Deepground Lobbies Unlocked & Explored!

- Read the newspost for comprehensive info on these discoveries! -


You may also go directly to the video playlist I created, where you will find me exploring all the four, unlocked areas. :monster:

The areas were unlocked by emulating Dirge of Cerberus on PCSX2 and applying the Cheat Engine. Normally the red barriers will keep you within the inner circle of the East Lobby, but by warping beyond this barrier the rest of the East Lobby and all other cardinal lobbies becomes available to you. An exciting exploration though moderately sterile due to the lack of NPCs and functioning terminals.
If anybody is a confident reddit user, feel free to post the newspost in the Final Fantasy subreddit. =)

On to some more exploration, I have long wanted to check out a room that you are not allowed to enter during gameplay: The "Hatch Room" of the Shera.


We are briefly given a view of this room during Cid's speech and then we see some FMV renditions of it during the Midgar battle. The existence of this room, as it not only is clearly visible in the menu-map, has long tickled.

Now thanks to the Cheat Engine I finally got to explore it. The trick was essentially to hover above the game's walls, then travel a short distance and then drop Vincent on the floor in the hatch room.

Well, well, well... For a room that you are not allowed to enter because of "preparations" it sure is pretty empty! :lol: The prompt to open the door back to where you came from doesn't work. The ladder, which is also clearly pointed out on the menu-map, doesn't have any interaction prompts at all and can't be climbed.


Might be around.
Sic, Anthony
What an amazing discovery. Had 0 clue someone could go and do that through an emulator.


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Dirge Master Shad! :joy:

Haven't had a chance to congratulate you on these discoveries yet, so here it is! This is frigging awesome. :properhug:

I swear, your work with the compilation will never be done.


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I honestly didn't know a multiplayer existed for this game. That's pretty cool that you was able to explore the areas like that eventually. Wonder how that would've been if it had continued on for a longer time?
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