Character Battle Final: Cloud vs Tifa

Which of these characters do you prefer?

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They're both from Final Fantasy VII, and they're both from Nibelheim. They grew up together and they fought together. Now they're going head to head: it's Cloud vs Tifa. Cloud was looking dominant in the competition until he came up against Vivi, who gave him a real run for his money. Meanwhile, Tifa beat Aerith with ease. This final could go either way. Who will be crowned the Lifestream's favourite character from across the whole series?

Who is your favourite of these two characters? Please post an explanation after you vote. Voting is open until the end of the month.

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What's this?

A fight between husband and wife?

Marlene and Denzel are surely to be traumatized for the rest of their lives...

...I chose Tifa! :monster:

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Tifa. You know all the reasons people voted for her in previous polls? Well the ones that were about her and not about a deficiency in her opponent anyway. Yeah, pretend I typed all those out here if you would. Too lazy to actually do it.

And Cloud, you still rule dude. Tifa just rules even more than that.


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This is a maaaaans world, but it wouldn't mean nothing..... noothiiiiiiiiiing..... without a woman or a girl.

Tifa :monster:
Cloud vs. Tifa? That's not a fair question. :loopy:

Okay, it's not an easy choice in the slightest because I love them both so very much, but given that Cloud already seems to be losing, let's at least make this interesting. So, my vote is for Cloud because... 1) He's a great character and he remains my favorite character in FF7 (Even though he doesn't beat Tifa by much in that respect.). 2) So there's at least a fight here. :P

Honestly though, I'll be happy no matter who wins, so to cap off this post... Go Cloud! Go Tifa! You're both incredible! May the most popular character win! :joy:


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At this point, it's more like Tifa's just...donkey punching Cloud from behind.

Can Cloud make a "come from behind" victory? Or will he be forced to stay at the bottom of this while Tifa tops the contest?

I sure hope Cloud doesn't just..bottoms up here!

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Hard choice. I've always held both Cloud and Tifa near and dear to my heart as my favorite characters of all time. Both has always been inspirational to me since I was a kid and even now.

But I think I'm gonna have to cast my vote for Cloud because I love him a slight bit more than I love Tifa and it's practically obligation for me. But I'm looking foward to Tifa winning and the subsequent trophy of Tifa's boobs in Cloud's face. :awesome:


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Tifa's coming out on top, but Cloud doesn't mind when Tifa wants to be on top, so it's all good for him, too.

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Voted Cloud.

Sorry Tifa. You're an awesome character in your own way, and definetely one of my favs, but CLoud is just the best for me. I can honestly say that Cloud is my favourite FF character, and my vote reflects that.


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I think the more disturbing part of that picture...

Is the intense stare and perverted smile that's affixed on Aerith's face.
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