. you weren't gonna beat S&O due to your build at all (unless it was a cheese build lol) it was gonna be through raw skill. Same for many bosses, other than RTSR strats I can't think of to many builds that were out right the clear cut best way to beat any boss pre - BB.

The same might be said for BB. We dont know if there is a RTSR equivalent in it yet and if there is it will completely change the landscape of the game especially in the speed run community.

Builds. Right now I'm just doing a 25-30 spread on skill/str/vit. Soft cap seems to be 30'ish for most stats. Using ludwigs sword and blades of mercy.
Interested in trying to make an Arcane build work but playing out the early game is gonna be rough till I can get some infusion junk. Could be OP as hell if you can bear through it though.

I think Arcane will be the Adaptability of BB. Not that they do the same thing its just that I remember sooooo many people writing it off in DkS2 and then it was the best stat you could ever get. Other then that I dont see much in the way of possible build diversity though it really sucks that the stats were streamlined this much this time around.
As someone who started with a boon in Arcane I just couldn't imagine it working effectively enough for me to grit and bear all the early game bosses. Maybe with something akin to the Soul Vessel in DkS2, why not. It's not that Arcane's a weak stat in a vacuum, Molotovs quite literally blow the game wide open, it's that they're scarce with a hard cap even below the 20 vials/shots that (at least I'm) afforded. With an infusion to let you scale off of Arc early on like you said, I'd feel more comfortable. Who knows? Maybe I'll get one and dual scale off of Str/Arc

Kirk's giving me some major Longsword vibes, this makes me fuzzy since god did I love the LS.

The atmosphere in this game, though? S'incredible. I'm probably going to abstain from lore videos and try to work the rest out by my lonesome. Leveling up your insight, I hear, lets you 'see things.' Like monsters crawling all over Yarnham and curled around all the buildings in the background. It's like, 'wow, what fridge horror. No wonder the world's fucked up'

Hidetaka said in an interview recently... He's met some interesting people because he's president of the company now, like other presidents. He said he's 'using' some of them as enemies in his games (I wonder if he implied Bloodborne?), that's great.


I got Souls (or something) on Steam, haven't really played it much yet - it was kinda rough around the edges, so to speak, :monster:. Might pick it up again at some point.

I've only seen a video of this one, it looked pretty neat and a bit more accessible than its predecessors.


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From reports I read and what I can tell BB doesn't actually have that bad of frame rate issues. Yes 30fps sucks but very rarely dips below that and when it does it's only to like 25 at worst.

The problem is that BB duplicates and buffers frames out of sequence at times giving the impression that its frame loss but in reality your just seeing the wrong frame at the wrong time every now and again.

For Souls games honestly I'm pretty used to playing at 30fps. Played DkS1 at 60+ fine but playing DkS2 at anything above 30fps was asking for a bad time due to the durability bug being tied directly to the FPS. Played most recently on DkS2 so it's not a huge deal jumping from 30 to 30 :P

Loading times are pretty naff though. Other than that though in regards to performance the game is smooth and the only things that bring it down are classic Souls issues anyway (shit frames when busting boxes , tossing urn types etc.)
Enemies sped up too. It's more that Bloodborne doesn't look as pretty as a high end PC game. I was expecting hardware level optimization with help from Sony to be enough for solid 30 fps (it really doesn't feel like that...) and super good visuals.


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Yeah i hear that.

I was honestly really hoping for 60fps. The gap for a Souls game that runs in 60fps has been far too long. It sucks that if I want to play something in 60fps I have to load up DkS1... which isn't a huge problem since I vastly prefer DkS1 over DkS2 but none the less it would have been nice.
If it let us co op as easily as DeS did I'd totally hit you up and go kill a beast or something. I seem to really like co op in this game. PvP... Uh... It's a thing, but I think these new mechanics work so much better for monsters than people. Attrition heavy battles of vial spamming wasn't what I had in mind.
I got Souls (or something) on Steam, haven't really played it much yet - it was kinda rough around the edges, so to speak, :monster:. Might pick it up again at some point.

I've only seen a video of this one, it looked pretty neat and a bit more accessible than its predecessors.
If you like Lovecraft you'll love this game especially. It's pretty much inspired by it.


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Hmm. Skimmed it btw.

5. I agree with him that early on articles and tips are usually shit. Thats pretty much the same for any game. I first hand wouldn't know since I haven't used any yet ( i like to play Souls games blind).

I will say though that the Vatividya video he linked regarding the lore around the hunt is interesting. Because a portion of that video is most likely extremely wrong, Vati claims that the game implies Ludwig became the Cleric Beast (First boss). His only reasoning is that CB drops a badge that names Ludwig in it.

Yet all other information regarding Ludwig points out that he is a extremely old hunter for the church possibly long deceased. IF he really was the CB that would mean a gigantic Lycan just happens to be terrorizing Yarhnam for hundreds of years and no one talks about it? Yeah sure.. Not to mention the badge CB drops doesn't even give access to Ludwigs gear unlike a certain other badge. It's an extremely weak point and I find it really interesting that he would praise a video with weak information in the same breath as criticizing other sites for offering weak information.

It's more likely that the CB is actually the Captain of the church/Clerics more so than Ludwig in any case.


Agree and Disagree with him.
I agree that its perfectly fine to buy those consumables. Especially if you capped your Soul Level (for PVP/twinking etc.) and have no other use for the souls.

Disagree with his notion that the only way to get vials is to farm central Yarhnam and that makes it "ok" to buy the consumables with his Chalice earned souls.

Because thats insanely inefficient and he's either being disingenuous to prove a point or he is extremely misinformed on efficient farming spots.
I can go to mergo's middle loft and literally run past 2 pigs and get them to fight to the death with like 6 shadows and pick up a crap load of blood vials AND get like 50k souls every time resulting in literally 1-2 minutes of standing on top of stairs watching these monsters duke it out. I cap out Vials WAAAAY faster there than in any chalice level.

Even then there are other extremely efficient blood vial spots early on like the Witches Abode run etc.

I find it interesting that for all the complaining this guy does about people offering bad advice he either chooses to purposefully give up bad advice to prove a point or is simply uninformed. In either case he's guilty on point 4 of the things he complained about in point 5.

3. Cant really disagree with anyone who says "Do what you want"

2. Ehh its subjective. Maybe I'm biased and am just experienced now since I have been playing the series for years so maybe I think BB is easy because I got dealt with pretty hard in DeS and DkS1.

That said I do think BB is harder than DkS2 , but easier than DeS and DkS1. Really my only big gripe with BB is that often enough standing behind a boss is the sure fire sweet spot for winning which sucks in the variety department. Than again you can choose not to get in that sweet spot and artificially ramp up the difficulty anyway.

Still to this day though not a single From game has delivered a more annoying boss than Smough and Ornstein. Fuck those guys <3 (still my favorite fight ever though).

1. Didn't read that whole spiel past him admitting no game is for everyone.

All in all.. Idk how I feel about his article? His first 2 points were hilariously hypocritical and the rest was subjective fluff i guess lol.
Aside from 5 applying to every single click bait website in existence and not being related to Bloodborne at all, the rest are just "IMO". Hell, in 4 he contradicts himself completely.

"This early-game advice that gets parroted in most Bloodborne guides is thoroughly wrong."
"Or I could just clear out that one room, get 80K echoes and buy all the Blood Vials I need."

If you're clearing a room and getting 80k echos then that's not exactly early-game. Lvls and upgrades are more useful than an extra blood vial or 2, and is a better use of echos when you're starting out.
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