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Alright since everyone agrees this is a good idea, this thread will be where we keep all the information and drawings about everything in the Destrillian world.

So pretty much everyone just make a post containing bios for your characters (secondaries that don't have bios just post some brief description about them) and also any other info like equipment or locations.

Anyway I'll do up all my stuff first as an example (probably some minor tweaks to bios as well tho I know I'm not the only one doing this).

Artolia - A nation getting back on its feet and returning to normal life after many world wars that left most countries in ruins. It's capitol is the city of Osea which contains the headquarters for both the government and the army.

IRIN International - A private military company created by Seth Vargas after he abandoned Viola four years ago. IRIN is world renowned for it's superior armies and technology. The company owns the city of Vanaheimr which is located within Artolian borders but is under complete jurisdiction of the company with no interference from the government. They will fight any battle - for the right price.

Viola - A private research company that created the Destrillians. It no longer exists after being toppled by the Artolian government when the Destrillian test subjects breached containment four years ago. Most of the executive personnel that weren't in with Vargas' conspiracy were either arrested or fled into hiding.

IBC (Independent Broadcasting Company) - A television station operating in Artolia that's sponsored by IRIN International, although curiously, IRIN itself doesn't control what airs on it other than commercials plugging the company and any products they sell to the public. Rumours spread around about shady dealings and acts of misconduct going on behind the scenes of the TV company however no investigations have been taken up by the government for unknown reasons.

???/The Sponsors - Unknown entity that seem to have strong influence with the Artolian government. Their symbol is an eye with a Ying-Yang symbol as the pupil.


Name: Kijo Matsuya
Rank: Major
Gender: Female
Age: 28

Personality: Kijo is a devoted soldier, and what one would call a 'by the book' officer, always respecting the orders of her superiors and carrying out her duties in the utmost professional manner. Generally she can seem quite cold out in the field but cares about the safety of her subordinates a great deal, and never places them in unnecessary danger. When either back at headquarters or off duty she is not as tense, and at times a bit cynical in her own way when discussing topics she's not that fond of, such as the media and them always having to know everything the military does. Often she can seem a little intimidating as she is the type who sticks to the point in a conversation and speaks in a quick, sharp tone which undoubtedly makes her very difficult to engage in small talk with, although she has been trying to improve her people skills after numerous suggestions from her colleagues, but usually when she attempts to be more friendly it comes off as forced and is rather awkward.

Physical Appearance: Kijo is of healthy build as expected for someone in the military, she has black hair which is kept in a ponytail at the back, a neat but random fringe and two long sections of strands (one each side running in front of her ears down to just below shoulder level). She has a pair of glasses with bottomless frames and is always wearing a black, button up army overcoat with a navy coloured skivvy and black pants underneath. Also carries two handguns (one under her coat and one in a holster attached to the belt on her pants).

***She is meant to be Asian if you couldn't tell by the name, only noting that on the side since this world doesn't have an asia, so I'm going to say her heritage is from some place far away and people that share it aren't that common in Osea.

History: Kijo Matsuya grew up on a distant land far away from the city of Osea, but soon the tides of war made its way to her homeland and quickly everything was engulfed in destruction and laid to waste. Very little was left in Kijo's town, save for herself and her younger sister Yumei, and the pair were later discovered by foreign relief workers of an overseas allied nation called Artolia who were searching for survivors. For a few weeks they stayed at the Artolian relief camp until it's military leaders decided to pull out due to escalating battles in the area. Unable to leave the two young girls to die in war zone the nation had become, an officer at the camp named Lywn agreed to take the pair into her custody and brought them back to Artolia to live with her. For many years Lywn raised the girls and was surprised how well disciplined they were, although later discovered that such mannerisms were standard from where the two girls hailed from. Everything was going fine until one day Yumei simply vanished. She went walking one morning and was never seen again, no one saw anything and the police were unable to find any leads, even with assistance from experts in the military at Lywn's special request. After this Kijo almost right away enrolled in the military, becoming determined to protect those who could not defend themselves from the horrors of the world, and also hoping that one day she might find an answer as to what happened to Yumei - a friend of Lywn's at the police department kept the case open for Kijo as just simply it still being there seemed to give her a very small sense of hope. In the meantime she focuses on her military career, striving to be the best she can be, even if she keeps herself distant from others, but those who know her history can understand that. Also noteworthy is that she has full martial arts training and is an excellent marksman with handguns, and capable of efficiently duel wielding when necessary.

Actions leading to Viola's destruction: Major Matsuya took no part in the liquidation of the Viola Corporation as she was posted elsewhere during that time.

Story since the destruction of Viola: Kijo is currently a Major in the Artolian military, specializing in urban assault and covert ops, tho she rarely faces combat herself these days, rather is on site at a mobile command center ordering around the troops. She has never heard of a destrillian before but is well aware of Viola and that it was engaged in horrific experiments and had test subjects escape 4 years ago, although what those experiments were or the details on the escapees, are classified to the highest ranking members of government.

Name: Marcus Farant
Rank: Major General (Referred to as 'Commander' since he is in command of the Osea defence force)
Gender: Male
Description: A hardened military man with a kind demeanour, yet ruthlessly efficient when it comes to his duties. Has fought in many wars during his time and seen many horrible things, yet still ranks what was going on within the walls of Viola HQ as some of the worst atrocities.

Name: Jelanda
Rank: Lieutenant
Gender: Female
Description: A communications officer at the Osea command center. She's a friendly person who is fairly bubbly in her personality when off duty. As of the incident at the motel in the Orange zone, she becomes one of Major Matsuya's personnel and accompanies her on any operations.

Name: Marshall
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Gender: Male
Description: Marshall has served with Kijo's section for a few years now as an intel officer, and attempts to make playful chatter with her whenever he sees fit, although generally his superior is not amused. Not a very serious person when off duty, also likes to flirt after Jelanda.

Name: Chancellor Gerald
Gender: Male
Description: Leader of Artolia. Seeks to remove all discourse from his recovering nation, and eliminating the Destrillians that emerged from the depths of Viola is his top priority.

IRIN International

Name: Seth Vargas
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Personality: Vargas still holds his pride, charisma and abilities to manipulate and deceive. He still has a preference in his old doctrine that throwing enough firepower at any problem will go away, and considering the massive armies now at his disposal it usually works, however after Circe's insisting that stealth and careful planning is often the key to victory, he has come to accept this way of thinking as well. He is best described as a Technocrat.

Physical Appearance: Vargas still wears his hair the same as he did four years ago, and also continues to wear mirrored aviators at all times, however he now wears a uniform attire that's more fitting for his current role as CEO and Supreme Commander of the private military company IRIN International.

History: All Pre-Viola information concerning Seth Vargas has been deemed classified by IRIN International. Currently all that is available is that he was the former head of Weapons development for the Viola corporation, who was always working towards his own personal agendas rather than those of the company. He was responsible for the creation of combat drones and numerous weapons of war, all of which have evolved dramatically over the last 4 years and practically revolutionizing the battlefield.

Actions leading to Viola's destruction: Feeling that eventually his treachery would be discovered by the President, Vargas 'leaked' out information concerning the Destrillian project and Viola's failure to contain them to the government who dispatched forces to control the situation and liquidate the rouge company.

Story since the destruction of Viola: Vargas was fortunate enough to escape before the Government's military intervention, along with his right hand Circe as well as a couple of Viola generals and officials who were in favor with him. Now in Viola's wake, many soldiers were out of a Job and Vargas possessed practically all of his former employers funds and military research (This however did not extend to anything concerning the destrillians as Vargas had no interest in the project when he had 'backed up' the company's research). Considering the still unstable state of the world, Vargas decided to use his resources to form a private military company, as governments were always looking for third party organizations to do their dirty work. Over time his organization grew, as did his influence in the world, until eventually his company called IRIN International, was a highly regarded military force, so much that they even came to assume full jurisdiction over the city which houses their headquarters which they shaped into a technologically advanced metropolis.

In the early days of establishing IRIN, Vargas still held interest in the escaped Destrillians, especially the one known as Fiona whom he had so desired to meet. However despite causing a lot of trouble for the government, over time the Destrillians simply vanished off the map, save for scattered reports of unusual activities from foreign agencies, and so eventually Vargas lost all interest in the escaped Violan test subjects and wrote them off as just another science experiment gone wrong.

Name: Maya Circe
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Rank: Lieutenant General
Personality: At first glance, Circe appears to be a passive and gentle person, however if you cross her you'll find that behind her mask is cold and viscous person who'll tear you apart the moment your guard is down. Amongst the leading generals of IRIN, she is the most collected and calculated, preferring to carefully think out a situation rather than rushing in head on. Her loyalty lies to Vargas, who has always been a mentor figure to her (An interesting choice in role model don't you think?). She respects the other IRIN generals and shows courtesy to those in employment of IRIN as well as members of governments or military forces, however anyone else is scum to her and not worth the time to even bother with.

Physical Appearance: Circe still wears her Brown hair in the same fashion as 4 years ago, her outfit is now a customized IRIN general's uniform, the most notable change being that she wears a Kama with her outfit.

History: Long ago Circe was an ambitious young girl, who was in the service of the nation's military, however after her initial service time expired she left the army after receiving an invitation to work for a private research company called Viola. Originally she was a fairly decent and kind person, but over the years of working for Viola a darkness formed in her heart which eventually consumed her, and despite Dr. Woltar sensing this change he could do nothing to stop it as Circe wasn't exactly opposed to this change.

Actions leading to Viola's destruction: With the destrillians practically at their doorstep and the army failing to hold them back, Circe was at the point of using equipment from the Nova project and taking action herself, however she was stopped by Vargas who had already made preparations for dealing with the escapees by making it the government's problem, so they left Viola to it's fate and took their leave.

Story since the destruction of Viola: Circe stayed with Vargas after Viola fell, and like many of the company's former workers was out of a job. Fortunately her former superior had been prepared for such a scenario and began setting up his own military organization, and of course that organization had a place for Circe and her military brilliance. Skip ahead a few years and IRIN is the largest Private Military Company, and Circe is a General on the organization's leading military council. However she too has long since taken the Destrillians off her mind, looking instead to more interesting military projects in the field of robotics.

Name: Sophalla
Rank: General (Army Chief of Staff)
Gender: Female
Age: ???
Personality: Sophalla is an unusual case, standardly she is a fairly normal person, however when shes either in a combat situation or gets agitated she becomes disturbingly happy, issuing her orders no matter how cruel or vicious they might be with a joyful tone and a warm smile on her face. People who have been foolish enough to incur her wrath have taken their last breath gazing at a freakishly blissful smile, and those who are spared have her visage burned into their memories due to it being downright disturbing. When she isn't in this creepy happy mode, she's rather well collected tho still likes to play the flirting game with Vargas that the two had going at Viola. She also probably falls into a category of people that would be the closest thing Vargas has to 'friends'. Also likes to bake cakes and sweet goods.

Physical Appearance: She's a beautiful woman who takes care of her body, somewhere between 30 and 40 (It's still a secret). Her long golden blond hair now just flows down her back instead of the plait she kept it in during the Viola days. Her uniform is a dark green signifying regular army, decorated with all sorts of badges and medals shes received from her numerous tours of duty, and also still wears a Beret instead of a peak cap.

History: Sophalla belonged to an army of a nation that no longer exists, it was wiped out during a great war many, many years ago. Back then she was a young Captain who always carried out her duty with the utmost professionalism, however eventually her side ended up aggravating a much larger and stronger foe and was practically slaughtered. Sophalla saw the actions of her leaders foolish and went AWOL, later finding work overseas in a private army for a major corporation named Viola. Sometime during her time at Viola she developed her blissful alternate personality, causes unknown. She has no known living relatives.

Actions leading to Viola's destruction: She let it happen.

Story since the destruction of Viola: Like others who had betrayed their doomed company, Sophalla conspired with Vargas to form a private military company, one that would fight any war for the right price and conduct research on their own terms - no more time and money wasted on creating elemental freaks - just advanced technology and weapons that would aid their military ventures even further. She is now IRIN International's Army Chief of Staff, meaning she is the highest ranking officer of the regular army.

Name: Janus (Pronounced Yanus)
Rank: General (Specialized Air and Armor Battalion)
Gender: Male
Age: 37

Personality: Janus is a bloodthirsty warmonger, who'll go to just about any length to eliminate his foes, however he is an efficient warmonger who is able to follow orders and respect the chain of command (They are the ones paying his salary of course). He is always confident in himself and his abilities, and commanding a battalion of the most advanced war machines IRIN has to offer gives him good cause to be.

Physical Appearance: He is a fairly slender man, with an assortment of scars all over his body. He has short bronze coloured hair with a fringe hanging down randomly at eye level. His attire is an IRIN general's uniform with peak cap, tho he usually carries his hat as he prefers not to wear it unless necessary.

History: Official records on Janus's background are lacking due to the many wars that have been fought and the areas he grew up in overseas are largely unstable and still in states of conflict. However it can be determined that since a very young age he's been fighting in one conflict or another, from rebel militia to mercenary work. Over the years he has grown a notoriety for being able to outsmart and defeat superior and better equipped forces, leading him to his current Job at IRIN - one which suites him perfectly as he's paid to fight battles with highly trained soldiers and advanced weapons that are placed at his disposal.

Story since the destruction of Viola: Janus had only heard the name Viola brought up occasionally through occasional news reports or from the random informant trying to sell stolen research from the company, which he always turned down as it all sounded like fantasy nonsense about children with superpowers (He did later hear about the company being ruined by children that wielded some kind of superpowers but still thought it was all absurd). A year later after hearing about Viola's demise he was contacted by a former employee of the company who had gone rouge and had formed a private military firm, this man was named Vargas. Janus had heard of him and his developments in military research so accepted the offer to join this company as it would be a steady flow of cash with promise of seeing a lot of combat. During the earlier days of working for IRIN, he had heard the term 'Destrillians' mentioned a number of times, apparently these were the kids with superpowers which turned out to be genetically enhanced science experiments with elemental powers. From what he heard they were on the run from government forces but after awhile they disappeared and he hasn't heard anything since - a shame since he'd have enjoyed taking one of those down.


Name: Lawfer Grey
Gender: Male
Description: President and CEO of IBC. Somewhere in his 60's, Grey's television network has made him a very rich and well known man, hosting a wide variety of shows with the series 'Cherry Honey' at it's flagship program. Over the many years Grey has received criticism from many sources due to having former ties to the Viola corporation before the company was taken down by the government, however he assures his involvement with Viola was only in the contracting of advanced filming equipment for use in producing the many shows on his network.

Name: Resál Demonio
Gender: Female
Description: An Executive at IBC, Resál is a good looking woman in her mid 30's, and apparently has control over the inner workings of the 'Cherry Honey' Television show. Publicly she is unknown as her name does not appear anywhere on the credits for the show, and she never makes appearances outside of the Television studio.

Name: Mr. Hurrikan
Gender: Male
Description: A man in his late 20's under the supposed employment of IBC, although it is unclear what he does there and seems to just show up when he pleases, usually to talk with Ms. Demonio. There are no records of him in any Artolian government databases and he is simply known as 'Mr. Hurrikan'. No one at IBC has been able to successfully engage in conversation with him and receive nothing more than 'heh heh heh' to their attempts.

Other characters

Name: Eve Rosalind Daly (Deceased)
Code Name: Destrillian Prototype 000-000-010 -- The Ice Queen
Age: 22 (At Death)
Gender: Female

Appearance: Cocoa-brown skin with long hair in a near black hue. Her build is very feminine yet is well toned. Notable feature is a mole above her upper lip. At the time of her death she kept her hair in a ponytail and wore full Viola security attire - Button up light blue shirt, navy pants, Kevlar vest, gloves, boots and equipment belt with holster.

Description: Eve was a Destrillian prototype who could manipulate Ice. She had a fiery spirit with a strong sense of justice and believed that everyone had the right to be their own free individual. During the mass escape of containment 4 years ago, she got lost in the hallways of basement 5 and after disguising herself in a Viola Security uniform, encountered drone robots who put her in contact with Vargas after being unable to identify her. Vargas quickly discovered her identity and offered her a proposition of escape, which she was interested in hearing. She was lead by the drones to a large storage room where Vargas spoke to her via a monitor but was interrupted by the arrival of General Roland who was intent on exposing Vargas and killing Eve. An intense battle then ensued between Eve and Roland's forces who were eventually all wiped out, leaving Roland to engage Eve with an experimental Tank. At this stage Eve was starting to wear down however after being close to a breakdown and pleading for her kin to help her she went into a state of Derinium and crippled the tank. Roland survived the assault and shot Eve multiple times, however she was still standing and attacked the general before could reload, slicing his throat open with a weapon formed of ice. However as she was leaving the room the Tank's reactor exploded and send large pieces of shrapnel impaling her, but she was still standing and managed to limp down the hall where she was discovered by Idirs and Emma. Her final words to her comrades were for them to promise her they escape and find their lost homes, then slipped away to images of her mother and died in Emma's arm. Her memory still has meaning to a few of the remaining Destrillians, who are the only people aside from the heads of IRIN who know she's dead as Vargas concealed the whole incident with Roland to protect himself. As it stands government records and former Viola employees assume she's simply missing like everyone else.

Name: Roland
Gender: Male
Description: Now deceased General of Viola's army. He attempted to expose Vargas' treachery and kill Eve Daly but ultimately failed at both and was killed by the Ice Destrillian, with an look of incomprehensible horror on his face.

Name: Woltar
Gender: Male
Description: During his time at Viola, Dr. Woltar oversaw all projects in Vargas' weapons development division and was an expert in the field of robotics. Unlike most employee's of Viola, he felt remorse for the experiments going on in the basements underneath, and also he feared for Maya Circe who was traveling down a sinister path that a number of Viola executives had already walked, however he wasn't unable to do anything as the young girl was not objective to this change. After the company collapsed, he disappeared and has not been seen since.

Name: Yumei Matsuya (Missing)
Age: 14 (At time of dissapearece)
Gender: Female
Description: Younger sister of Kijo Matsuya, Yumei was a lot more friendly and high spirited than her older sibling. From an early age she always had an interest in swords, particularly an exotic piece she brought with her when the two girls were rescued from their war torn homeland - from that point on she would carry it everywhere, which tended to land her in trouble from time to time. 12 years ago from present she vanished without a trace while out walking by herself, leaving authorities with no clues or leads as to what happened to her.

Name: Inveja 'Veya'
Age: Mid 20's
Gender: Female

Power: Inveja has the ability to form and control Strangelets. When these particles appear, any form of ordinary matter her hands come into contact with will begin to be converted into Strange Matter. Ordinarily, one strangelet hits a nucleus, catalyzing its immediate conversion to strange matter. This liberates energy, producing a larger, more stable strangelet, which in turn hits another nucleus, catalyzing its conversion to strange matter. In the end, all the nuclei of all the atoms of Earth are converted, and Earth is reduced to a hot, large lump of strange matter. However since Inveja has a control over the Strangelets, she can cease the spreading at will and return the Strange Matter to a vacuum, and ultimately, she cannot achieve a doomsday-level conversion of matter as eventually the process would become too much for her to handle and she would also be enveloped by the Strange Matter which would instantly send it all into a vacuum, halting the process . In summary, anything she touches will begin to convert into Strange Matter and contact must be avoided/severed with the object in question at any cost.

Appearance: She has shoulder length dark cherry coloured hair and matching eyes under her visor. Wears a tunic style outfit with black gloves and plain black boots.

