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Almost two years ago, we — and, if we’re being specific, me — promised you all some coverage of the Final Fantasy 25h Memorial Ultimania Vol. 2. If you’ve been on the forum, you may have seen some material from it, but nothing organized in a fancy presentation yet.

Well, we still don’t have that. However, if you’ll give me about a week, I should be getting that stuff to you.

What I do have right now is even more long awaited, though, even if (probably) not as exciting. What we have today are all of the Impressive Scenes from the FF 20th Anniversary Ultimania File 2: Scenario guide collected in one place for your perusal at long last.
I LOVED reading the dialogue out loud. So wonderfully dramatic! Got very repetitious for a while with all the character sacrifices.

Great work you've done here. The extra effort to find screenshots to mimic the format of the book and to find all the proper game script excerpts is very much appreciated. I can easily relate to this type of task.

Yuna: “Plan B!”
Nooj: “Oh?”
Yuna: “Love.”
Gippal: “Ruu puo.” (“Hoo boy.”)
Nooj: “The ultimate illusion.”
Yuna: “It’ll work! I’ve come this far to bring Lenne’s feelings to Shuyin. I’m not stopping now.”
Leblanc: “The power of love conquers all! So romantic! Count me in.”
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