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you'd better not be serious, because I'm 100% that both of your first two statements aren't true. I know your first one isn't.
If you are posting this because of one gif, then please reconsider. Go back to the thread you posted earlier about feeling out of place. Everyone there supported you, have you forgotten that? If you need someone to talk to, then talk.

Are you serious about suicide? Making a thread about it just doesn't seem... appropriate. I am skeptical, but also concerned. I really don't know what to make of this thread. If you really feel depressed, get help.

Also, Forums aren't for you if they set you off this easily. People are sarcastic, joke around, and disagree. It's part of life. We've explained this, so please listen to it. I don't know if you're doing this for attention, but if you are I have to say that's an awful, awful thing for you to do and it's disrespectful to everyone. It is not anyone's fault on this Forum, the problem lies with you and I truly believe you need help for it.
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Hey hey hey whoa whoa whoa stop it right there; suicide is a serious matter, y'know. You just can't kill yourself the precise moment you feel bad, I mean, think about it.

Now, I can't talk much because I don't know you on the slightest and I have no idea what happened now but I'm completely sure that those things you said aren't true. Por ejemplo, the first thing... Well, after that thread you made you should know by now that it definitely isn't true. I mean come on, you got nearly 70 responses there, all full of support or at the very least some comment like "relax, we don't hate you :monster:", if you were anything close to being "disliked" then you wouldn't have got even 15 posts.

Of course, about the second thing I can't say much but I'm sure you're also wrong there.

You're not asking me, but I think that your self-esteem is way too "sensitive". You seem to perceive attacks and "hate" were there aren't. If that's the case, then it's more evident than ever that no one here dislikes you on the slightest; it's you who perceives it that way.

I think, too, that you need help. Hey, don't look at me like that, it's normal. We all have some problems, we all have been depressed and all that, but hey, you know what isn't normal? Suicide.

I'm sure there are a good pair of persons who are willing to hear you, hell, even I would do it, but if you're not willing to be strong and help yourself then there's not much we can do.

Please reconsider.


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Please, tell me you are not being serious :(

I know when a member is not liked, and I know yours is not the case.

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okay seriousface aki time:

I have little to no respect for someone who commits suicide. You know how statistically most people die from multiple sclerosis? It's not vital organs shutting down or anything, nah, MS just leaves people unable to use most of their skeletal muscles like walking, talking, controlling bowel movements, etc. No, the way most people die when they have multiple sclerosis is that they kill themselves before they get to this state. There's a lot of reasons for this, be it not wanting to be a burden, wanting to die with at least a little respect, whatever. But that's the way that about 75% of people with multiple sclerosis die.

And I know, I don't know your life or whatever. But you know, if you can walk, if you can talk, if you can stand of your own will, if you can control when you go to the bathroom, you have all of those advantages over people with my condition. So don't waste it.
This is quite serious, or a pretty horrible joke, but from the response, I'm guessing its the former. Anyone here got their contact details, to contact their family or friends etc, just in case? If I had them, I'd be making some phone calls =p.

Anyway, if you're still alive. Get help.

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I agree with everyone, I hope your not serious, because that would be a sick joke to play on everyone :<
and if you are :C dont do it!!

Also, I dont think people hate you here , I mean look at all the people commenting here
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Whoah whoah whoah whoah back the fuck up here.

Suicide??? Seriously? You'd best not be shitting me, Yuka. especially when I decided to do a surprise buttsex-like visit to this forum after I just passed and got my new job. Come on don't bullshit me and the rest of these folks, you gotta have patience for all of em and take it all with a grain of salt and not a bag of goods.

Don't make this a regretful birthday for me liek. : [
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You really need to stop doing this D: This isn't your first time saying you're going to commit suicide and this isn't your first time posting a leaving message. Please stop doing this :(

This does NOT mean I hate you, in fact I like you, but I'm worried about you and I know that doing things like this will ONLY make it worse. Sooner or later people WILL start to dislike you for posting messages like this because it starts to just look like you're only doing it to get people to feel sorry for you. I'm speaking from experience here, BTW.

If you really are this upset, you need to stop doing this and get some professional help. I'm NOT insulting you here, you need help. If you're so upset that having a disagreement about a fictional character causes you to threaten suicide, then you need to get some help.

I've been in your exact shoes. I made a suicide thread and everything and you know why I did it? Because I needed help and no one was listening. So I'm telling you right now, please get help. None of us can deal with what you're going through or know how you feel, but sitting on an internet forum is NOT going to help... at all.

Please just get some help, for your own sake and for us as well. None of us want you to hurt yourself. If you need to stop posting here, then do so, but I really think talking to a professional is the best way to go. It helped me and I'm sure it can do the same for you.
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You better not do it, Yukari, for God's sake!! First of all, you are not disliked nor hated, or anything!! And think of the people who love you, who would be saddened by your death!! It's pointless. If you did not do it already... just believe me, don't do it, okay?

