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That would be super cool! I do wonder how others would go theoretically without giving too much away tho.

It would be especially interesting to see someone like Tifa's, since I reckon a lot of what we see and know of her character is heavily dependent on her relationship with Cloud, so I reckon it would be hard to have a 'Tifa-centric' trailer without it being about Tifa as well as Cloud (the promise and all that). D:

I reckon Aerith's can flirt with her connection with the planet, so viewers realise that she's 'special'. Then Barret has Marlene and his passion for AVALANCHE to highlight should he get a personal trailer. Hmm!

The idea is fun to speculate on haha, even though I admittingly don't think it's very likely?
I mean this Cloud one didn't really show anything new. Just got a little more dialogue, and mostly still all from the first bombing mission. So if they could manage that with the other characters that would minimize and spoilery-ness. Of course, if there were that many trailers with so little new stuff, people would probably complain about that, haha.


Sharp Shinra Shill
I do like that I think the Cloud trailer is the first time we don't have "early development footage subject to change". Also, of course, Shinra riffs.

I'm ready for the game though. A little less than 3 months to go.


Fire and Blood
There are already mini trailers for characters though:


Aerith's isn't out yet, but the German FFVII Remake twitter fumbled and tweeted it before deleting it, so my guess is we're going to see it soon? So the question is, will there be longer trailers like there is one for Cloud? I somehow doubt it, it looks more like we get those as characters' presentations... Cloud being the main character, it's logical that they expand on him, especially since we get his POV in that stage of the game.
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