Bullying from a mod.

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I want to send a complaint here about a moderator here, Xellos. He has given me a warning for spamming, when I have done absolutely nothing wrong.

I copied and pasted a fanart picture within the Clerith topic in the club section and said " Feels like crying, so sad " underneath the picture of Cloud sitting by the cliff of ghost Aerith/ Aeris.

It was on topic, because it was about how sad and tragic the picture of Cloud sitting next to ghost Aerith was.

When I explained that I was on topic, he said that I know the rules of the LTD and I should stay on topic, but it was never near the LTD debate topic ! It was in the Cloud x Aerith fanart topic.

I feel like I'm being bullied by this certain mod, and as a member here I feel like I have rights, because a) I was on topic and b) It wasn't in the LTD topic, it was in the Devotion club.

I got a warning for spamming for no reason at all, and it's extremely unfair.


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Xelloss, you MONSTER. :lol:
Please, mind your own business Filia. I'm saying this calmly and nicely. We both agreed to ignore each other, and posting a provoking gif isn't going to make matters any easier. Espically when I'm trying so hard to be nice towards you, and be kind towards you, and even wanted to help you out when you were feeling really down. We both agreed to leave each other alone. ):

But yes, I'm rather not happy about it, because I feel like I'm being picked on for no reason at all.


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Is it clear now why I infracted you? Do you have any other complaints or can we call this resolved?


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You posted the dang picture in the LTD thread. Do you want me to undelete it and link it to you?

Here. Look. This is the post that was infracted.

This is your post. This was in the LTD thread.

Watch where you post. Thank you.

Oh sorry Xellos... it must of been a mistake because I had two internet pages open, because I was trying to reply to Anastar and copy and past her quotes, and I must of opened the wrong internet tag and posted it in the LTD topic, instead of Devotion.

I'm sorry for getting angry at you Xellos, and okay, I made a mistake and I'll expect the warning you, I should of been much more careful.

Sorry Xellos for yelling and getting angry at you and stuff, but I thought that you were picking on me for no reason.

Mods can close this stupid thread now...

oh my god..... I'm so dumb and stupid.......

@ Fila. Please, your not helping the situation. You have already stepped on my heart like it was broken glass twice. I'm trying to move on from everything and you're not helping. Please stop. I'm trying so much to show that I'm not a backstabber and things, and I feel sorry for you when you're not feeling well, and I really wish that I could help you with what you're going through. I'm sorry for hurting you. I've apologized many times. I wish that I could turn back time, but what's been said, has been said. I'm ignoring you, so please do the same, otherwise it's really unfair. I've even apologized to your friends for getting angry at them. I made some errors and mistakes, and I wish that I could grab a potion and just heal everybody's wounds and what's been done, but that's not possible. I'm sorry for hurting you Filla, I really am.

Mods, please the topic. I'm really, really, really sorry Xellos. I feel awful.
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