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According to the Ultimania FF VII guide, there was an event in the multiplayer extension of Dirge of Cerberus, that was live from the 05th of June 2006 to the 22th of June 2006. The name of the event can be translated as Turks of Turks -Abandonned Memories-.

I really wonder if this event brought any interesting informations about the Turks or anything related to the story of FF VII. :)
Many thanks to riccochet for reporting exciting developments from over at XeNTaX: daemon1 has managed to extract the 3D character models from Dirge of Cerberus, as well as texture data. I've been told that daemon1 is the same person who first extracted the FFXV models.

Just like when you force this model (o099) to become your player character, in this viewer all the armors and headgears etc are equipped at once.

I have browsed the 3D models but I found nothing new, apart from placeholder models like cubes and flat sheets that may or may not be used.

EDIT: Download link to the 3D models, as extracted from the International version of the game.
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Using daemon1's program I've extracted the textures for the character models.

- Download link

Images are in the .tga format which can be viewed in Photoshop and Gimp (among others). These fifteen objects could not be extracted, as daemon1's program crashes too soon, and I'll be alerting daemon1 to these just in case he ever revisits his extractor.

file10601.raw - e056: Cargo Crate (white, destructable box)
file10612.raw - e057: Explosive Drum Can
file10798.raw - e075: Box (wooden, brown)
file10809.raw - e076: Drum Can (rusty)
file10820.raw - e077: The blue ropes that link Weiss to Omega
file11020.raw - e097: Female Researcher (Este-D)
file11193.raw - e121: Red Box (used for Extra Missions)
file11316.raw - g008: Yuffie's shuriken
file11360.raw - g015: Bag of ice, used by Yuffie on her head
file11868.raw - g066: Sword of Omega Weiss
file13373.raw - w010: DG Knife, Beast
file13384.raw - w011: DG Missile
file13429.raw - w015: Rosso's Blade
file13540.raw - w025: Omega Weiss "Mine"
file13619.raw - w032: Argento's sword

Extractions are mostly great with there usually not being any unwanted artefacts. However some mysteries remain, like the mostly empty "envmap1" files that are sometimes extracted. Their use is unknown. Also, as you'll see the same "graphics" are shown through multiple files but in different color palette channels. Usually this means that each graphical objects get shown in their correct palette in at least one of these files, but in the case of the online mode masks all four images show this:

In other words most of the masks in the upper half are never shown in their right color.

Enemies have two texture variations: High-resolution and low-resolution. My bet is that the low-resolution is used when enemies are far away, or perhaps even when a great number of them gather close to the player, as a way to save on processing resources. It is also possible that the distinction is in regards to cutscene, with zoom-in scenes using the high-resolution renders.


Texture extraction reveals that the designers bothered with eyes for the SOLDIER enemies...human and robot SOLDIER both! You have no chance of catching these eyes in the in-game character model viewer.

Model: e037

Model: e071

A third SOLDIER variation, which only exists in a high-resolution version, shows retouched graphics where the eyes have been removed!

Model: e088

Notice that the e088 version has a well-polished sword. This is curious, since e088 is the only SOLDIER model not to have a sword embedded into its main 3D model. I can also find no in-game instance of a human SOLDIER using a well-polished sword like this (not even in snapshots from the online mode) so I think we can surmise this to be unused graphics.

e088 is specifically the SOLDIER in Scene 1 (Online Mode) whose sword breaks in half. All the other SOLDIER in this scene are the e037 model.

Many main characters have a specific "cutscene model" with higher-poly faces and higher-resolution textures to match. Usually these high-res face textures are about this size:


However characters like Shelke and Rosso, whom the developers spent extra time on with their expressions, have larger faces.


Okay this is getting a bit creepy, so for some levity let us look into Nero's eye of Sauron.

Ah, that's much better.

Noticed now that the forum doesn't allow more than 20 images in one post so I'm sharing the other highlights in the next post.
Omega Bud

Crystal Feeler

Weiss's Gunblade

Symbols 地 [Earth] and 天 [Heaven].

High-res Cardkey (unused)

High-res Omega Report (unused)

One-time mine Vincent shoots in this cutscene with Azul (Chapter 4)

It appears to read "W23" and no, this does not match the model name (which is actually g037).

Picnic basket from flashback scene with Vincent & Lucrecia

Zoom in on the bottle texture and you'll find a label that appears to be a minimalist Cait Sith easter egg.

The bottle label is only visible in-game if you pause the cutscene at just the right few frames when Lucrecia reveals the basket.

Here is the Cactuar enemy versus the golden Cactuar that appears on the Beginner's Machine in the online mode.

Here then is the Jukebox model used for shops in the single player versus the Beginner's Machine in the online mode. The former has a label that reads "ITEM BOX" while the latter has a label that reads "MAIL BOX".

I don't think I paid attention to the "MAIL BOX" label before today!
Went ahead and renamed the 3D object files to match their actual shorthand names. The zip file also includes a text document with the full model list for reference. Now it should be easier to find any model that you are looking for, plus you can match each object easily with the texture files I uploaded earlier.

