Community Playthrough Summer 2020


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Hey everyone!

As some of you may know, we try to have at least one playthrough together as a community each year, for the sheer fun of getting to enjoy a particular game all at the same time. It's kind of super late in the year to be thinking of this as a summer event, really, but what a weird year, right?

Here's the playthrough thread from last summer if you want to see what this is going to look like. It unfortunately ended up unfinished, but that's not the end of the world cos we all had fun playing and chatting together.

So in this thread I'd like to hear what games you guys would like to play and share with the rest of us! When you're making nominations, please keep in mind that this should really be a game you know well enough to guide everyone else through and that you can commit to.

In a week, on 7/7, I'll gather up all the nominations and put together a poll and we can all vote for the game we want to play!

Let me know if you have any questions or anything and happy nominating!
I've been hoping we could get one in this year, but knew we kinda had to dodge the Remake.

I could see a return to FFVI, personally. It was our first ever community playthrough, but that was a long time ago now. And I have this cool rom hack to try :monster: While I could technically run this one, other people know VI better than I,

In non-FF, I always have to throw a hat in for Xenosaga Episode I - and note that I definitely would be willing and able to run and stream this one.
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Looking at the list from last year Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, Last of Us and Tomb Raider are ones I can commit and know well enough to guide others through. Out of those Final Fantasy VI feels the most appealing right now.


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I have the Undertale physical edition. Bought it years ago but just recently got around to actually finishing it. That said, I had already watched several Let's Plays even before I bought it :wacky:
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I have two nominations and two secondings.

I was planning to get around to The Last of Us anyway so I’ll second it. That romhack of FFVI also looks like a good time.

Since I just fixed my PS3 and can therefore play my PS1 discs again, I’m gonna throw Vagrant Story into the mix. It’s a relatively short game set in Ivalice, and I’m on an Ivalice kick right now with FFT being my mobile game du jour. (I can also finally finish our FFT playthrough from... 2017!?)

My second nomination is Octopath Traveler because I honestly need some more motivation to continue. Having different starting characters makes it a fun idea for a community playthrough, and playing it *with* people will double my interest in it.


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Hey, everyone! Thanks so much for all the great suggestions! There's approximately 24 hours left to nominate a game but I thought I'd put a list up now of everything so far so you can see them all together and also shout at me if I've missed anything before I throw up a poll tomorrow 😜

• Xenosaga Episode 1
• Chrono Trigger
• Last of Us
• Tomb Raider
• Dirge of Cerberus
• Deus Ex: Human Revolution
• Mankind Divided
• Metal Gear Solid 2
• Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
• Undertale
• Vagrant Story
• Octopath Traveler
• Deltarune
Throwing in a last minute nomination for TWEWY.

It's a brilliant game to play in segments, with fun combat and a really intriguing storyline, available on Switch, DS, IOS and Android.

I'm not a guru on it, but could scan some guides and rustle up a run through if required.
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