Congratulations Unit-01 on Graduating 2017!


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Off into the world with you with bright dreams and great ambitions!

Everyone give the bro the grats he deserves for surviving four of the worst years of life so far! Way to go bro!


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Yea, finally after a long time, I'm done with high school.


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As a man more than ten years removed from his High School graduation (jesus fucking christ time is a son of a bitch) allow me to offer some unsolicited advice:

1. You don't have to choose between Sleep and Video Games if you play games that do things while you sleep - ala most mobile games. "Sleeping? I prefer to think of this as resupply time."

2. Coffee is overrated. If you want to stay awake jump straight to energy shots or crack cocaine. NOTE: THIS POST DOES NOT ENDORSE THE USE OF COCAINE.

3. Coupons are great. They can be used as kindling when your heat gets shut off.

4. Always pay your bills "on time": a month late plus a week to tell them that the check is "in the mail" - which makes even less sense in the age of PayPal.

5. In the words of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" cast member Mac: "Nothing's better than going from no debt to good old fashioned American debt."

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