cute animals appreciation club

who wants tna when you can have adorable lil critters instead.

gray tabbys are my favourite, i think they're absolutely gorgeous. though i do love black cats as well ;w;

as for dogs i really think all types of dogs are kawaii, though i don't think i'm much of a dog person. my cousin owned a german shepherd though, and i spent a lot of time with him as a child so i have a big soft spot for them *u*

and just because it's me



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GERMAN SHEPHERDS ARE MY FAVORITE. There's totally a german shephard blog on tumblr that I follow. And someday when I can have a pet again, I'm going to get one and name it Charlie. :sadpanda:

Hedgehogs are soooo cute. I wish I could own one, but they're illegal as pets here, I think.

Here's a pic of my favorite animal for the cuteness thread:



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This club is relevant to my interests.

this is the first appreciation club i feel i can relate to
Me too, its the first appreciation club that doesn't make me want to starve myself or get ££££ worth of plastic surgery :monster:



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Damn you all, this was only supposed to be a short visit to the forums. *sigh* ... Youtube vids I've been hoarding for a slow "What Makes Your Day". XD

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