If you want to get my msn address, or email address, or something, tell me, and we can talk. I hope I can help you feel better.

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See all those people above me telling you no one here hates you and how if you're serious about your suicidal feelings you need to get some help? Listen to those people. Every last one of them is speaking the truth right now.


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I like you. And I have friended you. I also stalk you on tumblr. :D

You got a friend in me ~<3

So please don't do anything like that... :(


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First of all this is an extremely serious thing to post and I really hope you're not serious about this. This may sound harsh and I don't mean it to but I also hope you realise that there are people on this forum who have been through something like this or who know somebody who has been and to post something like that, its a horrible thing to post, but I also think you need help and this is possibly your way of reaching out for help.

Second thing I'm going to say what everyone else has said. Please get yourself help, like I said, I genuinely believe you need it and that you need to talk to someone. As I said before in the thread where you felt you weren't fitting in here, depression is a horrible thing to go through, while I haven't gone through it myself, I know people who have, two of them being very close to me, one of them is still going through it and its the hardest thing to watch her feel the way she does when she's at her lowest, so I know why you might feel so alone. I have a feeling you're someone who feels things quite deeply and is very sensitive to things people might say.

I ask you to reconsider if you haven't done it or if someone has got to you in time, not just for yourself but the people around you who care about you, I don't think you realise just how much it'll hurt them too because it does and it's them who have to pick up the pieces and try to move on without you. I'm not saying this to guilt trip you in any way I'm saying this to try and make you realise exactly how much you would be missed and how hard life without you would be for the people who love you and I do believe you have that.

This is also gonna sound corny, but you know, you're still very young, you're only a little younger than myself and have a life to look forward to, things are going to get better but you need to give it time, think about later in life when you meet someone you love, have a family, meet new friends, its going to get better, again corny but true.

Its been said before on here but people do like you and people here are concerned, particularly now about your well being. I know I don't know you well but I like your posts and what you have to say for yourself a lot of the time, that in turn makes me like you as a person here and I believe its the same for a lot of people on the forum, the support you got in your not fitting in thread proved that, so to see you feel this down is upsetting. I really hope you haven't gone through with this and I really hope you're alright.

Please let us know that you are at least ok and once you're better please come back and talk with us, whether in a thread to vent off steam or in PMs no one here wants you to feel this way, at the moment I think the best thing for you to do is take time out from here and concentrate on yourself.

On another note about this has anyone here been able to contact her or find out if she is alright?
I agree so much with Aki. It sucks being really sick (and idk if you are, but depression is a serious thing too) and you should appreciate the life you've got. Remember the people that are out there struggling to get by in their health... like cancer, or severely ill... or worse. Those people make me cherish my life even when the saddest of events happen. You DO have friends despite what you think, and obviously you have people willing to talk. It's up to YOU to make the step to healing yourself. You don't have to feel sad, you only choose to. Please appreciate the finer things in life, because life is short and no one knows what happens after death. It's the scariest fucking thought for me, and I'd never wish death upon anyone including you, even though I find your thread to be a bit extreme. I also believe that life is meant to be lived for others. Helping each other, supporting each other. If you feel lonely, reach out, but don't do it like this.


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I really do hope you're not serious. You're one of the best members here, I don't see how any of what you said is true at all. And ending your life is one of the most shortsighted mistakes anyone can make. Don't even joke like that.

Has anyone heard from her at all yet? This is seriously troubling.


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IIRC, she's from New Zealand. She probably hasn't gotten online yet.

But Kyrie, suicide is an incredibly serious thing. Please don't do it. Especially over a thread about Cloud. Even though you think that nobody cares for you, your death would hurt so many people around you. Find a suicide hotline near you and get some help. Please.
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I will refrain from being a smartass douche and say this.

One thought has kept me from doing something stupid like this my entire life. You may be unhappy now, but if you kill yourself you will never be happy.

It's hard to realise your dreams and be happy when you're rotting in the ground because you did something stupid.
She's not replying and I'm worried. I don't know how these things work, but if there is any way that her msn address can be used to find out where she lives, I think you need to contact the emergency services in New Zealand, mumble, and give it to them. They may have ways of tracking her down that are faster than anything you can do.
If anyone else here has suicidal thoughts like this on occasion, take note and get help as well =p. Don't leave it in some goodbye message. Nip it in the bud. You likely have some chemical imbalance, and I'm sure your rational self would not want your life to end. Life is shit sometimes, yes, but I can't think of any belief system that rewards suicide. Death is pretty boring, the way I see it.
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msn can't be tracked, Licorice. All we can hope for is come back.

Wait till she does. Hooo boy she's gonna get a good spanking from me, jokes aside. =/
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