Official artwork

Personality: Inveja is about as kind and caring as any others like her - that is not at all. She likes to torment people with her words, and sometimes physically with her Katana (although not as bloodthirsty as her colleagues Voller and Vana). She has considerable strategic thinking and is the most intelligent of the Trio, even if the other two won't admit it. She also has a cruel sense of humor which she often displays.

Physical/Telepathic abilities: She is highly skilled in sword combat and wields a Katana, a rare sword from a distant country still ravaged by war. Generally she will opt to using her weapon rather than her powers, as it's often not necessary to resort to them. Can communicate telepathically with her two colleagues within a certain range.

History: ERROR - Attempt to retrieve information has been blocked

Name: Vanagloria 'Vana'
Age: 20ish
Gender: Female

Power: ???

Appearance: Long orange hair with matching eye colour, Vana wears an overly detailed green outfit with white gloves and boots, she also wears a cape.
Official artwork

Personality: Self absorbed by her ego, Vana takes great pride in herself and especially in her appearance - any threat to it will be mercilessly dealt with. She is sneaky, deceitful and will conjure up any lie to get her way (or get out of trouble). Technically the leader of the Trio however her pride is known to often blind her judgment. Also has a habit of privately seeking revenge of people she was jealous of during her childhood or hunting down fashion models that she sees on the TV or magazines.

Physical/Telepathic abilities: Vana prefers to use a pair of steel fighting fans. She Can communicate telepathically with her two colleagues within a certain range.

History: ERROR - Attempt to retrieve information has been blocked

Name: Vollerei "Voller'
Age: Mid 20's
Gender: Male

Power: Toxins. Vollerei can manipulate any toxic substance, be it poisonous gas or chemical waste, and use them to subdue or exterminate opponents. Also can contaminate anything he comes into contact with. Known to poison the water supplies of small Villages for fun.

Appearance: Vollerei has short light green hair and matching eyes, wears some kind of foreign military outfit.

Personality: He looks down in contempt on those who are not his kind, and will often attack the worthless human beings that he considers below him for no other reason than to satisfy his scorn. Can be somewhat of a loose cannon at times, he also enjoys random acts of thuggery for amusement. Despite his view on humans, he is somewhat of a womanizer and a pretty girl will often be lucky enough to be bought a drink rather than be torn apart like Vollerei would treat any other person. Tends to drink heavily during his own time.

Physical/Telepathic abilities: Although not really necessary, Vollerei prefers to carry heavy weaponry around with him - Rocket or grenade launchers, pulse chain guns, rail guns, but to name a few. Can communicate telepathically with his two colleagues within a certain range.

History: ERROR - Attempt to retrieve information has been blocked

Name: Stolz
Age: 15
Gender: They prefer to keep it ambiguous.

Personality: Stolz is the kind of person who can make the best of any situation, and carry on with a smile no matter how grim things are. They are a friendly and cheerful person, who likes the attention of other people. Their mind however has a tendency to wander and go off into tangents, resulting in them forgetting what they were originally thinking about. However despite the bubbly persona, if one were to meet specific requirements then they might be confronted by something unpleasant...

Physical Appearance: Stolz likes to wear a pair of goggles, which when not being worn over their eyes, can be found either hanging around their neck or on their forehead. Their hair is short, ash blond and somewhat messy. They wear a top with rolled up sleeves and a leather vest with belts and buckles on it, blue cargo shorts, black boots with high socks, and blue fingerless gloves. They also have an assortment of pouches on their belt which house a variety of useful equipment, including a PDA.

Elemental Power: Their power is that of Ice, where they can freeze any sort of liquid and then hurl it around as they please. These abilities practically work in the same manner as those that were possessed by Eve Daly.

Physical/Telepathic Abilities: Stolz generally prefers to fight with their fists and legs, and carry no weapons. Wether they have telepathic abilities of any sort is unknown and none have been displayed thus far.

Other Information: History is not on record nor can any information on them be verified, high probability that this person is not originally from Artolia.

Osea: Artolia's capitol city. A sprawling metropolis full of tall buildings and perplexing highways. The city is divided into 3 areas, downtown which contains the main part of the city, government offices and the army base. The residential section contains suburban housing, and finally the Orange Zone which is made up of most of the old Osea before the government rebuilt the city after the war. This area is a cesspool for crime and all sorts of underworld activity.

Vanaheimr: IRIN's city which exists outside of the jurisdiction of the Artolian government. It's technology is light years ahead of any other city and at night is a mass of neon blues and whites. It is located to the north of Osea on the coast. The city has a large section of cliff at it's northern end which has the Headquarters of IRIN built into and on top of it, the airport is also located at the large mesa on top of the cliff.

Viola Headquarters Complex: Now nothing more than ruins, the area of the company's former HQ and the neighboring town are abandoned and deemed restricted areas by the Artolian government.


Combat Drone MX-1
Description: A large hulking mass of a robot, looking like the upper body of a human with incredibly large shoulders and miniguns instead of hands. It moved on a pair of treads and it's 'head' was a mass of optics and sensors, with one large 'eye' in the center. Aside from the dual miniguns, it also housed a rocket launcher in it's chest and could simply charge a human opponent to take them down. This model ceased production after Viola collapsed, and has since been succeeded by newer models developed by IRIN. Some private companies still utilize the MX-1 in their security forces.

Military Combat Drone MXA-4
Description: A variation of the combat drone used specifically for military operations. This model is smaller than the MX-1 and looks like a mass of guns and armor mounted on treads. The advantage the MXA-4 has is that it's faster, although has lighter armor than the MX-1. This model also ceased production after the fall of Viola, although it can still be found in use by various rebel factions and guerrilla forces around the world.

Experimental Nanotechnology Combat Armor (Designated 'Nova' Project)
Description: Intended to be the ultimate piece of equipment for special forces, this advanced combat suit was designed to enhance the psychical abilities of the wearer alowing them to perform feats deemed impossible for any regular person. The project was in it's testing phase when the Destrillians broke out of their containment 4 years ago, but never went any further and the project was halted due to Viola's collapse. Former Viola Executive Seth Vargas however acquired the research during his raid of the company's archives and his company IRIN has spent the last couple of years perfecting the technology.

LY-9 Heavy Assault Tank
Description: Boasted for a long time by Violan Generals as an invincible juggernaught on the battlefield, in truth the designers at Viola Weapons development saw it as a disastrous failure, but shipped it for production anyway. The tank itself actually is a formidable machine in combat, however it's main flaw was it's reactor was rather unstable and a number of things could cause it to detonate in a very violent manner and take out anything within it's immediate surroundings - and this tend to cause many friendly casualties in battles when one was destroyed. This vehicle is no longer in service save for small groups of rebels who will take anything they can get.

Mark IV 'Avenger Class' Combat Drone
Description: The last weapon of war that was developed by Viola before it's destruction. The Avenger was the newest form of combat drone and one of Vargas' prize projects, this drone was bigger than the MX-1 and more like a robotic tank. It's main armament was a series of rocket pods which were designed to rain a hailstorm of missiles onto the enemy, and aside from this it also sported a 40mm forward cannon and multiple 50-caliber machine gun mounts. While it's somewhat dated now, Seth Vargas still holds the rights to it (By uncontested default). This model can be purchased from IRIN International's Arms Dealing department and is a favored choice for a number of overseas nations still engaging in wars.

IRIN International

Solde-Class Battlecruiser
Description: The largest and most powerful pieces in IRIN's arsenal, these massive aircraft have enough firepower to level a mid-sized city in a matter of minutes. It is equipped with multiple missile launchers and artillery guns, as well as EM Shielding, Energy barriers and a large particle cannon mounted on the underside of the craft. Anyone foolish enough to challenge such a craft would have to be suicidal. It is not available for purchase and only in use by IRIN's forces, currently there are 4 in existence.

-In season 1, the first time Vargas mentions Destrillians, he calls them Destrons - the Japanese name for the Decepticons.

-Circe, Sophalla, Roland, Yumei, Lwyn, Jelanda, Farant, Lawfer, Gerald, Janus and Woltar are all the names of characters from the Valkyrie Profile Series. Aditionally, Solde is a location from the same series.

-Vanaheimr is from Norse Mythology. It is a place connected with the Vanir, a group of gods associated with fertility, wisdom and the ability to see into the future.

-Kijo is Japanese meaning a witch or she-devil.

-Irin are a group of fallen angels told of in the Biblical apocrypha.

-IBC is a play on NBC, both are equally as evil.

-Sophalla is actually a parody of a character from a story I've been working on for a few years. The original is Natasha Velu, an army officer who is blissfully happy 24-7 and overly affectionate due to a traumatic experience, and also has a french accent (Played on when Sophalla orders the cannon to fire in a cheesy imitation of one).
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000 - 000 - 009
Sienna, Jenovas-Fifth, Idris
Name: Idris Savage
Alias: Genevieve "Jen" Weatherworm
Gender: Female
Age: 23

Personality: There are some things that never change – Idris is one of them. She's still the same svelte, silver-tongued mademoiselle she's always been; her smiles are still quirky and comforting, and her wisdom's just as readily given, and she's still happy to just sit down and think on things. Her patience, however, has worsened – several close shaves with the government in the early times of her freedom have caused her to want things done fast, and done properly. Her air of nonchalance has since turned into a defense mechanism – these days, you know you've surprised her if she doesn't look surprised.

Physical Appearance:
"At 5'2" and 104 lbs., Idris is tiny when compared with most Destrillians. At a glance, she seems very effeminate, with slender shoulders and ankles, very small breasts, and a waistline anorexics would yearn for. However, on closer inspection many of her features are borderline androgynous: Idris is muscled like a wiry teenage boy, and her delicately pointed chin is counterbalanced by a wide, strong jaw line. Her arms taper down into extremely bony wrists, which in turn lead to her hands, which are larger than average for females. Her fingers are long and spidery, but they're calloused from all the rough-handling she does. The skin on her torso is stretched tight enough to be able to count her ribs with ease; when she bends down, her spine is like a ridge poking up from her back. Her feet are petite and for as long as she can remember, all her toe and fingernails have been cut to the quick.
Naturally arched eyebrows and high cheekbones frame wide, storm grey eyes with unusually large pupils. Wide though they may be, those eyes of hers narrow into steely slits whenever Idris' suspicion is aroused. Alabaster skin that's strong like steel; thin lips, and a long nose. The freckles she used to have are now so pale they're almost grey, though they are still visible. Idris' hair, once long and light brown, has paled dramatically to a luminous white blonde hue. With a length half way between pixie cut and bob, it flips outward and ends in fine points. She has a dimple in one cheek when she smiles – which is often.
Idris hasn't grown an inch. After finding that like the metal she masters, her hair is near on impossible to cut without using anything diamond-tipped, she discovered the wonders of a wig. She's now got bone straight, jet black hair that goes to the bottom of her shoulder blades – if anything, it only emphasizes her eyes, which she has made no attempt to hide. Her original emaciation hasn't managed to leave her yet, but she lets her nails grow out a bit. She's grown a fondness for white clothing – summer dresses in particular. On her left wrist is a metal circlet made from the bullets she removed from Eve's body, to remind her of what's happened and that no, she hasn't seen it all—not yet.

Elemental Power: Metal

Destrillian Prototype: #009, the Gunmetal Glint

Physical/telepathic Abilities: Idris has been spending a good part of these four years weaning herself off of Distrum – as such, her abilities have not evolved anything past what they were originally but she is now able to perform a good deal of them without headaches. During the final siege she and the other Destrillians laid to Viola, she also discovered that she has the ability to encase isolated parts of her body in fluid metal – a superstrong, flexible shield. She's been trying to see how much of her body she can cover with it.

History: Idris was the younger of two siblings, belonging to a rich and happy couple. Her brother was older than she by a good half-dozen years. She lived in a grand mansion, surrounded by elegance and taste. Her parents were both kind and intelligent people, and raised their children magnificently. She went to a public school despite her family's wealth, for wealthy though they were, her parents were down to earth and understood that she needed to be exposed to the real world, not sheltered. Life was good.
Then, when Idris was ten, there was a house fire – a fire which, in hindsight, started on very suspicious conditions. The little girl managed to make it just out of her house before, wheezing from smoke inhalation, she collapsed. Viola corps swooped in and stole her away, silently; though all three of her family members survived, they were convinced she had died burning in the house. Nobody ever questioned how the fire began in the first place… or the fact that Idris might be, and was alive, beginning her new life as a Destrillian at Viola.

Actions leading to Viola's destruction: Idris had a couple personal scores to settle, and 'this Vargas character' that Eve had mentioned intrigued her greatly, but before any of this could be acted upon a series of events happened resulting in a state of Derinium, in which she flattened and contracted the entire Violan building once every Destrillian… and perhaps a few others… had been cleared of it. It just about killed her but she bounced back in the end. All that remains of the building itself is a hundred-foot-deep block of solid metal, buried under a thin layer of earth.

Let it also be mentioned that before everybody was clear of the building, Idris and Emma worked together to carry Eve – freshly deceased and still warm – out of the battlezone. They made her a grave somewhere far away from the ruins of Viola; Idris' house rests about a day's trip away from it.

Story since the destruction of Viola: The first and only thing in Idris' mind after the escape was to find her family, and she promptly left the rest of the Destrillians with a wave and a kiss goodbye.
Learning that her family had died while she had been caged up was devastating.
Since that revelation, Idris has been tracking all of the other Destrillians and trying to keep them out of trouble. She's never actually revealed herself but she's sure they can feel her… somehow. Idris feels that the remaining Destrillians are the only family she's got left, and so she flits through the shadows at their heels and keeps them safe. She's got a bunch of acquaintances who are always wondering where she's running away to at strange times for no other reason than "just because~", and she's beginning to think that a real friend is needed to prevent loneliness from setting in.

Name: Dr. Cedric Rosenfeld

Gender: Male
Description: "Amongst them all, a tall, chestnut-haired man leaned with careful casualness against the doorway to the board room and listened with varying levels of interest to the many conversations being had around him. His eyes, a striking sort of tan-based hazel, roved across the faces of his colleagues from behind a pair of horn-rimmed glasses. The gold of his wedding ring gleamed dimly in the ambient light as he brought a hand up to rest his chin upon."
Idris Savage's personal overseer at Viola. A middle-aged and reasonably handsome man with a wife and children; frequently bored with the work Viola gave him, Destrillian 009 was the first thing that really made it interesting. Idris learned a lot from him, and surprisingly, he from her. The two used to share a certain amount of playful competitiveness with one another, but the joviality was an act and only an act. It is unknown whether he survived the fall of Viola.

The rooftops: As Idris' house is not in Osea, she uses the rooftops of buildings to shelter her. The ones she uses are scattered far and wide in the city and as such, so are her temporary homes; she leaves them up in case a poor straggler with nowhere else to go somehow manages to climb their way up, as a reward. There's not too much there – half a dome of manipulated metal to serve as shelter and a water bottle or two. If you're really lucky you may find some sort of dried goods as well. These little shelters have been lucky enough to go unnoticed by any aerial vision that Osea employs and so for now they remain, a safe haven for anybody ready to scale the building to get to them.

Idris' house: Idris Savage has made herself a home a good few days' trip away from Osea. It's situated a little ways into a particularly dense forest near the edge of Artolia; Idris made the clearing herself. Spanning about fifty feet, covered with grass and the tougher of wildflowers, it's a little piece of heaven that she simply had to make for herself. It's ideal for both living and training.
The house itself is always under construction – Idris can make a dainty, wrought-iron patio and front porch in the blink of an eye, which she has, but the rest of her abode is pretty basic. One floor, elevated so as to protect from any flood, with a bedroom, a bathroom, a nice, big and bare living roon and a kitchen. The piping was hell and took her a few days of nonstop trying to get right but as of now, there is flowing water and working plumbing. When she's home – which isn't often – she spends a lot of time playing with the house and trying to make it more architecturally unique. She stole the glass windows from a few unfinished buildings in Osea and as such has giant glass walls making up her windows.
The interesting thing about Idris' house is that it's completely made of metal – in particular, a strange, practically indestructible sort that she found the soil of the forest was simply rich with. It was for this reason she picked her location, as she can literally build her house from the ground up. The metal resembles Damascus steel in that it has ripple patterns, but is entirely black or as close to black as an unrefined metal can get.
Thankfully it's in a forest, or else one bolt of lightning would probably kill the girl.

Eve's grave: A place hidden from the world's eye, not more than a day away from Idris' house. It didn't look like much before she and Emma combined their powers to make it worthy of accepting a fellow Destrillian. Now, for those lucky enough to stumble across it, it's definitely something you'd never forget.

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alex is dead
Alex, Ashes, Pennywise, Bill Weasley, Jack's Smirking Revenge, Sterling Archer
Name: Kerr Nordstrom

Gender: Male

Age: 21

A natural bully, even to the other Destrillian prototypes he is callous and mocking, far too spoilt by an overly indulgent upbringing that failed to curb his ever swelling greed, egotism and ambition. His own deeply rooted sense of pride remained unchanged inspite of his ten years of imprisonment in the Violan facility. He was quite ready to cooperate with the experiments of the scientists, the childhood greed for the attention and belongings of others had long since mutated monstrously into a lust for more power, to be the best and the strongest. He has no desire for social interaction; it doesn’t benefit his ends and doesn’t help him achieve his goals, which he is quite willing to wait patiently to achieve. Because he has little doubt in his own mind that he will in the end.
The radical shift from captivity to freedom has taken its toll in unexpected ways on Kerr’s personality. His arrogance and sense of superiority over others has been elevated to new heights outside of the Violan laboratories. Always believing he was the greatest among the Destrillians, once in the outside world he views the vast human population as a living, breathing camouflage at the best of times and as an object to satisfy his murderous outbursts at worst.

However the sizeable increase in his own ego has not been the most significant change to Kerr’s personality. Since being betrayed by those that had given him his orders and powers, the very structure that he had propped up his life was ripped away from him. For a man so used to basing his every thought around the order and rules imposed on him by his superiors, the change to an autonomous state of being has left him unstable and volatile. Both embracing and loathing a life without the structure and meaning that he had four years previously. To that end Kerr continues the very last objectives he was set by his creators, to track down and kill the Destrillians around the globe in order to eke out a purpose in the world based on the last thing that gave his existence meaning.

Kerr is searching for purpose in a life discontent with its current course and struggling to adapt to his new reality, to get over the trauma caused by his old life being stripped away. Kerr is not innately the serial killer he has become because of the path he has walked, a more apt analogy would be to a the lost orphan child angry and frustrated at trying to carry out the last orders of a hated parent for no better reason than he hasn’t grown up enough to see any alternative. However, he remains as innately evil and murderous as he was before his escape, his newfound confusion with the world around him has only proven to make him more aggressive and unpredictable than ever.

Physical Appearance:

Because of his self-imposed mission to track down and eliminate the Destrillians all over the world, Kerr has amassed a sizeable body count that has made him the subject of a nationwide manhunt. As such he has become adept at changing his appearance and staying below the radar.

His current appearance has seen him cut his distinctive silvery lifeless hair short into a style that would not look out of place in the military and dye it a thoroughly unremarkable shade of blonde. Life on the run from both the authorities and from Viola’s taskforce has led to Kerr’s physical appearance changing subtly over the years. Still small and thin for his age, he no longer has the pallid, emaciated look that was the staple of his appearance at the Violan facility.

Because of the necessity of remaining inconspicuous, his pitch black eyes remain hidden throughout all of the time he spends in public behind a pair of sunglasses. The clothes he wears are typically dark and nondescript, dark trousers, military boots liberated from the Violan facility prior to his escape, a grey t-shirt underneath a worn black jacket.

