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Countdown Clock


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Is it really a good idea? IMHO it will prolong the waiting because you'll be reminded everytime that it's still kind of far away. Add the countdown when it's not far off (10 days?).

I'm not thinking of Remake release on a constant basis, so if a month passes and I think/am reminded about it, the fact that it's now a month closer will be appreciated xD
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If I had to make the choice ... then I would pick a clock that looks like the original bombing run clock. Or the new remake countdown timers we seen.


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We are already doing this :)

Just getting the design right and then it's going in the banner (if we can manage it, both the front page and the forum). It's being worked on right now, didn't want to spoil the surprise!
Found this, which might be useful?


I assume those with more knowledge in CSS and JS could customize it into a countdown with days and such.

Best I can do is adjust the color. :desu:
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