- Download link: Renamed 3D objects from Dirge of Cerberus

While browsing the 3D models more carefully I also noticed that there weren't actually unused placeholders. The cubes and flat sheets were actually familiar objects, I just forgot to consider the fact earlier.
While most of the game text uses ASCII and Shift JIS symbol tables I was curious about the tables for non-standard text like this:

I uncovered that each symbol is a 1-byte value. The text table includes both latin letters and a katakana table. In the list below I use a hex value for each symbol.

00    {EMPTY}    *Ends text entry
01    {EMPTY}
02    {EMPTY}
03    {White space} 
04    ! 
05    " 
06    # 
07    $ 
08    % 
09    & 
0A    ’ 
0B    ( 
0C    ) 
0D    * 
0E    + 
0F    , 
10    - 
11    . 
12    / 
13    0 
14    1 
15    2 
16    3 
17    4 
18    5 
19    6 
1A    7 
1B    8 
1C    9 
1D    : 
1E    ; 
1F    < 
20    = 
21    > 
22    ? 
23    @ 
24    A 
25    B 
26    C 
27    D 
28    E 
29    F 
2A    G 
2B    H 
2C    I 
2D    J 
2E    K 
2F    L 
30    M 
31    N 
32    O 
33    P 
34    Q 
35    R 
36    S 
37    T 
38    U 
39    V 
3A    W 
3B    X 
3C    Y 
3D    Z 
3E    〔 
3F    ¥ 
40    〕 
41    ^ 
42    _ 
43    ` 
44    a 
45    b 
46    c 
47    d 
48    e 
49    f 
4A    g 
4B    h 
4C    i 
4D    j 
4E    k 
4F    l 
50    m 
51    n 
52    o 
53    p 
54    q 
55    r 
56    s 
57    t 
58    u 
59    v 
5A    w 
5B    x 
5C    y 
5D    z 
5E    { 
5F    | 
60    } 
61    ~ 
62    ァ 
63    ア 
64    ィ 
65    イ 
66    ゥ 
67    ウ 
68    ェ 
69    エ 
6A    ォ 
6B    オ 
6C    カ 
6D    ガ 
6E    キ 
6F    ギ 
70    ク 
71    グ 
72    ケ 
73    ゲ 
74    コ 
75    ゴ 
76    サ 
77    ザ 
78    シ 
79    ジ 
7A    ス 
7B    ズ 
7C    セ 
7D    ゼ 
7E    ソ 
7F    ゾ 
80    タ 
81    ダ 
82    チ 
83    ヂ 
84    ッ 
85    ツ 
86    ヅ 
87    テ 
88    デ 
89    ト 
8A    ド 
8B    ナ 
8C    ニ 
8D    ヌ 
8E    ネ 
8F    ノ 
90    ハ 
91    バ 
92    パ 
93    ヒ 
94    ビ 
95    ピ 
96    フ 
97    ブ 
98    プ 
99    ヘ 
9A    ベ 
9B    ペ 
9C    ホ 
9D    ボ 
9E    ポ 
9F    マ 
A0    ミ 
A1    ム 
A2    メ 
A3    モ 
A4    ャ 
A5    ヤ 
A6    ュ 
A7    ユ 
A8    ョ 
A9    ヨ 
AA    ラ 
AB    リ 
AC    ル 
AD    レ 
AE    ロ 
AF    ヮ 
B0    ワ 
B1    ヰ 
B2    ヱ 
B3    ヲ 
B4    ン 
B5    ヴ 
B6    ヵ 
B7    ヶ 
B8    ー 
B9    中 
BA    断 
BB    {White space}
FF    {White space}
The table ends with two kanji symbols. 中 and 断. I have not seen any menu text use this but in combination (according to google translate) they can read...
中断 = Interruption
断中 = Discontinued

...so they seem likely candidates for error messages.

A prime reason I wanted to know this text table in the first place is to find if the online menu options are present in RAM while playing the game. Turns out that two of these online-exclusive options are present in the English KelStr text!

Reminder: The "KelStr" text is present in the same location in memory no matter when/where in the game you are and is composed primarily of menu text. In comparison cutscene dialogue text is only temporarily loaded into memory while the cutscene is happening.

The options "Friend List" and "System" are never available in the offline game. As an aside, I have not seen the description text...
This option is currently unaccessable
...displayed in-game either. Also, shame on the translator for misspelling "inaccessible". :wacky:

While I have not unlocked any unused/online-only menus I had fun and edited two of the main options into "Friend List" and "System" just so we can see what it would look like.

Mmm, that's a mouth-watering sneak peek.

The Japanese International version is slightly richer as the JP KelStr also includes the online-only option インフォメーション [Information]. But there are still many online-only menu options that I am yet to see in RAM. Hopefully they do still exist in the data.



[Pick Character]


[Battle Entry]

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Because I could finally get my hands on a new scanner, I've decided to scan the entire manual of the DoC Beta that Square released. The pictures are extremely small, but I tried my best to make them look as decent as possible. There is a full PlayOnline set of unseen before screenshots too in the manual. Because of the 20 images limitations, I will post them in more than one post. It took me a lot of time to scan this manual btw. I hope it is fine. I also believe the manual has never been shared in high quality before.
At least, if our dear Shademp say so, that means it's true :desucait:

Play Online Screenshots :

Gameplay Screenshots :

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