Elemental Power: Gravity:

A constant thorn in the side of Viola’s specialists, the full extent of what Kerr could be capable of is known only to himself. Even through combat situations and rigorous training under all manner of physical and psychological conditions Kerr was known to use his own resourcefulness and quick thinking to overcome obstacles just as often as he would tap into his elemental power, making the full scope of his abilities purely hypothetical at this point. Trained Violan psychoanalysts attribute his unwillingness to demonstrate any true display of power to the fact that Kerr, perhaps more than any other Destrillian is conscious of the negative consequences of relying too much on his elemental manipulation.

The most commonly displayed use of his power has been his ability to redirect the projection of his own personal gravity, shifting it to the side to enable him to walk on walls or upwards to adhere to the ceiling. Whilst he has shown the most proficiency at using this power to the extent where a quick burst of it will not drain him to any significant degree, the rate of its prolonged use exponentially increases the toll it takes on his body and in his current state of development Violan scientists have noted with some disappointment that he is unable to scale any higher than a five story building without succumbing to extreme levels of exhaustion.

Through practice, Kerr has developed the ability to break free of the Earth's gravity. In a manner that may be mistaken for flight, but given hs inability to sustain it for more than a few moments it would be more accurate to call it a very large jump. Capable of reaching over the roofs of most small office buildings.

When on the offensive Kerr has been shown to exhibit the power to creative localised gravity fields around suitably small inorganic objects and then compress them to become tiny and highly dense under the extreme pressure of the gravity field. Then in combination with his telekinetic ability he is able to propel the object with at an extremely high velocity to reap destruction on his intended target. As this is one of his more sophisticated abilities it is one that has been shown to be incredibly mentally taxing if it is used repeatedly.

In combat his preferred method of attack is to direct the gravitational forces surrounding a certain object to pull it under whatever direction of Kerr desires, though the larger the object the more concentration it requires to inflict any significant amount of damage to it. The speed and strength of this manipulation also takes a toll on his power reserves proportional to the size and velocity of the the object that Kerr is trying to manipulate. It also matters which direction it is being directed in, as directing large things upward in a manner that requires them to break free of the Earth's gravitational field is more taxing than directing them sideways, where they are not.

To what extent Kerr can manipulate gravitational forces still remains the subject of intense discussion and theorising amongst Viola’s top scientists and the nation’s top astrophysicists. One hypothesis suggests that with greater dedication to the placement of the gravitational fields he induces on objects then he might become able to spread the gravitational force inconsistently across the diameter of the object, meaning that one half one experience a greater force and the other a lesser force. Extreme manipulation of these tidal forces induced upon his obstacles would literally grant him the ability to rend them apart. A second hypothesis suggests that Kerr could potentially augment his physical strength, speed, agility and durability by directing his gravitational manipulation inwards to alter the makeup and density of his own molecules. In doing so he would vastly improve his performance and skill in hand to hand combat, as well as performing feats that even a human at peak physical conditioning would be capable of, aswell as harnessing the power of self propelled flight. However many theorists now sadly expect never to learn the full extent of gravitational related powers attributed to Kerr because of his own reluctance to use them and because of the intense speculation that his own physical fitness would not be enough to let him live through the application of more sophisticated use of his powers.

To what extent Kerr has developed and probed the limits of his diverse power remains unknown since the destruction of Viola. However, even if he has expanded his tolerance to exerting himself, it does not change the fact that he is not built for endurance, and cannot survive an extended fight without suffering severe repercussions. His best tactic is to quickly overwhelm his opponent with raw power, and hope that they don’t survive long enough for him to unleash a second attack.

Physical/telepathic Abilities:
Since his escape from Viola Kerr’s telepathic abilities have seen the most growth. However, he still cannot accomplish very much at all using his telepathy. His skills are pretty limited to just being able to sense the presence of other Destrillians. But through rigorous practice and brutal application of this power he has been able to enhance the range of this power beyond what was originally predicted possible by Violan scientists, now capable of sensing their presence from hundreds of miles away.

On a physical level Kerr remains much the same as he was on Viola, exceptionally proficient in armed and unarmed combat and more often than not choosing to rely on his formidable arsenal of stolen military hardware, catlike agility and home-made weapons than his powers. However very recently, given the unpredictable strength and nature of his powers that has occurred as a result of his changed mindset, he has taken to rarely using his powers except for when the situation absolutely requires it. Still the expert tactician Kerr has put his tried skills to work on hunting the Destrillians, adding a fearsome new set of skills to his arsenal including car-jacking, lock-picking and the patience required for long term surveillance of his prey.

Given the nature of his powers he has developed a hyper-sensitivity to the world around him, as he is constantly aware of the gravitational fields of everything in proximity to him in order to bend them to his will. This constant awareness allows him to often react much sooner to stimuli than others, giving him incredible reflexes and reaction times.

Pre-Violan History:
The youngest of two sons of one of the nation’s most wealthy and high ranking members of Parliament. Kerr was never the favoured child growing up, his childhood was plagued by a series of illnesses that led his parents to favour their more charismatic and successful older brother. Devoid of much parental attention and praise throughout his developing years Kerr was by no means badly taken care of. As he was growing up he had merely to demand a present and he would receive it, a facet of his pampered reality that he was quick to realise and take advantage of. Whilst he cared not for the fact his parents never showed him the love that they showed his brother, he did care that they seemed to overlook him and not pay him the attention he felt he deserved. This bitter sense of inferiority only got worse as the two brothers got older, and was the cause of many heated arguments in the family as Kerr resorted to running away repeatedly just to get his parents attention.

At age 7 his father, now one of the most powerful men in the country, was among a group of government and private individuals to become aware of the Destrillians project and quickly became one of its chief supporters. Genuinely believing it to be the best way to save his country and to save his ailing political career as news of his troubled family life threatened to become public knowledge. One series of pitched discussions with his wife later it was decided that it would be best for the whole family if Kerr was to ‘disappear’ and in secret, be donated to the project. The event occurred one night when the boy was asleep in his bed, he was drugged at dinner and in the night was handed over to the team of Violan scientists.

The newspapers the next day reported that child abduction was a threat to even the highest levels of government office, and the massive sympathy generated for Mr. Nordstrom ensured that he remained popular and in a position of power in the Artolian government till the present day.

Story since the destruction of Viola
After trying and failing to find the opportune time to destroy the escaping Destrillians, Kerr was shocked to find that following his failure his Violan superiors ordered his own execution. Unable to comprehend this turn of events Kerr was forced to rely on the distractions caused by the other Destrillians during their escape to mount a clumsy one of his own.

It took the better part of 6 months in hiding before Kerr could recover from this betrayal. The deconstruction of his fundamental belief of where he stood in the world caused his powers to fluctuate dangerously and unpredictably because of his unsteady mindset.

Kerr remains a very high priority target because of his dangerous powers and soldiering skill. Regardless of the fact that since his recovery he has been traversing the world, tracking down and killing at least a dozen escaped Destrillians from facilities all over the world, effectively doing their work for them.

Significant Locations:

Garden Gate Church
: As a rule of thumb, Kerr does not stay in one place for too long because his mission forces him to stay on the hunt and therefore on the road. He has however, created a rudimentary safe house for himself in the capital city of Osea out of his obsessive need to always have a back-up plan to fall back on. The house itself is located in a disused, but moderately sized sewer junction room that once formed the hub of the city’s older sewers but has long since been closed down and abandoned.

It accessible only through the church located above it (which Kerr has become extremely proficient at breaking in to) as access to it from the sewers has been halted, all tunnels into and out of the moderately sized room have been filled in with concrete. Over time it has been converted into a natural fortress, stockpiled with a bed, rudimentary kitchen and crates of stolen military rations, medicine and hardware. It has become the perfect place for Kerr to lay low and restock before returning to his next hunt.
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Higher Further Faster
Name: Emma Marie Johnson

Code Name: 000 000 008 Vacker Påsklilja (when Natasha was still in charge, and Emma still refers to herself as this), Secret Garden (When Dr. Thomas takes over)

Gender: Female

Age: Nineteen

Time in Viola: Eight

Physical Appearance: Bright red hair, blue eyes. Freckles all over her face, shoulders, and arms. Rather curvy, athletic body. She was slightly chubby as a child but her combat training whipped her into top physical condition along with her peers. She is permitted a yellow robe to wear during recreation hours. It is yellow for the color of the daffodil.

Personality: Emma tries hard to have a cheerful and friendly demeanor with all around her. She has a great fear of getting into trouble and when she was younger often had panic attacks whenever she made a mistake. This fact was often attributed to the fact that she was older than normal when she was taken. She had been eleven, and many had argued to leave her alone because she was too old to be molded into one of their perfect warriors. Yet her powers were unique and had even been evident before the initial experiments, so the decision of the board of directors had been unanimous, even if ill informed; acquire the girl at all cost.

Emma had a harder time adjusting to life in the Viola underground than most of the other test subjects, but she always fought to hid that fact, and she tried hard to become friends with the other children. Her true personality had never been fully subdued because of her age.

Now that she’s older she no longer has many of the problems that plagued her in the earlier years of her entrapment, but she still berates herself mentally any time she fails a set task.

Power: Emma has the ability to control plants and other aspects of nature. She was known to be able to even before being incorporated into the Destrillian Poject, however after becoming a test subject her powers waned. She has since regained the ability to control small plants and make them grow. She can also make seeds germinate, but her power hasn’t progressed much beyond that.

However when under a great deal of stress and the safety of a loved one is threatened she experiences a rapid spike in her power. There was once an incident in which Emma became desperate and somehow managed to cause a group of trees to attack a group of enemies and do her bidding. It is in times like this that she seems to show bursts of power, however not without causing her great pain and fatigue. The incident caused her to be incapacitated for an entire week.

Before the project Emma was known to be able to cause a field of crops to grow even in the most unfertile of soil after days of hard work. Perhaps it was what she was doing that helped, or perhaps it was merely her presence. It was never a quick or instantaneous affair, and often times only a part of the field would be affected, but it was noticible by key figures nonetheless. Unfortunately, however, while the current crops would yield a plentiful harvest the next year’s were just as pitiful as they were before Emma arrived.

In addition to plants, Dr. Nedews also noticed that Emma could sense the life energy of other living things around her, whether it be plant, animal, human, or anything. She theorized that this ability is what allowed her to control plants, and that the reason why she hadn’t moved on to other things is because plants are far more simple while and animal or human would be far to complicated of an organism. But perhaps one day Emma would reach that stage. Dr. Nedews was of the opinion that this should never be allowed to happen.

Destrillian History: The Viola scientists view Emma as a bit of an oddity even amongst her equally odd peers. For starters she seemed to have a very strong ability even before she was taken. Secondly, she actually seemed to loose this ability over time. After her mind was wiped of all memories she temporarily took on a disinterest to everything the scientists wanted her to do. This was coupled by the fact that no matter what they did and no matter what drugs they gave her to cow her into submission, Emma could no longer manipulate plant life. To serve as icing on the cake her hair color, which had been a bright almost unnatural shade of red before, had faded to a more natural looking strawberry blonde. Most other subjects’ hair color change was opposite, going from normal to abnormal.

There was discussion of her being labeled a failure and kicked out of the project, but one scientist had grown to care for the little girl as her own daughter, and knew that to be deemed a failure in Viola as a fate worse than death. Her name was Dr. Natasha Nedews, and she had been recruited to the Viola science department from another country. She spoke with an accent and referred to Emma as “Vacker Påsklilja,” or “Beautiful Daffodil” in her native tongue.

On the day of Emma’s thirteenth birthday, the first day of spring, Dr. Nedews decided to break the rules and give Emma a birthday present. She gave the girl a daffodil seed and told her to hide it in her sleeping tube. Emma hadn’t even known it was her birthday due to her memory being wiped, and was excited to actually own something. She slept with it clutched in her hand every night and, after a week had gone by, it began to sprout. Emma secretly told Dr. Nedews what had happened and both were thrilled.

Over time Emma began to respond to the experiments in a more positive manner. Her hair also slowly returned to it’s original red hue. All of the viola scientists were thrilled, except for Natasha. She began to have her doubts about the project, and felt nothing but guilt toward what she was a part of.

One night she woke Emma from her sleep and told her that they were going to be doing a special test. The two of them quietly made their way through the basement levels of the Viola complex, Emma dressed in a white lab coat to pass as a scientist and wearing a baseball cap with her hair tucked up underneath.

Dr. Nedews took Emma out a back way and actually managed to make it outside. It was a strange sensation for Emma, who had no memory of the outside world at all. The moon shown brightly above them as they made their way through a nearby wooded area. Emma couldn’t help but stare at it. Unfortunately it only served to blind her in the darkness when they were attacked.

Figures dressed in black came out of nowhere and ambushed them. Emma fought them of with her combat training the best she could but there were just too many. They were able to easily over power her. But when she heard Natasha cry out in pain something was awoken inside of her. All the trees in the surrounding area began to creek and shake. Their branches grew longer and began to swing around as if the trees were throw fists and trying to punch them.

It was all too much for the attackers to handle and they were soon all beaten to the ground. As they lie panting and gasping with pain Emma succomed to fatigue and the trees stopped. As soon as she was away of herself again she felt a wave of nausea and began to develop a severe migraine. It was then that voice called out from somewhere behind in the darkness. A man emerged, clapping his hands as he walked toward the scene of destruction. He told Emma that the test was over and that she had passed with flying colors. Believing him the girl allowed herself to be escorted back to her sleeping chamber.

The next week found Emma too exhausted to be able to participate in any training or tests. Also, she noticed that Natasha was nowhere to be seen. When Emma asked about her she was told that the female scientist was currently working on another project and couldn’t spare the time to come down. Days turned to weeks, which soon became months, then years. Dr. Nedews never came back, and eventually Emma quit asking. However she never forgot.

Forgotten History: Emma Johnson was born and raised in a small town in the country. She lived with both her parents, an older brother, and a younger sister. Her family didn’t have much but they were happy, living sustainable lives as farmers and generally being well liked in their community. It was a quiet area mostly untouched by the wars of the rest of the world. The harshness of the hierarchy and social prejudices of the major cities had no barring on the life of the local population. They all carried on living simply with the land and paid no mind to anyone else.

Emma always had a natural talent for gardening and won many awards by joining a local agriculture club at the age of eight and competing in the local county fair. Her abilities to grow plants began to attract much attention. At first she was featured in local newspapers and agricultural magazines for her accomplishments, then she was asked to make appearances at large gardening conventions and met with top garden experts.

The general state of the rest of the world after the Great War made growing crops in many areas difficult. This resulted in much poverty and starvation and the widening of the gap between the upper and lower classes. It was thought that perhaps Emma had the golden touch to be able to solve the crisis.

The little girl found all of the attention to be very bloating for her ego. She was far too young to be able to understand most of what people were hoping her to accomplish in the name of mankind, and in addition only cared about all of the attention and praise people gave her when she was suddenly able to make a garden or a field of crops or even the smallest of wilted flowers spring to life.

However her abilities also garnered attention from less than favorable folk as well. Her parents had always warned her about displaying too much of her abilities, a rule that Emma never took seriously and always wanted to break. Nevertheless she was an obedient child and was always too afraid of getting into trouble to be able to do something wrong.

At receiving a special invitation to attend an agricultural summit held by a panel of diplomats from all nations, Emma made her farthest trip away from home ever. Her father traveled with her as he always did, not trusting his daughter to the care of anyone else for fear of her being used. This was especially so given the nature of the summit; to discuss the widespread famine that effected much of the globe.

Emma attended the first day of the summit and found that she was very bored. Lots of old people talking and none of it making much sense to her. By this time she had already reached the age of eleven and had some knowledge of what was happening but never really cared or thought that any of it was important. However, in the middle of the proceedings a group of rebels attacked and took everyone in the building hostage. Emma was frightened but her father protected her. He got into a scuffle with one of the rebels who then hit him over the head with the hilt of his gun. This angered Emma greatly and, forgetting about the rule to not use her powers to their full extent, made a nearby potted vine plant on display grow many times it’s normal size and snake out quickly to strangle the man to death.

Fortunately this event transpired in one of the side exhibit rooms so not many people were witness to the event. However those that were could only stare at the scene in shock, half in denial that what they had seen had really happened. Emma could only stare down at the dead rebel in shock, and didn’t even notice her father take her by the hand and pull her away. They somehow managed to escape detection on the way to the exit and made it to a bus stop.

Emma and her father thought they had made a clever escape, when in actuality they had done exactly what had been hoped they would do. While riding on the city bus it was crashed into by a semi truck and turned over. The last thing Emma remembered before waking up in the underground Viola facility was her father pinned under a seat, unconscious, and Emma screaming for him to wake up as a group of paramedics placed her on a stretcher and wheeled her into a ambulance, after which she felt the prick of a needle in her arm upon closing of the doors.

Name: Emma Marie Johnson

Alias: Christina Paskya

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Personality: Compassionate, happy, very protective of the people she cares about, tries to take a more realistic approach to most situations, tries to see both sides of an issue and has come to learn in her years in the real world that life isn’t as black and white as she had come to believe while still captive. Has a tendency to berate herself for failing even the most simple and mundane of tasks.

Physical Appearance: Natural red head, hair being a brighter shade than normal, freckles over most of her face/body, blue eyes.

Elemental Power: Classified as being able to manipulate plants, however she seems to have a very deep connection to all forms of life that she does not quite understand yet, mainly due to the fact that she tries to suppress it.

Physical/telepathic Abilities: Excels in hand-to-hand combat, relying mostly on speed and agility rather than strength. She can sense the feelings and emotions of the people around her to the point that they can start to over come her if she’s not careful. She can pinpoint the exact locations of people, sort out exact numbers of groups in adjacent rooms (provided there aren’t too many to count), and can most of all sense her fellow Destrillians, knowing exactly who they are and where they are long before they can sense her (provided it is someone she actually knows. If she hasn’t met them then she obviously wouldn’t be able to recognize their unique energy signature). For some reason she struggles with telepathic communication, most notably with the sending out of messages. This is something she strives to work at.

History: Unlike the other Destrillian subjects who all gained their powers after confinement, Emma possessed her powers long before she was captured. It was the fact that she had these powers that Viola first became interested in her. She was kidnapped by the company and had her memory of her family completely wiped. For the first few years of her experimentation Emma actually showed reverse progress in her powers and was close to being labeled a failure and terminated from the project. It was at the urging of her Scientist in charge at the time, Dr. Natasha Nedews, and she was allowed to stay. Slowly over time Dr. Nedews and a member of her staff by the name of Dr. Jeffery Thomas, developed their own theories as to exactly what Emma’s powers truly consisted of. Over time, however, Dr. Nedews had a change of hard about the project, and tried to sneak Emma out of Viola and into freedom. This attempt was thwarted, however, when Dr. Thomas inadvertently learned of the plan and betraid his superior. Dr. Nedews was transferred to a Violan facility far away in isolation and Dr. Thomas was promoted as head of porototype #006, finally free to deal with the girl as he saw fit.

Actions leading to Viola's destruction: When the Destrillians first awoke Emma was trapped in her pod until one of her peers, Idris, came to her rescue. The two of them became lost within the halls of the basement, while looking for their friend Eve. To their horror they found Eve in the company of mech drones, but she assured them she would be alright. Emma and Idris then went to rondevous with their fellow escapeses when the impossible happened. There was a large explosion and shook the entire basement, and Emma could feel Eve’s pain.

The two girls raced back, only to find Eve among the wrecked remains of the machines, where shortly after she died. However her fight had left a hole in the floors for them to go through. Her death had torn Emma’s heart apart, but despite that #008 knew she had to keep going.

On one of the upper floors of the basement, Emma managed to duck into the testing rooms where she found all of the cages for her mice. Again she felt a tear in her heart, for as illogical as it was she had come to care for the furry little things deeply. But she knew she couldn’t take them with her, but she also knew that if she left them there they most likely would not survive. But what could she do? It was just another harsh truth she would have to face. However, there was one thing she could do. One of the mice Emma had raised herself from birth has part of an experiment. That mouse was bigger, stronger, and more intelligent than the rest. It responded to Emma and would actually listen to her commands. So she opened the door of the cage and took the mouse with her.

Story since the destruction of Viola: After escaping Viola Emma and the other Destrillians stayed together for a short while to help Terra recover from a horrible seizure. Over time they all split apart, but Emma just couldn’t bare the thought of Terra being left alone, and she she decided to stay with the girl and help her to survive in the outside world. They have been living together since.

Emma’s powers have actually grown immensely since the escape. Now that she is free from the scientific experiments that did more harm than good her powers are free to develop naturally. She has found that living life in the city can be a bit overwhelming, as she is constantly surrounded by different emotions and thoughts. She’s has had somewhat minor success in being able to block them out for the most part, however she doesn’t always have success. But whenever she needs a break she just surrounds herself with plants and concentrates on their simplistic life force to calm her mind.

A self centered scientist. He was Natasha's assistant until he caught wind that she was going to break Emma out. He then betrayed her and took over the team devoted to the girl when Natasha was transferred out of the program.

Very egotistical and has allusions of of grander. He was convinced that Emma was his ticket to fame within the scientific community, but now he is nothing but a washed up community college professor with a grudge.

Works at the Osea Community and Technical College, aka OCTC

A kindly woman from another country who speaks with a thick accent. She treated Emma very kindly and came to think of her as a daughter. She eventually became disillusioned with the Destrillian project and tried to break Emma out, only to be caught in the process.

Not wanting her talent and genius to go to waste, Viola transferred her to another department where they kept her under close serveilence, basically a prisoner. She escaped back to her home country after the company collapsed.

All this time she still misses Emma and wishes to only be able to see the girl again.

A friend and coworker of Emma's from the fast-food restaurant she works at.

Emma's lovable dork of a boyfriend.

Emma's albino mouse companion. Bigger than most and very intelligent. A result of Emma's powers, perhaps?
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fresh to death

Name: Thetis Lucina Alcesteos
Alias: Lucy Adams
Gender: Female
Age: 22

Pre time-skip: Thetis is a fairly reticent, reserved prototype. She is wary of contact with others, and often becomes very nervous when in the company of strangers. She is observational and a keen strategist, able to calculate a formula for victory within seconds of beginning a fight (if she’s confident enough to fight in the first place). Thetis possesses a latent, minor case of DID (Dissociative identity disorder), related to being torn out of her childhood with no chance to mature, her memories cruelly erased and being forced into adulthood. However, the child inside her remains, living out the years she never completed, whereas the other, violent side of her personality lurks constantly in the back of her mind. This psychotic personality represents the turmoil and torment she has suffered over the 10 years, as well as the maturity she has developed throughout captivity. However, a majority of the time, Thetis maintains her child-like characteristics - quiet, shy, frightened and passive. Her sudden metamorphosis from quiet, co-operative youth to vengeful, sadistic experiment is triggered by threat, pain or intense emotion.

Aftermath: Thetis Alcesteos has matured a great deal since the fall of Viola, living independently with fewer anxieties and fears about the past or the future. However, since finding various documents related to her past, Thetis has rejected her previous desire to become human. She has become disillusioned with her new life, unable to forget what she and the other prototypes endured and filled with a bitter sense of misanthropy. Her new-found confidence (and resentment) mainly stems from the willingness of Viola to murder every escaped prototype, the unforgiving poverty of orange zone, as well as constantly witnessing the more unsavoury side of human nature. She is arrogant, proud and extremely protective of her identity as a Destrillian. Her hardened outer shell rarely softens, save for when she’s dealing with the other prototypes, who she classes as her family. Thetis does not completely trust her dreams of the past, thus #006’s main goal is to discover the reality of her life before Viola; to find her family and seek out those involved during her captivity. That is, if she can be motivated to tear herself away from her obsessive TV watching. Thetis has become increasingly frustrated after following various leads with little success, harbouring little optimism for ever finding the truth after every trace of Viola seemed to have been wiped off the map.

Physical Appearance:
Pre time-skip: Thetis stands at about 5”7, and weighs in at around 115lbs with pale skin and a slender, well toned figure, due to the intense training she has endured over years of experimentation. The appearance of many of her features have been altered through her time at Viola. Her previously light blonde locks has been tinted a navy blue, and her choppy, unkempt fringe is a shade of snow white. The left side of her hair reaches her shoulder, while on the right side of her head, it barely hangs more than 3cm from her earlobe. Her once bright sapphire eyes are now an pale yellow, a side effect from one of many chemicals injected into her body.

Aftermath: As #006 avoids the public eye, the Destrillian feels no need to conceal her identity - partly out of pride. Thetis is built like an ironing board – straight up and down, standing at about 5”7, and weighing around 120lbs with a slender, well toned figure that she has maintained since leaving Viola. Her hair remains navy blue, and her choppy, unkempt fringe is a shade of snow white. Her face is pale, cheeks gaunt and eyes mildly sunken due to rarely leaving the house during the day. The left side of her hair is plaited into a braid which hangs past her shoulder, while on the right side of her head her hair is loose and trimmed short. Thetis’ ashen yellow eyes, framed by sloping white eyebrows, are hidden behind a pair of heavily framed sunglasses which are pushed to the bridge of her petite, dainty nose. With clothes stolen from various washing lines over the years, Thetis dresses as a teenage boy might dress - wearing a red and green plaid shirt with a grey hood, under which she dons a red and white, long-sleeved baseball tee. Her legs are covered with a baggy, ripped, blue pair of jeans. She rarely wears anything on her feet, but when necessary, will don a pair of black canvas hi-tops or trainers.

Destrillian prototype: #006, the Raging Charybdis.

Elemental Power: Water. Thetis can draw upon the aqueous vapour in the air, and is able to create large volumes of Water from the smallest amounts of vapour. She also possesses the ability to manipulate Water, bending it to her will, changing its density. Since leaving Viola, Thetis has been able to further familiarise herself with and build upon her existing abilities. However, due to the new freedom she has obtained, Thetis finds herself more and more losing control of her abilities. This inability to maintain control causes frequent memory loss and incapacitation, much to her frustration.

Physical/telepathic Abilities:
Although comparatively weak in physical combat, Thetis often fights hand-to-hand, her blows economical - simple and blunt. Her physic abilities remain poor, and she is unable to control the minds of others. However, she is adept at mind reading, as well as deciphering her opponent’s thoughts and communicating to enemies and allies.

History: Before being admitted to Viola, Thetis was an only child, living a normal life, in a normal house with a normal family. Thetis’ father, Hector, was a scientist, employed by Viola for his talent in genetic engineering. Hector Alcesteos was almost always away at work, so Thetis remained at home in the company of her mother, Meg. Her mother, however, soon fell seriously ill with an unknown disease. With her illness came fees, and the Alcesteos family soon fell into debt, a debt that threw Hector into a desperate depression. He made an agreement with his employers, Viola, to surrender Thetis in exchange for sufficient funds to ensure his wife’s good health, and allow them to live comfortably.
After visiting her mother in hospital, Thetis left with her Father for their suburban home. Oblivious to her Father’s impatience, Thetis wandered into a secluded thicket of trees. Within minutes of arrival, the Violan Corps arrived, and abducted Thetis, resorting to sedative in order to subdue her screams and weak display of resistance. The last thing Thetis saw before she fell unconscious was a familiar man watching her being pulled away.

Actions leading to Viola's destruction: Flooding the security control network, allowing the Destrillians to escape from the roof.

Story since the destruction of Viola: Having befriended Fiona through an incident in which the fire prototype saved Thetis from Dr. Perkins, #006 is now living with her former rival. Unable to reconcile with her past, and unable to integrate into human society, Thetis has struggled to establish herself through a new identity. Becoming gradually disenchanted with her new freedom, the water prototype strives to maintain her status as a Destrillian; anything to distance herself from the rest of humankind. Despite this, Thetis still has a ‘home’ she is obliged to pay for. She currently works delivering Pizzas for the take-out ‘Lucky’s’, finding herself both fascinated and infuriated by her boss’ incomprehensibly eccentric personality. Thetis longs to find the whole truth of her past, though even this search is tinged with lethargy. She seeks her parents in order to finally put their history to rest, as well as Dr. Perkins, solely to exact bitter revenge.

Other characters

Name: Dr. Alison Perkins
Gender: Female

Alison Perkins takes her job as #006’s personal overseer very seriously. However, as she has had little experience in dealing with children, her methods for handling Thetis’ neuroticism are often questionable. Yet Alison Perkins does not see Thetis as anything more than a malfunctioning weapon that she needs to repair. There is a mutual mistrust between both doctor and patient, with Dr. Perkins falling further into exasperation with Thetis’ shortcomings. Alison Perkins feels that #006’s existence is dependent on the support of Viola, thus initially had no doubt that Thetis would be unable to escape with the others. Unflinching in her consent to have #006 dispatched after the first stages of escape, there is little emotional attachment between Thetis and her overseer. She relies heavily on the exertion of her own authority and cold, stoic demeanour in order to meet targets set by the corporation, and as a result, became the main focus of resentment for Thetis after the destruction of Viola.

A wiry middle aged woman, Dr. Perkins warm’ green eyes peer out from behind a pair of heavily rimmed glasses, while her faded auburn hair, streaked with grey, is tied into a low pony tail. She has aged well, her high cheek-bones flushed with colour and only barely a few wrinkles creeping into her features. She wears a sky turquoise polo-neck sweater and a simple pair of black trousers beneath a white lab coat. It is unknown whether she survived the destruction of Viola.


Name: Dr. Hector Alcesteos
Gender: Male
Age: 50

The father of Thetis Lucina Alcesteos. Confident, driven and intelligent, he was a former genetic researcher at Viola. After losing his sister at the age of 10, Hector became increasingly set upon his goal of improving life across Artolia. While studying Biotechnology at Osea University, Hector Alcesteos met Megara Teresi, his college sweetheart whom he would later marry. After he completed his doctorate, Hector began his time at Viola as an intern in order to further his genetic research. When his internship came to an end, he was employed into the department of genetic engineering. Shortly after Megara gave birth to their daughter, Thetis, Dr. Alcesteos worked on the early blueprint of the Destrillian project, believing that such a project could end the wars that tore apart civilisations across the planet.

Life was good, and Hector was coming ever closer to achieving his dream, though his heavily researched orientated career meant that he was spending less and less time with his family. Soon after Thetis’ 7th birthday, Megara fell ill with Bacchante’s disease, which caused her memory and motor functions to degenerate. Terrified of losing the love of his life after the loss of his sister, Hector despaired over his wife’s condition. A cure was available, however, as well as everything else after the war, the cost was astronomical. Unable to afford a cure and desperate to save his wife, Hector struck a bargain with Viola. His faith that the Destrillian project would be the vanguard for world change eased his decision to volunteer his daughter as one of the first test subjects. In exchange for his daughter, Hector was guaranteed a cure for his wife’s illness and enough money for the pair to live comfortably. Whereabouts currently unknown.


Name: Megara Alcesteos (née Teresi)
Gender: Female
Age: 47

Wife of Hector and mother of Thetis. A kind-hearted history graduate turned housewife. Whereabouts currently unknown.


Name: Tonio Welch
Gender: Male
Age: 34

‘Tonio was hardly a man of subtlety. His moustache was pencil thin and primed, his dyed black hair glistening with a mixture of gel and grease and a platinum tooth that glinted each time he cracked his mouth into one of his frankly terrifying smiles. His orange shirt was tucked into his light blue jeans and unbuttoned to the extent that it revealed the gold chain that nestled within his curling dark chest hair.’

Owner of Lucky’s and Thetis’ boss. Overtly flamboyant, outgoing and eccentric, both Tonio’s personality and appearance aren’t for the faint of heart. Tonio is essentially rather lonely, his few friends being either customers or employees at his takeaway, which would explain his light-hearted tolerance of Thetis’ perpetual doom and gloom.


Name: Jan Petrowski
Gender: Female
Age: 56

‘Ms. Jan Petrowski was a woman of unfortunate stature. She stood at least a foot shorter than Lucy Adams and was set like a wooden barrel. Her face seemed like a clay model that had been molested by an abstract art student. Her piggish, cornflower blue eyes were buried under a heavy-set wrinkled brow which was at odds with her petite, up-turned nose. Her wide shoulders were a horrific contrast to her frighteningly small arms. She had obviously been cooking a monstrosity, as flour clung to her wiry, fly-away greying hair whereas her off-white apron was stained with saffron and patches of dried icing. Ms. Petrowski’s mouth was pursed, as though she had been sucking on a particularly sour lemon, and the grimace on her face conveyed a kind of omniscient knowledge of her residents’ finances.’

Thetis’ stern, uncompromising landlady. Miserly and bitter, Jan Petrowski is wary of all her tenants and relishes the chance to kick out any troublemakers. The odd pair of girls with brightly coloured hair in flat 3a have been a constant thorn in her side, as has her inability to justify evicting them.


Flat 3a, No. 53, 47th street.

‘From the outside appearance of the apartment block, it seemed as if the building was only holding itself up due to sheer terror of what Ms. Petrowski would say if it decided to collapse. The dilapidated building was stubbornly enduring its humiliation until the lurking landlady ceased to darken its dismal rooms and sagging doorways. When that time came, the block would finally lay itself to rest, and with a sigh, bury itself in cloud of wood rot, cracked glass and decaying brick.’

Thetis’ and Fiona’s apartment is a run down building in the impoverished orange zone. Both interior and exterior features of the building are suffering from severe decay, as are many of the buildings that survived the war. Flat 3a is identical to the other two flats, consisting of a few cramped rooms and threadbare furnishings.


Every member of Thetis’ immediate family is named after figures from Greek mythology.
Thetis: ‘Silver-footed Thetis (ancient Greek Θέτις), disposer or "placer" (the one who places), is encountered in Greek mythology mostly as a sea nymph, one of the fifty Nereids.

Megara: In Greek mythology, Megara was the oldest daughter of Creon, king of Thebes. In reward for Heracles' defending Thebes from Orchomenus in single-handed battle, Creon offered his daughter Megara to Heracles and he brought her home to the house of Amphitryon.

Hector: In Greek mythology, Hector (Ἕκτωρ, "holding fast") is a Trojan prince and the greatest fighter of Troy in the Trojan War. When the Trojans are disputing whether the omens are favourable, he retorts: ‘One omen is best:
defending the fatherland.’

Alcesteos comes from the tragedy ‘Alcestis’ by Euripides. ‘Its ambiguous, tragicomic tone—which could be "cheerfully romantic" or "bitterly ironic"—has earned it the label of a problem play’

Tonio and his Pizza joint, Lucky’s, are both named after two terrible takeaways in the north of England. Lucky’s in Leeds and Antonio’s in Manchester.

Thetis’ favourite pizza is Hawaiian, and her favourite TV shows are soap operas. This would probably explain her increasingly cynical view of humanity.

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Satsu, BRIAN BLESSED, MIGHTY AND WISE Junpei Iori: Ace Detective, Maccaffrickstonson von Lichtenstafford Frabenschnaben, Polite Krogan, Robert Baratheon

Denann Industrials - The end of the wars brought about a need for countries to find legacies of a different kind. For the nation of Artolia, science was its target.
Bold commitments to funding were made from the beginning of Artolia's reconstruction and offers were made to many fledgeling scientific research companies. The mission statement offered promised extensive government support for any progress made that would help the nation, perhaps even the world, for the better.

Denann Industrials was one of the ambitious candidates from the very start. Key specialisation fell into categories in biomechanics, prosthetics, genetic engineering and augmentation. It put forward that its achievements in its specialist areas would improve human capabilities, not exactly militarily but in terms of productivity in society, physically and mentally. It caught the government's interest very early on.

However, the applications and the development of them took a very long and rocky road. The ethics surrounding their much-vaunted Tuatha projects came under question many times, and although Denann was given many grants by the government for its contributions, the results never garnered the attention enough to continue funding at the same level and eventually much of the ambition from the beginning was abandoned, and the first project was shelved (and, as many claim, wiped of all traces of incriminating evidence) under the name Tuatha-One. Later projects, Tuatha-Two and Tuatha-Three, were much more focused and limited in scope and kept, for some reason, an even lower profile on a national market that banked on scientific successes.

As of present day, Denann's claims of transparency within the company has been deemed questionable by critics due to its strong security presence in the regions around its head offices and even further outwards. Many within the ruling bodies of government are concerned about ulterior motives within the company's managers and the trust afforded by Artolia from the beginning of its reconstruction is by now waning.

Artolia Enforcement Detail (AED) - Wherever there is civilisation, it is said there will always be crime. The AED in its beginnings was the National Artolian Law Enforcement and Investigative Network, a network of police and investigative officers and detectives, thwarting violent riots, dealing with thieves and organised crime. It functioned as a generally adequate policing force, if not an essential part of order and security in the nation.

However, as authority began to be shifted back towards the army and its surrounding military bodies, many cuts were made to the AED until it became what its name suggested: at its best, a tiny handful of experienced police detectives and domestic counter-terrorism squads acting as fast-response teams to hold the problem at bay before the army responded, especially in Osea.
At its worst it is nothing more than a laughable figurehead of law enforcement.

The gangs - One of the costs that the Artolian government saved on during the reconstruction of Osea was the sewage system. Before and during the war, Osea was a high-capacity city with high-capacity demands, and sewerage collection and treatment was one of them. Osea's waste collection system in length is calculated in miles and consists of massive tunnel networks made of extremely thick and dense concrete and steel.
So it was that when the old was demolished and the new was constructed, waste management was made easier in the fact that current waste production was only a fraction of what it was during the war, and was also therefore not even a dint in the system's capacity.

This however, additionally made it easier to access, not only for the sanitation workers but for criminals and underground gangs. Soon it became a way of travelling undetected in Osea, and by some extension, other smaller resettlements in Artolia. There are approximately twenty to twenty-five mentionable gangs in Artolia, and a good two-thirds of them have their central base of 'operations' located in what is referred to as the 'Osea Underground', a constant and unyielding thorn in the side of authority.

There are three main gangs, together generally in uneasy agreement over ownership of territory both 'Aboveground' and Underground. Their reach is most significant all over the Orange Zone, although there are many suspicions that they may be involved in parts of the main downtown area.

(This section may be expanded when I cba, actual gang names, leaders, trade :monster:)

Ownership of territory in the Underground is much more vague. The Aboveground of the Orange Zone is usually unchanging, with small pock-marks where smaller gangs that have proved their strength and worthiness of having their own territory. However, the extensiveness of the Underground and its elaborate system of transit for the criminal world has meant that many smaller gangs continually fight for a slice of the pie, with the power of the 'Big Three' diminished with too much area to cover.

In context, Jettison Brand's gang, the 'Soldiers Espain', covers a small portion located roughly under the border between the residential and business area of Osea, on the fringe of where most territorial disputes take place. While in theory it would be an area less prone to violence, many law-enforcement scouts (recently, Denann Industrials security personnel) and rival gang scouts often search the areas to confront offending groups like Brand's.


Name: Jettison Brand
Alias: "Boss", "Tuatha-One Delta Priority"
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Personality: Jettison is a bitter individual, hardened by years of isolation, betrayal and rag-tag leadership. Thus, she is a shrewd and cynical tactician, with a devil-may-care ideology backed by a fondness of silent and stealthy victories.

Physical Appearance: Jettison is best described in terms of appearance as a vagrant; underfed, but still wiry and strong in stature, and dressed in stolen rags - a swathe of bandages binds her torso for modesty and a dark red/brown leather jacket for protection against the elements. She also goes barefoot most of the time, and wears ragged pants (with a rope for a belt) which are torn off at the knees. Various tattoos and piercings adorn her skin, and she also carries a waist-high steel pole with her as a weapon, presumably stolen from a road sign.

Elemental Power: Light

Physical/telepathic Abilities: Jettison is a manipulator of images and appearances rather than using Light as a weapon like Sierra. Refined over most of her childhood years, she can take on the appearance of anything and anyone, and is also gifted with flawless voice impersonation and a suitably adaptable intellect - improvisation and fast learning in particular.

Although one single cause is impossible to be determined, it is suspected that a high degree of gene therapy has been the major source of her inhuman powers.

Jettison is also capable in street fighting and acrobatics. Denaan experiments on her have been extensive - porous composite concrete/ceramic, plastic-polymers and minute traces of carbon-steel skeletal structure makes her bones phenomenally difficult to break and her brain extremely well-protected; silicone encasements dissipate blunt force and protect most organs against most physical attacks, tissues fused with a layer of carbon fibers increases heat resistance and tensile strength in tendons, muscle and skin, superconducting microfibers enhance selected nervous responses such as reflex actions or light wavelength and sensitivity in eyesight, and hormonal alterations via slow-release drug implants dull others to increase pain tolerance several-fold.

Other enhancements such as artificial organs (as a result from research into non-military research purposes) are present and aside from a higher capacity or more efficient role in metabolism, serve no notable purpose other than to replace original organs in function.

Jettison's telepathic abilities are not completely realised, as of now limited to quiet voices and murmurs during sleep and general gut feelings. She is capable of communicating telepathically but only to individuals with which she has attempted to communicate with for a long time, indicating that her ability to do so is limited by her need to practice to establish a link. Interestingly, she is capable of blocking her telekinetic presence at will, although this requires a fraction of exertion to achieve.

History: Born as Donna Webb, she was taken by scientists on her first birthday (after her first words), and taken to a research facility owned by a biomechanics company called Denann Industrials, established long before the likes of Viola. As part of a government sanctioned project which contained various sub-categories, Donna was fitted with various biomechanical parts as part of experimentation, like carbon-steel endosketelons and silicon exoskeletons for specific organs liable to trauma, research as a front for life-saving medical technology.

However, eventually the medical applications were diverted into research for more military purposes due to the advent of government funding of third-party-programs, and soon Donna was subjected to brutal tests of endurance and strength while being subjected to experimental drugs and radiation "therapies". Of the very first group of one hundred test subjects of Denann, Donna and five others survived the first three months, endowed with powers beyond human imagination and scarred for life.

Due to the uncooperative personalities of the remainding test-subjects, the first project was deemed a failure and the children were taken and abandoned in various desolate places, at that point which Donna took her name, "Jettison" "Brand". She was, however, rescued by fishermen and taken back to be raised up in a proper family.
One turn of events after another led to Denann's pursuit, upon which her surrogate family was killed and she was once again without a home. Like any runaway child, she took to the streets and eventually the sewers of a city, learning to adapt and to use her powers, which, despite her pre-pubescence at the time, eventually earned the respect and hate of various gangs, gathering up a small personal gang of her own.

Story since the destruction of Viola: While virtually unrelated to any of the events surrounding Viola, Jettison has been continually on the run from Denann search parties and has had to deal with various telepathic messages being sent to her both randomly and directly, in actuality from Destrillians. Incapable of actually responding to such calls, Jettison can only contemplate as to what this might all mean.

Name: Daniel November
Alias: "Nova", "The Motherfucking God"
Gender: Generally male
Age: Unknown

Personality: Loud, brash and bold. Has a fondness for swearing, although his personality is deceptive for a cunning mind. He has a bombastic approach to confrontations but also has a hidden calculatedness that surprises unprepared enemies.

Physical Appearance: In his most frequent physical representation, taller than the average man, much more well-built. Heavily muscled. Dark-skinned complexion, broad-faced. Black hair is styled in a crew cut, and will wear a variety of clothing as suits his situation/human form, usually a dark buttoned shirt with hard collar and rolled-up sleeves, probably a size smaller than what is actually wearable. Wears dark brown-black trousers with steel-capped boots for "extra pain".

Elemental Power: While not exactly "elemental" in nature, Daniel is capable of physically changing his appearance at will; true shapeshifting as opposed to Jettison Brand's methods of optical deception. However, this requires a certain period of time depending on how drastic the physical change is, and is limited to other human forms or animals equal in value of biomass.

Physical/Telepathic abilities: Daniel November is, unsurprisingly, a physical powerhouse. With a simple and quick arsenal of punches, kicks, and swearwords like the words “motherfucker” or “bitches”, he can lay waste to anything from a potential mugger in his way, to a small vehicle with simple brute force in no time at all. Also surprisingly agile, he is fairly close, if not equal, to Jettison’s level of prowess in terms of agility and tolerance to the elements.

Similar to Jettison, however, his telepathic sensitivity is next to zero, or if any, has not been indicated by any response.

History: Unknown for the most part. Jettison has difficulty with much of her long-term memory concerning Daniel, and Daniel has repeatedly refused to give away his origins, usually answering with something like “You’ll figure when you figure it.”

Name: Veronica Nabla Wilkins
Alias: “Nica”, “Madam Bubblegum”, “Tuatha-Two Zeta Priority”
Gender: Female
Age: Actual age unknown, physical appearance = 19 years old

Personality: Veronica could be best described as manic, ridiculously cheerful in the face of almost anything. In any sort of confrontation, Veronica masks extreme professionalism and a brilliant scientific mind with the mischievousness of a pre-pubescent. Much like a child, however, provocation in a particular manner risks a complete face-hell turn in her desire to protect anything dear to her.

Physical Appearance: Somewhat lanky for the appearance of a 19-year-old, Veronica would seem to the untrained eye to be nothing more than a weird girl in a labcoat. Icy-blue contact lenses hide completely white irises. Dark purple hair dye masks also bleach-white hair, which is tied back in a high ponytail and pinned back by an elaborate headpiece into a bun as the situation warrants.

Labcoat, white slacks and pumps, and plain black tank top hide a myriad of dark etches that run down her entire body, which she refers to ask “marks of manufacture”. On various parts of her limbs and joints are small sockets and lesions of artificial nature, generally hidden by her apparel.
She has a doll-like, childish completxion and would be considered cute if she was not so downright strange.

Elemental Abilities: None. Veronica claims to have the knowledge to induce such powers but usually deems it “poetic but no” or “really bitchin’ rad, but like, so what”.

Physical/Telepathic Abilities: As Tuatha-Two Zeta Priority, Veronica is to a military force what a Swiss Army Knife is to cutlery. She is, in short, the culmination of a decade’s worth of research and funding in Denann Industrials, currently the closes equivalent to a true cyborg. A majority of her organic components have been replaced with an amalgamation of mechanical and synthetic parts.

Exact specifications of all in-built equipment is evidently classified, but includes utilities and weaponry such as optics covering a wide range of wavelengths from C-ray to short wave radio, titanium composite alloys and ceramics skeletal structure, hard rubber and carbon-fiber-laced polymer muscles and tendons, internal organ blunt force dissipating, two micro-reactors operating on some form of fusion, which powers functions like rapid-response joint hydraulics, in-built optical targeting system and ballistics calculation, solid-state cranial implants for enhanced memory and easier acquirement of knowledge via information technology.

Additionally, Veronica can utilize brief overloads of her generators to produce inhuman trump cards, such as a concealed arm cannon designed to quick draw (by comp0letely segmenting and separating the forearm) and fire anything from shotgun rounds to small rifle grenades to gas-dynamic lasers or charges of plasma, magnify motor functions to sprint from zero to eighty miles in a few seconds, or jump several times higher than the average human can, and a secondary generator in her right arm that can produce a small man-sized magnetic resonance field reportedly powerful enough to dissipate (or perhaps disintegrate) nearly all forms of matter or energy directed at it.
It is assumed that her body is already built to negate and compensate for such effects as strong magnetic flux, counter electromagnetic force or electrical overloads and discharges.

An implant of slow-release drugs is the cause of her lengthened youthfulness and also most likely her manic behaviour. She often turns off her generators when unneeded (usually during sleep) and during these periods is much more disoriented and unresponsive to any stimuli.
Finally, Veronica possesses other utilities such as retractable metal claws under her fingernails, a cigarette lighter in her second finger, and most importantly to her, a nail file in her pinky finger and a knife and fork in her right and left thumbs respectively.

As for telepathic abilities, Veronica’s sensitivity to such powers is still in its infant stages. While of interest to her, she considers it to be nothing more than a unnecessary convenience in terms of its potential. While she is capable of sending telepathic messages and receiving them, her chaotic psyche means that her mind is near-unreadable and any messages she sends would be garbled and usually full of nonsensical words and phrases, making it much easier for her to simply express herself verbally.

History: Veronica’s history is well-documented as an employee, but because of its length is often confusing. Born during the last years of the world wars, she was recognized as having an exceptional intellect, even at an early age. A formal education further strengthened this, and even internship in pharmaceuticals, molecular biology and medical engineering established her in the scientific community as a mind to be reckoned with.

She was a lead researcher in Denann at its very beginning (if not one of its co-founders) and climbed its ranks to become, among other things, the Project Lead of Tuatha-One experiments. After the closure of Tuatha-One, Veronica successfully opened new, more focused Projects, hoping to replicate the sheer resilience and combat-effectiveness seen in what others in her team considered “failures”.
As time passed, she evidently used herself as a further testing bed for successful pharmaceuticals and biomechanics, becoming the brilliant, slightly crazed, and child-like Quartermaster Lieutenant General and Project Lead of Tuatha-Two and (the early stages of) Tuatha-Three she is today.

Name: Emanuel Carson
Alias: “Old Man”, “Old Fart”, “Old Dipshit” (not self-titled)
Gender: Male
Age: 65

Personality: Aggressive, somewhat arrogant, presuming. Enjoys dominance as a co-founder and de-facto CEO of Denann Industrials.

Physical appearance: Elderly Caucasian, well-built, trimmed moustace and beard, dyed black hair to hide signs of age. Usually wears white dress shirt and khaki officer’s trousers, frequently pins the sizeable stack of (generally symbolic rather than honorary) medal she has on his shirt. Occasionally uses walking cane but dislikes it due to the vulnerable image it presents.

Physical abilities: Capable boxer, quite proficient with a variety of small arms (has a preference for handguns).

History: Co-founder of Denann Industrials, previously a war scientist but and officer’s career dulled his intellect and turned it toward military tactical expertise. Has ruled the Security and Weapons Division of the company with an iron fist and deeply resents Veronica’s leadership of both halves of the company and her general independence of command.

Name: Benjamin Ashford
Alias: “Baby Benjie”
Gender: Male
Age: 29

Personality: Unassuming, mild-mannered and a little submissive (especially in the company of Veronica). Highly valued for strong sense of purpose and subservience.

Physical Appearance: Young Caucasian, average build, ruffled dark brown hair which is cropped at the base of the neck. Brown eyes. Wears white dress shirt, brown trousers with polished black shoes and a long white labcoat. Wears an olive green vest on colder days. Has a sheathed combat knife made of composite titanium alloys and blade coating of depleted uranium, slung on the side of his pants as a ‘special present’ given by Veronica (who requests frequently that he wear it for protection’s sake).

Physical abilities: Due to the long friendly working relationship that he has had with Veronica, years of training has made Benjamin Ashford an expert in using knifes, whether for throwing or for close-quarters combat (although in his line of work he has not used it very much in live combat situations). Usually prefers to win battles using his intellect and technical knowledge of weaponry and equipment and communications rather than through combat prowess.

History: A bright spark in his early childhood education, his father was a scientist with on-and-off contracts with a variety of different research companies, including Viola. His father’s low-profile but decent reputation (combined with Benjamin’s own high quality exam results) earned Benjamin an internship within Denann Industrials, eventually becoming a permanent employee by his own choosing. Despite the low-lying drama that has surrounded the company Ashford has been a steady constant as Veronica’s trusty subordinate and personal assistant for essentially the good part of a decade.

Name: Arctos D. Wolfe
Alias: “Wolf One”
Gender: Male
Age: 48

Personality: Arctos is above all else a cynic who feels that the guaranteed destruction of the world is just as possible as its guaranteed safety. While gifted with a strong sense of justice, a cunning intellect and ungodly willpower (or, as others say, simple bloody-mindedness), his belief in a government returning to an increasingly militant nature has him disillusioned and generally depressed.

Physical Appearance: Arctos is of average height for a man, but everything else in appearance blatantly shows that the years have not been kind to him. He has a slouching posture that further reinforces this, and a gaunt but wiry-muscled frame. Dirty black hair sticks outward like hairbrush bristles and a strong gleam in his brown-black eyes, along with an imposing jawline, are the only traces of his defiance of age and the bitter years of history as one of the AED’s finest. Finally, faint tell-tale signs of alcoholism are present; in his odor, in his clothing and in his mood.

Generally he wears a dirty white dress shirt uniform of the AED, with a badge patch sewn onto the right arm. As if to remember the past, the badge patch of the National Artolian Law Enforcement and Investigative Network has been roughly sewn onto the other arm of the shirt. Arctos keeps his sleeves rolled up almost at all times and a loose neck-tie hangs around his neck most of the time. He wears dark grey work trousers, held up with belt and suspenders, and black leather dress shoes. For protection against the elements Arctos wears a black leather trenchcoat. Most of his attire has the faint dank smell that an alcoholic would have and appears to have been fitted to him at a past time where he would have filled out his clothing more. Regardless, he also carries the typical tools of his trade, hand-held two-way radio, a pair of handcuffs and a hip-holstered police-issue .45 revolver. Holstered on his right ankle is a personal gun of his own, a .44 Magnum autorevolver.

Physical abilities: Arctos is, for his age and physique still ridiculously energetic, carried on by sheer force of will. While he has no sort of superhuman powers, Arctos has a brilliant detective mind and excellent deductive logic. He has the attitude and demeanor of a brawler and is always willing to receive punches to give out his own. Through his own willpower Arctos rarely hesitates to push his body to its limits (and usually past them) and shows a complete disregard for his own physical limitations whenever possible.

Arctos is also an expert in almost all procedures made by the AED and its superior predecessor, including but not limited to close-quarters engagement, hostage rescue and negotiation, riot control, non-lethal disarmament, firearms marksmanship, sharpshooting, explosives handling, rappelling and K-9 handling.

History: Back in his prime, Arctos Devlin Wolfe represented Osea’s finest. A brilliant detective career broke his family’s unlucky streak and long-standing record of being petty thieves and criminals. Virtually a recognizable face anywhere within the Artolian Law Enforcement and Investigative Network, Arctos’ mind put more than a hundred significant criminals behind bars, and together with an elite team of fellow detectives doubling as a counter-terrorism squad and undercover agents, dubbed Wolfe’s Pack, brought many of Artolia’s criminal masterminds to justice. With a good reputation, a guaranteed good life after perhaps an early retirement, coming home to a good wife and soon enough, a good child, Arctos was at that point set for life.

However, as time passed the government began to strip them of funding and manpower in their efforts to militarise and bring purpose back into their Army, and Arctos’ life began to unravel into a mess. While his wife and newborn daughter stood by him, every day Arctos fought for, and failed to keep, the working rights and money given to the police, he would slip further into a depression, eventually developing mild alcoholism as the Artolian Law Enforcement and Investigative Network was dismantled and replaced by a pithy Artolian Enforcement Detachment.

The turn of events force Arctos to continue his career to make ends meet as a detective and the leader of his fast response squad, Wolfe’s Pack. As of present day, while a formidable team, Wolfe’s Pack is generally left to its own devices, deemed to have hardly any sort of major impact on the law-enforcement community anymore. However, Arctos strives to continually prove the government wrong in this respect, the commitment from the rest of his team perhaps the only remaining drive for his motives.

Name: Arisa Amuro
Alias: “Wolf Two”
Gender: Female
Age: 24

Personality: Determination is the dominant trait in Arisa’s personality: despite the banality of the AED’s purpose, Arisa possesses and unshakeable faith in her team and the righteousness of her duty, something which intrigues Arctos and other senior staff. She has an eagerness not commonly found in AED employees. While almost overtly quick to act on instinct, Arisa can be expected to be the last squad member to give up on an idea or lose morale over failure, and although apparently unaware of this occasionally holds up team morale in particularly stressful times.

Physical Appearance: Has the clear traits of a foreigner, standing her out from the others in her team. A fierce beauty is present in her features: fox-like, slender build is complemented by her short, dark-red cropped hair which frames her face with two large side-bangs, and hazel cat-like eyes which have an unnatural intensity to them.

On duty, she wears a neat, white hard-collar blouse (with the AED badge patch sewn on the right sleeve) and well-ironed grey cargo pants, typical female apparel for fast-response patrol squads. On patrol, Arisa wears a standard-issue heavy ballistics and stab vest, along with the assorted combat boots, neck-guards, elbow, knee and leg-guards that come with the modular combat armour. She carries a standard-issue 10mm semi-automatic and an accompanying submachine gun, keeping a back-up revolver holstered by the ankle much like Arctos.

Off duty, she wears a simple white singlet, her cargo pants, and a brown leather jacket. During these periods she also carries a survival knife, sheathed and tucked into her right boot.

Physical Abilities: Arisa eagerly fills her role as part of the team and while not the best mind of the squad, serves as a strong presence to further stimulate brainstorming within the detective process. Notably, Arisa knows the rulebook of fast-response policing inside and out, and at vital times can reference loopholes and procedures forgotten even by Arctos.
Like the rest of the fast-response team (excluding Arctos) Arisa is in peak physical condition and additionally is trained in various martial arts, making her an even more versatile close-quarters combatant.

History: Arisa was born to two foreigners who travelled to Artolia searching for a better life. A naturalized citizen, Arisa was brought up with an unbelievable positive outlook on her future and saw enlistment into the AED as her path to the better life her family was searching for, rather than the dead-end job her graduating colleagues suggested.
With an enthusiasm that intrigued superiors and gave her an exceptional record, she was quickly transferred to a position in the best police unit in the AED – Wolfe’s Pack, where she quickly established herself as an essential part of the team. Finding Ted Payton’s cocky attitude both endearing and frustrating at the same time, she maintains a personal on-and-off relationship with him, her irritation in his bending of rules somewhat compensated for by his firm faith and trust in the rest of the team and an underlying sense of duty.

Name: Mazio Dyne
Gender: Male
Age: ~28

Personality: Kind-hearted, but aloof in more ways than could be attributed to his blindness, Dyne fashions himself to be a mentor for the other Fallimento. While his stature commands respect, his confusing bouts of rambling often show that something seems to be amiss in the man. He often is prone to completely changing the subject matter of conversations without warning, placing great significance on events or items not apparently warranting interest before being convinced to discuss the task at hand.
He also has a passion for candles and chandeliers, especially those which use candles.

Physical Appearance: Dyne appears to be a complete mess, although not for lack of trying. While the face under the voluminous salt-and-pepper beard hints at a strikingly-handsome man, too many clashing elements give him the homeless-vagrant look. Wearing multiple coats - the outermost of which are pockmarked with patches, holes and tears - leather browns and blacks contrast with the myriad of food stains, and splashes of paint. Long, white, unkempt hair is kept in control by a thick, grey woolen beanie, although the beanie has undergone such wear and tear that it is fighting a losing battle. No-one has ever seen Dyne's eyes, since they are constantly hidden behind a pair of sunglasses.

Although he is blind, it does not stop him from keeping in peak physical condition through constant exercise. Those who have seen his body under the clothes can attest to the myriad of scars he has, mainly from bullet and knife wounds over the years. A particularly prominent one crosses the centre of his chest, an angry maw of flesh mapped horizontally across his sternum. With barely a scrap of fat under his skin due to his slightly-undernourished lifestyle, he is all muscle and sinew.

The most respectable items of clothing he wears are blatantly stolen. These include steel-capped boots, used to "combat the most obvious occupational hazard of the blind man - stubbed toes", and a pair of exquisite, weighted leather gloves. Almost always nearby is his cane, a long, solid aluminium rod, painted white, with a crude derby handle welded to one end.

Elemental Power: Mazio Dyne has not manifested any powers throughout his time in the Fallimento.

Physical/Telepathic Abilities: Dyne claims to have been a security consultant during his employment in Viola, and although none of the others can actually vouch for this fact, he has proved to be a worthy teacher, at least in methods of self-defense, weapons-handling and strategy and tactics. Heavily built, his gentle demeanour belies hidden incredible strength and agility. As a "failed experiment", he retains little telepathic abilities - or if he has any, they are not apparent.

History: The only thing known about Mazio Dyne is what he has told people - he claims to have been a security consultant for Viola, a promising career which somehow went off on a tangent as he volunteered as both a test subject, and as a test for Destrillians to reach a certain standard in combat-efficacy. While barely considered on par with the low-level research going on in Viola, he was considered an external asset and with the break-outs from the Facilities, was involved as part of the liquidation process.

Barely escaping "disassembly" (where he suggests is how he got his blindness), Dyne mantains he set out to find the escaped Destrillians, and although he obviously did not find those he was looking for, he helped form a rag-tag band of misfits and experimental rejects, thus becoming part of the backbone of the Fallimento group. In his spare time, he particularly enjoys sitting in front of lit candles, and helping supply electricity to the Fallimento hideouts by vigorously riding bicycles rigged to generators.
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Name: Ariel Regan

Gender: Female

Age: 20 (at recorded time of death)

Personality: Ariel was renowned for the force of her will. Amongst the disparate personalities Destrillians in Viola’s recreation room, Ariel might have been the only one that could be considered universally popular with everyone because of the strength of her charismatic personality. Considered by the higher ups to possess all the qualities of a team leader, caring for the other Destrillians as friends and not just as assets on a team, but still possessing the necessary drive to help everyone on the team achieve their goal, being equally happy to help or watch her friends overcome obstacles as she would be to plough through them herself.
However, Ariel is crippled by her intensely independent nature, not wanting to be subservient to the orders of anyone other than herself. Especially if it’s for a cause that she neither understands nor believes in. This wildly independent and need to act on her instincts is what led her to be marked as a threat by the Violan authorities, and her desire to instigate the breakout from the facility.

Physical Appearance:
Taller than most of the other Destrillians at a respectable five foot eight, she is slender to match and often the bearer of a smiling, optimistic disposition. With a pale complexion highlighted by her chin length jet-black hair thats streaked with white in a manner that resembles the keys of a piano. She has a pair of vivid violet eyes that are partially obscured by her long, choppy fringe, her outfits usually followed this black and white theme.

Elemental Power: Sound
Unlike Destrillians like Kerr or Fiona, whose powers are purely offensive and designed to smash their way through the enemy; Ariel’s powers are designed to disorientate them whilst she can move in for the kill, or to aid in stealth assignments. However the versatility of her power does not stop her from using brute strength when the situation calls for it.
She primarily utilises her power through a powerful ‘sonic scream’ or by firing bursts of sound from her hands, created by the super-fast oscillation of every cell in her body which can knock down her opponents or blast holes in concrete walls at full strength. Depending on the speed and pitch of these vibrations she can induce a number of different status ailments on her enemies, ranging from the relatively mild like nausea, anxiety or fatigue to the extremely damaging such as blindness, internal organ damage and temporary anxiety.

Physical/telepathic Abilities
Ariel Regan, as the Destrillian of Sound is regarded as being one of the most competent Destrillians when it comes to the actual utilization of her power, even if that power itself is not necessarily the most powerful. She was a natural leader and would have been the first choice to lead a squad of Destrillians into battle with an entire army, and emerge victorious. Able to devise a winning strategy at base camp and then lead the team from the frontlines, Ariel possessed the drive necessary to do both with equal competence.

History: A bright and inquisitive child Ariel Regan was always longing for adventure. After being separated from her family in a war-torn district of Artolia, Ariel was admitted to Viola at age 12, where she quickly established herself as one of the stronger Destrillians. However, with her rise through the ranks came a surge in her mutinous nature. She would continually incite the other prototypes to revolt. She eventually planed a rebellion and mass breakout in order to gain her and her comrades freedom. However, her plans were discovered by Dr. Malcolm Abaddon, and upon his orders Ariel Regan was terminated by #011, Kerr Nordstrom. It is unknown what became of her body.

Name: Dr. Malcolm Abaddon

Gender: Male

Age: 32
Occupation: - Former Head of Special Operations at Viola/Creator of the Destrillians Project

Calm, methodical and manipulative, Malcolm Abaddon’s ruthless intellect has been his most powerful ally and his most fearsome weapon. Widely regarded as the foremost mind on genetic engineering, Abaddon’s intimate knowledge of science and psychology has only enhanced his cold, mechanical view of the world, viewing people as just pawns or means to an end. As a result there are very few people that Abaddon actually respects, giving him a wily contempt for authority. Knowing that everybody else, even his genius colleagues, are less intelligent than he is has made him privately cynical, but outwardly friendly, using deliberate and subtle means in order to get others to do what he wants. His distaste for the ‘lesser’ opinion of others, and often complete disregard for the opinions of his colleagues has made him an unpopular man to work with. He is often far more concerned with watching to see the results of his own private experiments play out, rather than doing actual work.

Physical Appearance:
Definitely not the archetypal mad scientist, Abaddon looks and dresses in the latest and trendiest fashion most commonly viewed in expensive nightclubs, wearing clothes that serve highlight his tall, handsome appearance, if only so he can use his looks as yet another means of manipulation. His shaggy sandy coloured hair has been cut so that it is not long enough to be considered too scruffy or unkempt, but not short enough to be considered traditionally appropriate for a scientist of his reputation to have. Further illustrating his disregard for the traditions of the science community he chooses to wear smart casual clothing, rather than a traditional white lab coat and boring trousers, preferring a short-sleeved shirt, or expensive vintage t-shirt and a pair of fashionably worn in jeans.

Elemental Power:

Physical/telepathic Abilities:
Not being a soldier, Abaddon has very little in the way of formal combat experience. Choosing to utilise the skills of whatever mercenary or security force his employers have hired to protect him instead.
By way of skills he is perhaps one of the most gifted scientific minds of all time, particularly in the fields of genetic manipulation and biological modifications. The Destrillian project would not have been possible if it was not for the mind of Malcolm Abaddon working behind the scenes to ensure its success.

Originally from the small town of Ferris Hill, a mining community near the borders of Damascus, he was born into a military family, with many brothers and sisters and parents who were both soldiers who had been conscripted to help hold the border against invasions from the wild country to the West. Even as a child Malcolm Abaddon showed signs of having a genius mind that drew the attention of the central government who sent a military convoy to recruit him when he was 5 years old into its Overwatch Program for gifted young children, a covert military scheme that was designed to cultivate the potential for true genius and brainwash the children into using their brilliant minds for military application. Abaddon never showed any sign of missing his family, even when he received word of the destruction of his hometown by Damascan extremists.

For the next seven years Abaddon devoted his life to the pursuit of education and scientific knowledge, vastly outstripping the abilities of everybody else in the program to the point where even he was becoming bored by how little there was left to learn from the already top minds of the nation. By the time he was 16 he was instrumental in helping develop viral weaponry for the military, eventually attracting the attention of private sector private military companies and corporations who were interested in investing and developing advanced biological weaponry.

Over the next two decades Malcolm Abaddon cut his ties to the Artolian government and military and became a ‘mercenary scientist’, turning his considerable intellect into working for third party corporations in order to develop advanced weaponry and cybernetic enhancements for their private security forces. Advancements in chemical engineering in humans, drugs to reduce sleep patterns and improve coordination and durability, that come as standard issue for the soldiers of today, would not have come about if it was not for the research done by Dr. Abaddon a decade earlier .

Eventually his work attracted the attention of the Violan Corporation and he was approached by Jason Spencer himself with the proposition of an unlimited budget and resources for Abaddon to take his research to the next level. Rather than just developing relatively minor biological upgrades and applications for the military, Spencer proposed Abaddon head up a massive team tasked with the development of a complete super soldier. Thus, the Destrillians project was born.

Following the collapse of Viola, Abaddon has gone into hiding and has not been seen since the day the Destrillians made their escape. His disappearance, along with many of the senior staff on the Destrillians Project is regarded as highly suspicious by the Artolian government, prompting rumours and suspicions that the project is still ongoing despite the destruction of the primary facility...

Name: Jason Spencer

Gender: Male

Age: 50


Powerful, straightforward and obtuse, Jason Spencer is a man completely aware of his own capabilities and confident enough that those abilities will be able to overcome whatever obstacle has the misfortune to find itself in his way. His years in the military have taught him the benefits of keeping a calm head in the face of battle, whether the battlefield is a wartorn hell hole in a foreign country or fought over the negotiating table at his next corporate merger. His incredibly self-assured nature and confidence in his own abilities have led to his idolization by those who work under him, he is seen as being a natural leader of men. He is witty and arrogant, but also wise and patient, he knows the necessity of waiting for the long term plan to pay off in order to achieve his goals.

Physical Appearance:
He didn’t look like the average president of one of the most powerful corporations in the world, standing at over six foot five tall. Still powerful and muscular enough to easily beat down a man half his age with complete ease. Whether it had been the spell in prison or the dramatic upheaval of his company, he now looks tired and rough around the edges. More wrinkles had formed around his eyes, and his sweeping mane of collar-length slate hair was now streaked liberally with badger stripes of white at the temples. His formerly smartly trimmed goatee was now overgrown and framed by a thick stretch of stubble along his jaw-line.

However, despite his newfound scruffy demeanour he was still instantly recognisable from the old scar that had long since decimated the left hand side of his face. An angry dark fault line of raw scar tissue that stretched from just under his jaw, up over his left cheek and then through his eye and then branching out into two separate lines from his left eyebrow. One stretching up across his forehead to end above his nose and the second line stretching further across round the left side of his head, disappearing into the hairline on his temple. The scar, posture and the fearsome jade green eyes that stared out from beneath his ragged face were his hallmarks, and what had made his grizzled visage memorable throughout the country.

Elemental Power:


Physical/telepathic Abilities:

Years working behind a desk have not dulled Spencer’s skills in either armed or unarmed combat. His extensive military training mean that he is extremely proficient in handling almost all firearms, and is unbelievably skilled in martial arts – where he can utilize his formidable strength with brutal precision. He is also a world class duellist, specialising in the use of a longsword that would be considered too unwieldy or heavy for most of the practitioners of the sport.


Considering that he is now one of the most famous, wealthy and iconic men on the entire planet, not much is known about the life of Jason Spencer before he enlisted in the Artolian military at the age of 22. Records don’t even exist to prove that he was a citizen of Artolia before then, or that this is his real name.

His combination of unmatchable skill and bravery on the battlefield put him on the fast track to promotion within the armed forces. Fighting in over two dozen separate conflicts on the Artolian borders in the space of ten years, he was awarded a brace of medals and an early retirement, which he was pulled out of one month later to assume the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and fight in the 7 Day War against the neighbouring nation of Damascus.

Widely regarded as one of the bloodiest wars ever fought, it catapulted Spencer’s fame into the sky and he became a national hero to the nation of Artolia. A notion that was further enforced at the climax of the war when he and only one hundred men from his regiment were the sole survivors of the final battle of the war, regarded as one of the most bloody and costly battles in the history of mankind.

Following his return from battle, he was offered a job within government but instead invested his money into the small company known today as the Violan Corporation, gradually turning it into one of the most powerful forces on the planet and simultaneously making himself the President. Making breakthroughs in genetic engineering, advanced military hardware and viral weaponry that cemented the company’s status and made Spencer one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Following the escape of the Destrillians and the destruction of Viola, Spencer made no attempt to flee the country and allowed himself to be arrested in his own luxurious home. He spent the next 3 years in prison, awaiting trial and execution for the crimes against humanity committed by the company under his leadership.

Persephone Spencer - watch this space!

Salem Locke - watch this space!

Finn Newton - watch this space!
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Destrillian character bio: Donovan Early

Hey guys. This is a bio for a character I'd like to add to the ongoing Destrillians story.

Sorry if this is the wrong place, especially to any mods who have to clean up after me. ;)


NAME: Donovan Early
SEX: Male
OCCUPATION: Mercenary, but prefers "soldier of fortune"
AGE: Early 30s.

In wars, you have four types of fighters: the believers; the career military; the glory-seekers; and those looking to make a buck.

Early presents himself as highly pragmatic and cynical, both to clients and the world at large. The truth is much different. Early shows a sentimentality towards weapons, methods, and, sometimes, opponents that often beggars belief. In another person, it would be accurate to say Early has paranoiac tendencies - however, in his chosen line of business, it would be more accurate to refer to it as a hyper-active survival instinct. His only known fears are a near pathological dislike of having anything near his eyes and intense pyrophobia.

Early has little-to-no interest in people outside of his job, and even less in his clients or anyone he has to work alongside. Despite this, he nearly always has one book of philosophy or another to hand. When "on the job", Early prefers to use silenced pistols, but will use a sniper rifle or knife if he feels they're better suited. He's been known to drag jobs out longer than they needed - some clients believe this is an attempt to get paid more, others recognise it as a way of relieving boredom.

In wars, you have four types of fighters. Early says he's only looking for a quick buck, but he has his beliefs, which are worth more than his payment.

One thing that always strikes clients (and, occasionally, marks) is how average Early looks. At just over six foot, with only stubble on top his head (possibly auburn, possibly brown), he could be just about anyone.

However, Early has one noticeable quirk: he always holds his head tilted slightly to the left. This is due to a job at the start of his career which ended with him being too close to an explosion. The resulting shockwave blew out both his eardrums. Fortunately, the client was generous enough to finance bionic replacements for Early, which allow him to hear outside the normal human noise spectrum. At least, in theory. Over the years, the left implant has degraded, to the point where Early has "only" human-level hearing in his left ear.

Early has a wiry build, due more to metabolism than exercise. The only real muscle he has is in his legs, meaning he's more likely to put the boot in than punch you if he's unarmed.

He wears prescription glasses, eschewing corrective surgery. His clothing is usually some scruffy denim jeans, boots, an equally scruffy tee-shirt and a long, faded overcoat, that may have conceivably once been brown.

Early refuses to get drawn into discussions about his younger days, and will only talk of things that have happened since becoming a mercenary. Those who do a background check on him will find no records of his days before becoming a mercenary. Whether this indicates his name is an alias or that records of his early life have been buried is unknown at this point. However, his first recorded action was the killing of a pyrokinetic who had torched several towns and villages - the pyrokinetic's motive is unrecorded. However, it may be assumed that Early either came from or had some involvement with one of those locations burnt.

ACTIONS LEADING TO VIOLA'S DESTRUCTION: Early had no part in the Viola Incident, as he was on a job in parts unknown at the time.

ACTIONS SINCE VIOLA: Early has heard rumours on the grapevine about the Destrillians, but prefers to believe they don't exist. Due to speculation on his own origins, this is understandable. He has recently arrived in Artolia from the Damascan border, on business unknown.

Alessa Gillespie

a letter to my future self
Sansa Stark, Sweet Bro, Feferi, tentacleTherapist, Nin, Aki, Catwoman, Shinjiro Aragaki, Terezi, Princess Bubblegum
Name:Terra Michaels
Code Name: Destrillian Prototype #000-000-003: Makeshift Golem
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Personailty: Terra rarely changed, even as a child. She was quiet, uncaring, and had very little desire to interact with others. Perhaps it was her somewhat antisocial attitude that allowed her to be so easily kidnapped by the Viola. Even after the experiments, she stayed the same, still quiet and perhaps even more uncaring as to the state of others. What she did learn was how to obey orders and how to execute her job perfectly.

She could never see very well until the experiments and as such, always wore a pair of glasses. She was as attached to them as she could possibly be, and believed that it had a tiny voice that told her to do the right thing, like not killing the rabbits she was told to in order to test her abilities. Still, though, when she didn’t then she wouldn’t get fed, and she sometimes wondered if her closest friend just wanted her to die.

After a number of surgeries, they took away her only friend, her wire frame glasses. Despite her weak and squeaking protests, the scientists took her glasses away: to the incinerator, to the director’s office, who knew. But she could still hear it talking to her in its tiny voice, repeating “Those scientists are no good. You should kill them.” After she killed the target that night, the scientists seemed pleased with her. Laying in her quarters that night, the girl decided she needed to find her only friend: otherwise she may just go crazy in that place.

Physical Appearance: Terra’s hair has since been changed from its former dull brown color to an extremely deep green, nearer to black than the intended color. It’s almost always trimmed short to keep from bothering her, the longest it gets would be just past her shoulders. Her eyes were changed through numerous surgeries to be more efficient and have been changed from their former hazel to a more definitive dark green. She is 5’2” and around 124 lbs, looking sort of awkwardly muscled, considering her small frame. She wears what she is given, that being a simple green robe, and she feels very awkward when she isn’t wearing it.

Elemental Power: Earth

Element/Physical Abilities: Because she was taken when she was slightly older, she doesn’t have very much skill when it comes to controlling her abilities. The only abilities she has decent control of are her abilities to make her skin harder and her enhanced strength. The good things about these abilities are that her hand-to-hand abilities are superb, but the downside of it is her awkwardness when it comes to holding a weapon.

By this point in her skills, she should have been able to created Earthen monsters, but she still cannot control her powers and can’t even make the creatures she creates move. She tries to make up for her lack of control over her element with her strength and speed, but it is not impressive compared to what she should have been able to do at that point. Because of this, she sometimes feels like a failure.

Forgotten History: Forgotten History: Terra was the third of four children, living with a very poor mother and father. They were such self-sacrificing people that they preferred to let their children eat and let themselves survive on only the most meager scraps. Without even noticing or caring as long as their children were happy, the mother was the first to starve. When the children mourned her loss, their father reassured them the same would not happen to him, and even bought Terra glasses and her brother and elder sister a nice wagon. His last, weak words to the children were that they could still live, as long as they kept the right attitude.

When he died, the power in the family passed on to the eldest brother, who was no more than thirteen. He tried working in order to help the family, but he didn’t have the strength to do any heavy labor he could have been hired for. In the end, he realized he needed to sell everything they had, the wagon being the first thing to go. When Terra refused to sell the glasses that allowed her to see, he was furious, demanding to know if she even cared about her siblings. Nonetheless, the little girl held her ground, and her brother decided she was of no use to the family, and losing her would just be losing one more mouth to feed. He demanded she go out and find a job if she wanted to keep living with them, and the tiny ten-year-old stomped away from the rest of the family, never looking back. While she tried to find a job in the city, she was quietly kidnapped, word never getting back to her brother and sister as to her fate.
Name: Terra Michaels
Alias: Tabitha Sudonim
Gender: Female
Age: 24

Personality: Terra no longer has her former word salad problem, mostly in part due to a massive seizure that damaged a good part of her brain. This has not limited her communication with others, although the damage has left a bit of 'static' when she talks to other Dessies. She lives with Emma, who she tries not to be a burden on, and she tries to live her life independantly. She is still quiet, but she is generally happier and much less frightened of others than in the past. She considers some of the Dessies friends, and protects them fiercely. Ever since leaving the facility, she has taken what life has thrown at her in stride instead of crumpling against the force of it.

Physical Appearance: She dyes her green hair brown in an attempt to look more 'normal', wears a pair of silver rimmed glasses and has a lot of weakness on her right side. She usually wears a splint on her right leg when she walks to keep it from falling out from underneath her. Her right arm gets terrible shakes at times, so she often holds her own hands. Her hair has managed to grow just below her shoulders, and she keeps it loose out of convience or pulls it back when working. She enjoys wearing loose and comfortable clothing.

Elemental Power: Earth

Physical/telepathic Abilities: Can communicate with other Dessies in short distance (10 meters compared to say, 10 kilometers), though it is with a great deal of mental 'static'. Able to manipulate some earth, but has a very hard time doing much with it anymore unless she has a great deal of medicine to help her cope. She often gets migranes if she strains herself with either ability.

History: Terra was the third of four children, living with a very poor mother and father. They were such self-sacrificing people that they preferred to let their children eat and let themselves survive on only the most meager scraps. Without even noticing or caring as long as their children were happy, the mother was the first to starve. When the children mourned her loss, their father reassured them the same would not happen to him, and even bought Terra glasses and her brother and elder sister a nice wagon. His last, weak words to the children were that they could still live, as long as they kept the right attitude.

When he died, the power in the family passed on to the eldest brother, who was no more than thirteen. He tried working in order to help the family, but he didn’t have the strength to do any heavy labor he could have been hired for. In the end, he realized he needed to sell everything they had, the wagon being the first thing to go. When Terra refused to sell the glasses that allowed her to see, he was furious, demanding to know if she even cared about her siblings. Nonetheless, the little girl held her ground, and her brother decided she was of no use to the family, and losing her would just be losing one more mouth to feed. He demanded she go out and find a job if she wanted to keep living with them, and the tiny ten-year-old stomped away from the rest of the family, never looking back. While she tried to find a job in the city, she was quietly kidnapped, word never getting back to her brother and sister as to her fate.

Actions leading to Viola's destruction: Destroyed a large part of the basement using her power over earth, which caused her to have a very damaging seizure which nearly killed her.

Story since the destruction of Viola:After the seizure, she relied heavily on the other Dessies to relearn how to walk properly and how to communicate with others through writing. When others left, she tagged along with Emma, on whom she had come to rely. After a year, she regained the ability to walk without aid of another person, after two, she could write full sentences to her friends to talk with them. She helps support herself and Emma by running simple errands for money.

Name: Brent Michaels
Rank: Sergeant
Gender: Male
Age: 26

Personality: A doofy but loving guy when not fighting, he takes his job very seriously, perhaps as a remnant of the fact that he had to pay for his siblings’ cost of living when he enlisted. He’s very average, but also very loyal to his country and to the people he loves. Adores his wife and wants her to be happy, although his devotion to the army comes first. Has something of a mother hen attitude when it comes to his family because he was the breadwinner for such a long time. He’s a very nice guy who still carries some guilt about driving away his younger sister when he was thirteen.

Physical Appearance: He wears a dirty blond buzzcut, as typical for a soldier and his mother’s hazel eyes. He’s pretty strong, as fitting of a member of the army. He’s 6’2” and 210 lbs. His nose is slightly crooked from a training accident when he was first in the army.

History: Though illegal to join the army before age 16, Brent joined up at age 15, lying about his age so that his family could get some food. He worked much harder than the average soldier and was even suggested for special corps where his future wife worked. He would have joined, except he was accidentally shot several times during training, which was bad enough to keep him out of work for three months. Jeorgia had been in charge of managing the turret that had gone berserk and shot him, and in that way felt responsible for making sure he was okay. She came by his bed every day in the hospital and took care of him, and eventually he fell in love with her. He asked her for a date when he got out of there, and she jokingly agreed. Through many months of physical therapy and surgery, he was finally able to start walking as normal and was discharged from the hospital. As was agreed, Jeorgia went out on a date with him. He got back into the a training regiment with the army and continued to date her with marriage in mind.

Actions leading to Viola's destruction: Brent Michaels took no part in the destruction of Viola, though he does not like them.

Story since the destruction of Viola: He married his girlfriend Jeorgia, despite her protests about them having different skin color and her worries that people would treat them differently because they were a couple. Within the last three months, she’s gotten pregnant and they are expecting a child, him preparing a bedroom for his kid, and catering to every desire that she may have. He’s been very content with his life though he still worries about what could have happened to his missing sister, with his commanding officer telling him that she still lives.

Jeorgia Michaels nee Campbell- Coming soon!
Name: Mist, no last name given
Age: 10, assumed dead
Gender: Male

Personality: Astrange child that Terra knew as a child, barely six months into her stay at Viola. He told fantastical tales of a world in the sky. Because he was one of the precursors, it was surprising that Terra got to know him at all. He was quirky, often renaming ordinary objects to make them sound extraordinary and frequently talked of a place called ‘Shangri-La’ which he promised he would take Terra to.

Physical Appearance: Dusty black hair and bright blue eyes, he always seems to look strangely dirty. Scrawny and very sickly looking; he was generally skeleton-like.

Elemental Power: Precursor to wind.

Element/Physical Abilities: Could manipulate wind to an extent: he could exert his control over it for maybe 10 seconds, but because he died early on, he never advanced farther.

Forgotten History: Mist and Terra met each other after she got sick during one of her treatments in the office, Mist being brought in while she was examined. The doctors didn’t care a majority of the time when he told stories, so they allowed him to talk to her while he was getting his treatments. He told her stories of magical invisible elephants that would someday save the world, of robots flying around to fight crime, and of a place known as Shangri-La, where there was no pain and tragedy, only fun things to do and all the ice cream you could eat. They became, according to him, very good friends, and he gave her a string bracelet to wear that matched his so that they’d never be apart, even when they were. He stopped showing up to treatments shortly after that, so she assumed he died, and she lost the bracelet, since it was only a frayed piece of string. Terra has since forgotten all about him, and tries not to think about her time at Viola.
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I'm Alive and on Fire
Adri, Sir Integra, Fiona, Sango
Name: Fiona Myrwind
Gender: Female
Age: 22


Time has only strengthened the #004 prototype’s nature. Fiona is a pure, arrogant bitch and knows it. She refuses to show weakness in anything she does and never backs down from a challenge brought onto her. Profusely aggressive, the fire prototype has a striking tendency to start fights from thin air. From the power integrated into her being, Fiona constantly exudes a cocky attitude that tends to make most very intimidated. Even among the Destrillian kin, she was and is one of, if not the most feared due to these characteristics. Coupled with the arrogance is a rage that has never settled – mirroring her element of the flame. Constantly does she appear to be on edge and never completely lets her guard down.

While Fiona is pre-dominantly prone to acting without thinking, she is also highly capable of being resourceful. The intelligence granted to her through her years under Viola is responsible for this aspect.

Physical Appearance:

While other Destrillians have gone to lengths to change their appearances to fit into civilian life, Fiona has only made her appearance more outlandish and unconventional. The fire prototype’s hair consists of a long fringe in the front that sweeps across her forehead and spikes up off-center with the sides and back of her hair cut short and messy. The reds, oranges and yellows in it have only become more vibrant as she has gotten older – giving it a subtle glow. Her hair tends to remain this way at all times, unless it becomes severely wet. Fiona’s eyes have not changed, maintaining their strange and penetrating orange color. Most are too afraid to look her in the eye, so she has never bothered to hide behind shades of any sort. Her skin is an olive tone, further accentuating her bright physical features. It is decorated with scars in various places. The fire prototypes stature has also remained the same, standing at 5’ 9” with an extremely well-toned body. She has gained some weight, but only in muscle.

Fiona’s style of dress can be described slightly as minimal and militant. On her top half, she wears a form-fitting and heavy-duty, flame retardant leather vest that ends an inch above her hips and boasts a sleek, hardened collar that protects most of her neck. The large zipper is left open to reveal a tank top of the same material and is slightly longer than the vest.

On her bottom half, she sports tight combat pants that leave a space between the tank top for a portion of her abdomen to be left exposed. The pants are covered greatly from Fiona’s lower thighs to her feet by a pair of impressive boots. These boots have very thick shells surrounding her feet and calves. Several short straps lined with metal come around the front to secure the footwear in place, with guards over her knees. The boots themselves are weighted.

Destrillian Prototype: #004, Blazing Fury

Elemental Power:


Being imbued with the gift to create, manipulate and fully embrace the flame (as well as extreme heat), Fiona is a lethal force to be reckoned with. Some aspects of the #004 prototype's fire powers include being able to engulf parts of her body in fire, raising temperatures to dangerous levels within a certain area and burning victims alive by touch or (in very rare cases) concentrating on them with sight. She even has the capacity to breath fire straight from her mouth, but this ability and a number of others (like completely engulfing her body in fire) have yet to be utilised/discovered. This destrillian is also unaffected by intense heat and sources thereof. Although Fiona has not needed her abilities much over the past four years, she has taken time regularly to keep them honed and has even improved on her control and length of using them.

Physical/Telepathic Abilities:

Fiona has been trained in many forms of martial arts and modern/street fighting and currently prefers an MMA style in hand-to-hand combat. Weapons training was a rarity for her, but one she does have a talent for is the common jo stick. She has one in the apartment that she takes out every now and then for practice. Also, through wearing weighted boots and constant free-running, Fiona's agility and speed have greatly improved.

The fire destrillian's telepathic abilities are of standard quality. She can communicate with her kin at ease and is able to sense when they (as well as humans and other normal lifeforms) are nearby. Fiona switches between vocal and mental speaking when dealing with Thetis and sometimes doesn't realise it in recent days.


Fiona grew up being bruised and battered. Her parents were far from loving, abusive and only looking out for themselves. The fire destrillian's birth was a mistake in actuality and was only justified as a means of financial and social pity. Fiona's mother, Eliza Myrwind, stayed at home always scheming towards some new way of exploiting herself and her daughter so that they could get more money. She never took care of the girl who would one day rule over fire and often left the child to beg and plead for food, attention and love. The last was never given. Fiona's father, Lance Myrwind, was involved with the Viola Corporation as a "business man", he performed operations outside of the conventional aspects. Many times he would be called to "negotiate" with particular investors or others that were dabbling into the corporation's affairs. There were other instances where he tracked down runaway clients and the like.

One day, Eliza was given word of an opportunity that Viola was offering through Lance. An opportunity to finally be free of the myriad debts they had piled up over the years: give up their child. Not a day later was little Fiona thrown over to Viola, sealing her fate of damnation.

Actions Leading to Viola's Destruction:

Fiona focussed on primarily on decimating a large number of obstacles--be they flesh or machine--to ashes. Many corridors of the now flattened Violan facility were scarred with her element from the numerous intense encounters.

One significant occurrence that involved Fiona during the escape was her rescuing Thetis from Dr. Perkins.

Story since the destruction of Viola:

Due to a surprise and last-minute cyberbot assault, Fiona was forced to take up residence with the water prototype. Over the four years spent away from their dreadful prison, a strange relationship has developed for the two Destrillians. As strongly evident as it was that Thetis and Fiona would never get along during their time at Viola, the opposing elements have slowly contradicted this notion. While #004 still maintains a harsh attitude most of the time, she has developed a more mild behavior regarding Thetis (though even this conduct is a rare sight).

Once the two scraped up a place to live in the Orange Zone, Fiona went off on her own adventures during all hours of the day to maintain her true identity. She let Thetis take care of getting a human job and trying to fit in, the fire prototype couldn’t care less to deal with lower life forms. Mostly during the night has Fiona spent the time to scour the pitiful environment for cheap thrills and challenges. She has hopped from one underground fight club to another all through the Orange Zone to see if any of these pathetic humans that infested her playground were worth her time. Of course, none of them were, but the Destrillian would persist in toying with the stronger variety of the breed until they were either a bloody pulp or a pile of ashes. If she wasn’t found doing that, #004 would partake in free-running—particularly from the local law enforcement. Not causing enough trouble to have an open identity marker circuiting police headquarters all over, but the right amount to get the pigs chasing her vainly like a dog with his tail.

Fiona has thrown any hope of recovering her original identity out the window and has fully embraced who she now is. The fire Destrillian seeks no closure on the issue and pursues only endeavors that can even remotely benefit her current form.


Name: Kiera Boreas
Alias: Nina Piáta
Sex: Female
Age: 23

Standing at 5’6”, Kiera is a petite thing. She is slim and bares hardly any extra muscle outside of the norm. Her hair is long, choppy and of a jungle green colour, parted right down the centre. Kiera bares hazel eyes that you just can’t say no to with a smile to match. She has the skin tone of a well-tanned Pacific Islander.
The green-haired girl usually sports a racing jacket with a simple tee beneath on her top. Comfy black spandex shorts are her pants of choice, with a pair of rollerblades on her feet (as long as she can get away with it, which nine out of ten times, she can).

Kiera has a very bright and cheery disposition. There are not many times where someone can catch her without a smile on her face, in day to day life anyway. She appreciates all types of jokes and is extremely playful in a very innocent way. Although, there are times when bipolarity sneaks up on Slipstream and she can be found crying her eyes out or shouting at things or people for the smallest of reasons. Most have blamed her empathic nature (explained further below) for the bipolar aspect of her personality.

Number twenty four is oddly chatty. She can pretty much outtalk anyone she comes into contact, sometimes unintentionally scaring people away with her inability to keep her mouth shut. If she finds someone really interesting or simply likes them, her chattiness might sometimes go unchecked and shift into overdrive.

Destrillian Prototype: #024, Slipstream

Elemental Power:


-Very creative and effective with wind
-Fast for a Destrillian due to manipulation of air around her
-Usually hovers, using the rollerblades as cover

Physical/Telepathic Abilities:
-Basic hand-to-hand
-Lacks any special talent with physical combat
-Empathic, can easily others’ emotions if she’s not careful
-Great telepathy (goes hand in hand with empathy)

-Born and raised in big, happy family
-Abducted while lost in the forest on a dare by older sibling
-Was more or less compliant with staff while in Viola
-Very much in love with Deyn
-Escaped when the others did without hesitation

Story since the destruction of Viola:
-Got separated from Deyn, upset over it
-Quickly found a traveling circus and joined to both travel and hopefully cross paths with Deyn
-Joined acrobatic performance once they saw how well she was able to move
-Vin Utroquaen became like a father-figure
-Still travels with them
-Catches “something” on TV


Name: Firth Caelestis
Sex: Male
Age: 25

Character TBA
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AI Researcher
Name: Amaria Vidras
Alias: Charelle
Gender: Female
Age: 33

Former employee of Viola (a fact she now tries to conceal from most). She did not hold a very high rank in the organization, she held an unexceptional post handling and sorting databases, and was frequently passed over for promotion.

The lack of future she saw led to her starting to stealing small parts of data and storing them at home. Despite her lack of status or advancement within Viola, she still had considerable skill due to her persistence towards learning as much as she could to improve her chances of promotion. She took only small pieces from different databases, to avoid leaving any traces of her having accessed the complete files or large amounts of data at one time.

When the troubles within Viola began, she fled first from Viola, and then from Artolia itself. It was at this time that she encountered Kivo Marris, who offered to take her in and give her a senior position in their organization. With the Viola data in her possession, she leads their efforts to develop or improve their own military technology, and occasionally acts as an analyst or code breaker for any other data they might receive.

She is the first from Marris' organization to head to Osea, along with Nate, to survey the city beforehand.

She is native to a smaller nation bordering Artolia. She came from a relatively well-off family, then later moved to Artolia when she got a job with Viola.

Although she is not a cold-hearted person, she has only a superficial loyalty towards Marris and his cause. It was the prospect of having a high status and to be valued by others that brought her to take Marris up on his offer.

Having an important role makes her affect a more aloof and proud demeanour than her normal character, in the hopes of appearing more capable and confident in her new duties than she might be feeling inside, and reflecting her image of a leader (based on her perceptions and prejudices against her former Viola superiors).

She is reluctant to get close to anyone around her while keeping up her façade, and the pressure of maintaining it sometimes causes her a lot of stress. Her upbringing, with her parents' strict demands for proper etiquette and behaviour, does help alleviate the strain of keeping up the appearance of high-class she wants to project.

5' 8" in height. She has a rather average build. Not particularly athletic, with a slight bit of extra weight. Dark blonde hair, tied at the back into a sort of spiralled beehive, and on the right flowing down past her shoulders.

Wears a pair of thin rimmed glasses. Wears high-heels, along with her hairstyle, to make her appear taller. During her stay in Artolia, her wardrobe consists mainly of evening wear and suits.

Hairstyle probably unconsciously inspired by 'Bayonetta', now that I think about it.


Name: Nathaniel (Nate)
Gender: Male
Age: 26

Acts as an attendant to Amaria when she comes to Osea. Another member of Marris' organization.

5' 12". Medium length hair.

Name taken from 'Nate Drake' from 'Uncharted'.


Name: Kivo Marris
Gender: Male
Age: 57

Head of the organization that Amaria and Nate belong to.
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Hello again! 8D
Roxy Lalonde, Black Canary, Princess Vampira, Ah-Choo, Cutie-Aoide
[FONT=&quot]Name:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Thai
Alias: The Sky Tornado
Gender: Male
Age: Not specified (but looks around early 20’s)

Personality: A kind, sweet man who tries to look out for anybody that shows him kindness in return. If anybody is mean towards him or just looks plain scary, he just runs away from fright. Due to horrible treatments done to him in the past, he has severe OCD, multiple phobias, a messed up psyche, and doesn’t take too well to new people. He stands extremely still and upfront and tries not to talk if spoken to (thanks in part to the lab he was raised in). He also is deathly afraid of anything that moves, like squirrels, children, or a water cooler.
[FONT=&quot]Even though he is a kind and a chicken of a man, he will SNAP if you hurt anybody that he is close too. What will he do in this certain situation? Nobody alive knows but when it does happen, you better pray.

Physical Appearance: Thai has a thin muscular build and a tall body. His skin has a dark caramel complexion while his hair is soft, straight, and an unusual color, teal. His eyes are slanted and are a dark brown. Thai’s body is horribly scarred and refuses to look into a mirror. He has yet to know what he looks like.

Elemental Power: The power of air and wind manipulation. Since he is mostly defensive, he has manipulated the wind to make himself invisible when needed. He can also be able to make the air a very hard shield around himself and others. He has yet to master this power of his.

[FONT=&quot]Destrillian Prototype: [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]#24, The Sky Tornado[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

Physical/telepathic Abilities: Can communicate in code with Kai. Due to the trauma he endured, he has no ability to feel pain or give out a reaction when items contact his body (this only happens though if he doesn’t see it). He has also been trained in first aide by Kai’s uncle so that he can always take care of her whenever she is hurt too badly.

History: Thai was orphaned at a very young age in the streets of Osea. One day a building fell to where a group of children were sheltering at and in the aftermath not one of them survived except for Thai. Seeing this, the scientists picked up the child and took him to headquarters, where they used him as a Destrillian prototype. Everytime they tried to test him, to see what he could do, he didn’t do anything. He always cowered and just stood very still. This angered the scientists and they kept upping their usesage of torturous methods to make him try to do anything. All he did though was stay still and silent. They eventually discarded him and told the guards to kill him. While out, Thai started freaking out from his sudden alien surroundings and began to run. The guards started to shoot but could not hit him. Then they couldn’t see him! They looked for two days but Thai was nowhere to be seen, so after finishing all their ammo rounds, they reported back to the lab. Thai waited another day and then left, not knowing how or why he was able to shake off the guards the way he did. While still not aware that he was using his unique power of air manipulation, he roamed around the streets in amazement and looked around. There he saw an abandoned boat and wanted to hop on aboard. Using his mind and (unconsciously) the wind, he guided the boat away from the nation and towards anything. As long as it was away from the lab he didn’t care. He soon passed out from using his powers and drifted until his boat finally landed at a tropical island...
Actions leading to Viola's destruction: None. He ran away prior to its fall.

Story since the destruction of Viola: Since landing in an island and being found by Kai, Thai began to start his new life on Maize Island. Thanks to Yuca Frita, Taro and Kai, he was taught how to cook (badly), fish (badly), and fight (not so well). Since he was so poor at all those skills combined, he has found that he had become very good at cleaning and healing the sick. He now serves as a maid and nurse at Pupusa Inn (where he currently lives). So far he loves his peaceful life and hopes to keep it that way. Too bad Kai doesn’t see it that way…


  • [FONT=&quot]Thai’s name is derived from a strain of Cannabis. It is also slang for cannabis mixed with Tobacco.[/FONT]
  • [FONT=&quot]Thai’s looks are taken from the natives unique looks who live in Hawaii[/FONT]
  • [FONT=&quot]Thai’s powers and Destillian name were inspired by the DC superhero Red Tornado[/FONT]
  • [FONT=&quot]The Destrillian number associated with Thai is one related to the 23 Enigma and one which is sacred to the unholy gods of Cthulhu Mythos.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Name:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Kai
Alias: Peppy the Capoeira Teacher~!
Gender: Female
Age: 24

Personality: Kai is a spirited woman who sometimes has shy fits of girliness and loves to shop and have fun. She usually ignores people (which she thinks as “shyness”), but once you get to know her, she can lose that “shyness” quickly and try to get you to go out and dance with her. When in “warrior” mode, she turns into a very serious woman and concentrates on completing the task until such matters are resolved. She does not play around when something horrible is in her way. Especially when Thai or others are hurt around her.
[FONT=&quot]Her TV Personality is much like her normal one. She is a very peppy and free-spirited woman who always makes her audience feel welcomed when they watch her exercise on TV. This has even earned her the nickname Peppy the Capoeira Teacher! which she highly adores. [/FONT]
Physical Appearance: Kai has a nice dark caramel complexion from living on Maize Island and has waist long black hair. Her eyes are slanted and have the color of hazelnut. She has big breasts (thanks to her loving aunt Yuca Frita), a tight 6-pack abdomen, lean long muscular legs, and is overall a very fit woman thanks to being a Capoeira master and the exercise she endures on her local TV show.
Physical/telepathic Abilities: Kai is a Capoeira master. She has been taught the art from her Aunt Coffee since she was 10 years old and has been teaching it to others since. Since training that young, she has learned every type of fighting technique that is known and has a special endurance against it when put in a fight.
[FONT=&quot]When Thai and Kai met, she made sure to create a special code around Thai so that they would always know what the other is thinking. This always helps out if he is in a jam and can’t talk, but Kai can see him and know what he wants through code.

History: Kai was born and raised on an Island called Maize and loved living there. She used to have a mom, dad, and a twin sibling, but all vanished for an odd reason and left her alone. This left her heartbroken and she strived to live and forget them, focusing more on her fighting than anything else. One day while she was training she saw a glimpse of a boat drifting in circles out in sea. Curious, she soon swam all the way towards the boat to see what had happened. She then saw a small malnourished boy and instantly tried to call for help. With the help of her two aunts, she pulled the boat to shore and took care of Thai.

Story since the destruction of Viola: During their years together she has since become very kind and talkative, a refreshing change that everybody on the island loved. In fact, her attitude gained so much for her that she now has her own television show, “High on Kai”. Since then she owes everything to Thai and tries to help him out whenever she can. Secretly she wishes and thinks that Thai truly is her long lost twin and believe that her two parents are alive as well. She plans on doing whatever she can to reunite with her lost family, wherever they are…


  • [FONT=&quot]Kai’s name and attitude is taken from Kai Green in the animated tv show Ben 10.[/FONT]
  • [FONT=&quot]Some part of Kai’s looks, attitude, and abilities were inspired by Christie Monteiro from the video game fighting series Tekken.[/FONT]
  • [FONT=&quot]Same as Thai, another inspiration for Kai’s looks is from the native Hawaiians from Hawaii.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Yuca Frita: A mid 40 year old plump woman who lives on Maize Island and is Kai’s aunt from her father’s side. She and her husband are owners of the Pupusa Inn and caretakers of the Island. She loves to feed her guest enormous amounts of food and take care of their well-being. If it wasn’t for her, Thai wouldn’t have survived on the island.[/FONT]
Taro: An early 40 year old man who lives on Maize Island and is Kai’s Uncle from her mother’s side. He runs the fishing & tackle shop called Horchata on the island and taught Kai and Thai how to fish and heal one another. Kai didn’t take so well at healing but liked fishing. Thai was good for the complete opposite. [/FONT]
Coffee: A tough as nails wife of 50 years (but insists she’s in her late 30’s), she is the wife of Taro and the aunt of Kai. She has taught Kai the art of Capoeira and is the richest woman on the island, owning the local television station PBS (Platano Broadcasting Station) and helping her husband with taking charge of fish exportation. She could be called the mayor of the island, but chooses not to, instead giving it towards Yuca Frita’s husband, Coca.[/FONT]
Coca: A late 50 year old man who is Kai’s uncle and represents all of Maize Island and its residents. He is very close friends with Coffee and loves the rest of his family dearly. Thanks to his kind attitude, his close ties, and his business sense, the people have elected him as their mayor.[/FONT]


  • [FONT=&quot]Yuca Frita’s name is derived from a popular side-dish in El Salvador, which is Fried Yuca (a fried root)[/FONT]
  • [FONT=&quot]Taro’s name comes from a popular root that is used to make lots of dishes, one of them being the main ingredient in the popular Hawaiian dish Poi.[/FONT]
  • [FONT=&quot]Coffee is named after the popular beverage Coffee that is drunk around the world.[/FONT]
  • [FONT=&quot]Coca’s name is derived from a plant Coca that is grown mostly in South America and is very popular among stimulant fans.[/FONT]
  • [FONT=&quot]All of them are just like Thai and Kai when it comes to their looks and appearance (aka they also look like native Hawaiians).[/FONT]


[FONT=&quot]Maize Island: The Island where Thai and Kai live. It is inhabited by a small group of islanders and is a very peaceful area. They do not know what goes on in the nation of Artolia, nor do they care. They tend not to be tied down to any neighboring countries in order to keep their tourists and locals happy and free from distresses in life. For in Maize Island, ~you escape to be happy no matter who you are~.[/FONT]
Pupusa Inn: A local Inn where everybody visiting stays in. It is also the place where Thai, Yuca, and Coca live. The food is very nice, the service is impeccable, and you are always treated as family. Beware if you treat others like crap though, for you will regret it. The Inn is run by Yuca Frita
Horchata Fishery: The local fishery, where it is the Island’s main export. This is also the place to buy your seafood and have the Inn cook it for you free of charge. The fishery is run by Taro.
Platano Broadcasting Station (PBS): The main television station that shows various tv shows and telenovas. The tv show “High on Kai” shows on this station everyday at around 6pm, with reruns on weekends. The station is run by Coffee.
Kalua Plantation: The house where Taro and Coffee live in. After her family left, Kai started living in here too.

Coconut Beach: The main romantic location. This place is where couples go to unwind and show they love each other. The most unique quality about it is how clean the ocean looks and how the moon shines just right. It also has an urban legend to where if you find special multicolored shells on a crescent moon, you can make a special jewel and show it to that special someone; for if you do, you'll spent the rest of your life with that loved one forever.


  • [FONT=&quot]Maize (also known as Corn) is a very useful ingredient around the world and is mostly grown in the Americas. It is used in various cuisines and in many popular dishes.[/FONT]
  • [FONT=&quot]The whole Island and the inhabitants are inspired from countless Caribbean and Oceanic islands. The main inspiration is Hawaii. It also is inspired by Costa De Sol (FFVII) and Toucan Island (Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility/Animal Parade)[/FONT]
  • [FONT=&quot]Pupusa is a thick, hand-made corn biscuit-like flat bread (made using masa de maíz, a maize flour dough used in Latin American cuisine) that is stuffed with various ingredients. Originated in El Salvador.[/FONT]
  • [FONT=&quot]Horchata is the name of several kinds of traditional beverage, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, or tigernuts (chufas).[/FONT]
  • [FONT=&quot]Platano (or Plantain) is a crop in the genus Musa and is generally used for cooking, in contrast to the soft, sweet banana (which is sometimes called the dessert banana).[/FONT]
  • [FONT=&quot]Coconut is a common palm tree and nut found on lands situated around the equator.
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Satsu, BRIAN BLESSED, MIGHTY AND WISE Junpei Iori: Ace Detective, Maccaffrickstonson von Lichtenstafford Frabenschnaben, Polite Krogan, Robert Baratheon


J.J Abrams - Fringe Theme


Norihiko Hibino, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - The First Bite - Chivalry

Inon Zur, Fallout 3 - Battle 1



John Powell, The Bourne Supremacy OST - Thinking of Marie

Atli Örvarsson, Babylon AD Movie Soundtrack - Requiem

Martin O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori, Halo 3 OST - Legend
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"I've seen enough."
Kris; Mantichorus; Sam Vimes; Neku Sakuraba; Koki Kariya; Hazama; CuChulainn; Yu Narukami; Mewtwo; Rival Silver; Suicune; Kanata; Professor Oak; The Brigadier; VIII; The Engineer
- for much of its history, Damascus has been at war with itself. What is now thought of as Damascus is actually a series of minor countries, each jostling with each other for space and resources. However, several centuries ago, one of these territories managed to, if not exactly conquer, unify these disparate territories into a singular nation. Most historians consider this to be the birth of Damascus as it is understood today.

The various territories within Damascus were termed provinces after unification. Each province has its own seat of local government, which deals with local matters. Matters of national importance are decided by an assembly of provincial heads at the central province, HEPHAESTUS. Hephaestus is also the headquarters of VOLSUNG, Damascus’ major manufacturer and exporter.

At least, this was how things were. Around fifteen years ago, the Damascus Schism happened, which may have forever sundered Unified Damascus. Hephaestus simply vanished over the course of a single night. Not even a crater remains where the province once stood. No-one knows the cause of this event, but there are rumours of a secret Volsung experiment that went wrong.

The various provinces of Damascus had never lost their rivalry, but merely redirected it over the years. For five years, the governors of the provinces struggled to retain or restore the recent status quo. However, ten years ago, one province openly attacked another. Which province attacked which, however, is a matter open to conjecture.

The fact remains, this ignited the smouldering fuse that had been there for all the centuries of Unified Damascus. The provinces once again fell to infighting, making alliances and enemies as advantage demanded. As the fighting intensified, dissidents sprang up within the borders of some provinces, leading to minor warlords rising against their home province and all others.

This situation has continued to the present day, and shows no sign of abating.

NAMED PROVINCES: Hephaestus (former capital province), Chulainn (employers of DONOVAN EARLY and home of the ANIMUS project)

- Volsung was the biggest company ever to be founded in Damascus, but it would be inaccurate to say it held a monopoly over any one industry. Instead, it held the monopoly over the entire country. Consumer goods, medical supplies, military hardware - Volsung produced it all.

Volsung was originally founded in Hephaestus in the early days of Unified Damascus. Their original trade is lost to the mists of time, but soon they began to branch out. To keep the tentative peace between the various provinces, Volsung began to open research facilities in different provinces. Each facility had researchers from various disciplines, but due to resources and local governmental pressures, they slowly developed their own specialist areas.

During the Damascus Schism, the Volsung central office disappeared with the rest of Hephaestus. As such, the various facilities became the de facto property of the various provincial governments. As such, some facilities now work for governors or warlords, while others have been abandoned. Others still have been torched to the ground, due to the studies reportedly carried out there…

- around twenty-five years ago, the government of Unified Damascus approached the Volsung conglomerate with a military contract which eclipsed all others they had been given in magnitude. The brief was to create a force of super-soldiers; other than this, no specifics or restraints were given.

It took a full five years before the commission began to see any results. Needless to say, with the wide range of disciplines available to the various Volsung facilities, there was no shortage of ideas. There was a propensity towards genetic re-engineering of unborn foetuses, however.

- one of the more initially successful programs of the Damascus Super-Soldier Project was codenamed ANIMUS, based in the Chulainn province facility. Using genetic information from lesser members of the animal kingdom, they predicted that the entity born would have enhanced senses, strength and agility. However, despite the promising signs at the early stages of pre-natal development, most died in childbirth. Even those that survived usually died within their first year of life due to the biologies proving more incompatible as maturity enhanced.

Despite this, a few managed to survive into early childhood. By this point, ANIMUS had been officially closed except for the care of their creations, other programs showing greater promise. Amongst the most hardy Animus strains were the Lykaon, injected with lupine DNA, and the Sekhmet, injected with leonine DNA. Left to create their own internal social structure, the Animus had a tendency to organise themselves along the instinctual lines inherent to their bestial DNA. A further trend noticed was that Animus of differing types tended to avoid each other as much as possible.

During this period, the Damascus Schism happened, when the individual provinces within the country began to make war with each other. Some provinces welcomed the support of the likewise splintering Volsung company's installations, whereas others tore the complexes to the ground, slaughtering all inside, creation and creator alike. The commander in charge of Chulainn allowed the continued existence of the installation in his territory, as long as they provided their charges for war if he requested.

All seemed well, until the Animus began reaching puberty, at which point an unforeseen result to the genetic meddling appeared. It began with only a few individuals, who reached puberty earlier than average. Due to this, the scientists put it down to freak occurrences. Then came what was later referred to as the Night of the Rage…


Joe, Arcana
Name: Lokka Kayne
Alias: ‘Prism’
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Personality: Quiet, Calculating and Resourceful. Lokka spends a lot of his time surveying his surroundings, a bi-product of his genetic conditioning. He is polite in conversation and quick to reply. He makes decisions slowly no matter the circumstance in order to achieve the best possible result and minimize damage whether it be physical or social. Rarely caught off-guard, Lokka has a tactical approach to most scenarios and is a trustworthy source of observational information.

Physical Appearance: Lokka stands at a mediocre 5’11. At a glance he can be mistaken as well-built but his shoulders accentuate an upper body-dominance that is not backed by his lack of muscular strength. A slim chest and stomach make him seem a lot smaller than he is and is often mistaken for being younger. He has slender wrists and a tight grip over whatever falls into his possession that he can use. His bone structure allows for more flexible movements than is usually expected in males which points towards a purposefully built trait.

His most distinguishable feature is his eyes which are an unusual green pigment likely caused by toxins injected into his body. The trait was covered up in past events through the use of lenses so that he could not be easily recognized by the enemy, but are now uncovered for all to see. Lokka has pale coloured skin with a light texture. His hair is short, spiked up and coloured white, an unusual part of his DNA that was not affected by testing.

Power: Barrier Projection

Destrillian Prototype: #020, Pale Shell

Physical/telepathic Abilities: Developed as a defensive ability the Barrier Projection ability was designed to be a sustainable power that blocked anything coming in or out that didn’t already have the barriers kinetic signature present. The Viola facility was completely abandoned long before the weapon was to be complete and as a result the Barrier is unsustainable without consequences. Lokka has the decision to use barriers frequently by having them present for a few seconds, or use long held barriers that result in a heavy migraine. The shield can be used on a smaller scale to cover Lokka’s body but is broken by fast movements. In a travelling environment the barriers can be used as platforms or steps as they react just like an impassable solid object.

Lokka has since honed his skills after the events at the Viola facility and is now able to use his developed defensive ability as pure force in a battle environment. Manipulating fast moving barriers into enemies or objects causes an unbreakable force to burst toward them and push them around. Over time Lokka is also able to project larger barriers for extended amounts of time, even possessing the ability to theoretically sustain any sized barrier for days providing concentration is kept at a maximum and the body’s motor functions are not used

History: Lokka Kayne had no memory of his real family. He was brought up by his uncle that made him aware of the fact that his parents had been missing for several years. At the age of 11, Lokka’s uncle left the house on business and never returned. Beginning to worry, Lokka searched through all of his uncles belongings hoping to find some kind of contact information that could help him. He found nothing but a reoccurring symbol at the top of classified papers.

Three days later the house was broken into and ransacked by a group of heavily armed men. Papers were burned and Lokka was dragged into an armored van, kicking and screaming. Lokka’s life at the Viola facility began that day and would last many years. He lived his life there in silence contemplating what he would do to his uncle if he ever got out of there. The important letters at the house, The badges carried by the armed Viola troops and the images on the walls of the facility. Just thinking about them inspired hatred in Lokka as he knew, just who his Uncle actually worked for.

Leaving Viola: The facility, later found out to be the second Viola lab, is surrounded in mystery. Lokka awoke his slumber after his chamber lost power and could no longer sustain him. A short look around led him to believe that the facility had been completely abandoned and that the systems holding the destrillians had been left running. Lokka grouped up with the #015 and #018 prototypes as they had been found in a similar state. They collected whatever information they could before a mysterious event happened that couldn't be explained to the present day. All that is known and speculated is that something was active or alive in the facility which produced unnatural fear in the three destrillians causing them to escape the facility in great haste. The event was not spoken about since.

Story since the destruction of Viola: After leaving the facility, Lokka teamed up with Destrillians #018 and #015. They travelled to Osea and worked out of the Orange Zone as a small mercenary group. Alongside this, Lokka worked out of the Mercenary hub as an Information broker, trading useful city information for credits and valuable military specifications. He went by the alias ‘Prism’ and become well known in the city although nobody could match the name with a face.

On a failed mission, #018 was gunned down by a group of thugs responsible for many petty crimes. Consumed with rage #015 flew into the fray, out of the range of Lokka’s support abilities and took on a seemingly endless amount of gang members before collapsing from severe head pains. The thugs quickly finished him off in his weakened state and came for Lokka, the last man standing. An escape route had already been plotted out and with the help of long lasting barriers, Lokka escaped to the rooftops where he crawled into an air duct to hide. The next day he travelled back to their small information centre and packed up, taking everything of value with him including every piece of data and information he ever collected.
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We have come to terms
Alias: Gabriel Astra
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Destrillian Prototype: #028, Blackout

Personality: Possibly the most drastic change that can be observed in Telran is his personality. His first six months within Viola, Telran was unrelentingly stubborn and rebellious, refusing to cooperate with the scientists and their experiments; all he wanted was to play with the other children. He was repeatedly subjected to the harshest punishments – ice baths, starvation, inhumanly savage beatings – but to no avail; Telran remained just as resistant to Viola’s discipline as to his father’s. Being quite expendable, many subjects were killed for giving them far less trouble than Telran (and possibly because of him, to be made examples of) – there were always plenty of unwanted children in the world. