Buster sword - honorific name or belittle one ?

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I get this translation for "Buster" (google) : name - used as a mildly disrespectful or humorous form of address, especially to a man or boy.
English is not my mother tongue and I always had the feeling that "Buster" had a more heroic meaning, something like "capable of clearing any enemy".
Can you tell me how you understand it ?
That's close to my first feeling :)

I noticed that many object names are written in katakana in the original text, including "Buster Sword" which is written バ ス タ ー ソ ー ド(Basutāsōdo). I wonder why in this case (and in other) they would not rather have preferred a more traditional writing.

Perhaps in order to help with the accuracy of the translation, it would have been easier to guide the translators if the important words had been pre-translated (katakanaed) originally. But it seems that the game is not especially known for the quality of its translation ...

And then I imagine that it is still a difficulty for japanese people (children) to have to decrypt / understand the phonetics of an English word in order to understand a sentence from a Japanese work. "Sword" I'd like it to be a generic enough term to be known in its English version, but "Buster"?
What would be the reason for this choice ?

There were probably already Katakana/English dictionaries. Perhaps it is an educational trick that was meant to help the Japanese to learn English more easily.
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Maybe it's "the guy's sword" like with the character Guybrush from The Secret of Monkey Island that got its name from the texture/brush file guy.brush when they hadn't given him a name yet.
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