Character Battle Final: Cloud vs Tifa

Which of these characters do you prefer?

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I think the more disturbing part of that picture...

Is the intense stare and perverted smile that's affixed on Aerith's face.
I noticed that too, but say what you will about the picture (I personally am going with AAAARRRRGH NONONO!) that smile is in character for her :monster:


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Yeah, Aerith is kinky as hell. She pretends not to be, but thats just to lure men in. I bet she owns a strap on and everything :monster:
Aerith is kinky, but she also has a weakness for Earth Porn.

That's why she was drawn to Cloud; because of his name.
Aerith: "Can you try to look more like...a cloudy sunset?"
Cloud: "...?"
I have to go Tifa.

If it were just from the OG it would be much closer in my mind. It might even slide over to Cloud. But with the way both of them were portrayed in the "Case of" stories and ACC? It swings heavily to Tifa. I think the ACC Profile explains it best.

"Unlike Cloud, who is dragging on the past and unable to move forward, Tifa has the strength to accept reality and try to move forward."

Not that I dislike Cloud. But his "that's the way we remember him" regression holds him back here. Despite the fact that he bounced back. Again.
Oh boy. I didn't actually think I'd have as hard of a time deciding between these two as I am.

On the one hand, I agree with OWD's stance that Cloud is a more fleshed out character, but as far as a "side kick" character goes, Tifa's story is really in depth and tragic as well. They both have strengths that appeal to me, and weaknesses that irk me. It is hard to try to take only the impressions they made on my from the OG into consideration without taking the rest of the Compilation into consideration, but I think if I'm just thinking about the OG, I might have to go with Cloud.


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I voted for Cloud.

Based solely on the original game, he's one of my favorite characters. Through-out the complication, not so much, I'm just judging him off the OG, though.

I'm surprised the poll is fairly close so far. Since Tifa had so many more votes than Aerith, and Cloud and Vivi were really close, I thought she would cream him.
Why is it that to all the people displeased with Tifa's maternal homebody-ness isn't held against her character merely on Square, but Cloud's going through the motions again in AC is?

Just a curious question.
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Can't hold it against someone for moving on with their life, even if it is in a direction you don't approve of.

Cloud just completely regressed for the sake of drama.

It's easy to see why one would bother people more than the other.
As much as it pains me to do, I voted Cloud. I gotta be honest, Tifa don't do much for me beyond some amusing and cool scenes she is involved in. Unfortunately Cloud has more amusing and cool scenes, or at least that is how I see it. I was hoping Vivi would win, but *sniff* it was not to be.
In Cloud's defense, it's not his fault Nomura throws him in a loop because he can't do anything but recycle.
I know it's not the characters fault. :P

But the regression is there. And you can't really divorce it from the OG. If you start doing that you might as well say you dislike Cloud because he is a cocky jerk in the first half of the game.


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Tifa. No competition. If we're talking about the compilation as a whole, even when they dragged Tifa's character through the dump, it wasn't nearly half as bad as what they did to Cloud.

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either way

this will end up in a hot make up sex

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under the highwind


wouldn't their job classes be "delivery boy" and "bartender"? :awesome:
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Why is it that to all the people displeased with Tifa's maternal homebody-ness isn't held against her character merely on Square, but Cloud's going through the motions again in AC is?

Just a curious question.
Maybe it's just me but I kind of like what they did with Tifa. It made sense to me. Cloud went from interesting to kind of... frustrating as a character. I understand the problems he went through but it wasn't a great downgrade.

I might be more accepting if they hadn't taken ACC Cloud and used it as a blanket characterization. Even in noncanon shows like Kingdom Hearts and Dissidia, they took the uninteresting part of him and emphasized it and them tried to sell it as cool, instead of really exploring what made Cloud great- all those dynamics and his mental issues without necessarily being personality-less. They made the brooding the overwhelming part, it's all people remember. And a nice, maternal character generates more sympathy from a constant brooder.

I don't really want to put down Cloud to build Tifa up. I think most of us like/respect both characters and don't have to bash one to legitimatize being fans of the other. Just my two cents

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tifa comes out on top because who doesn't appreciate cowgirl


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Cloud voted for Tifa. I think this competition is over.

A more interesting poll would be "Who will confess on screen first, Cloud or Tifa?"
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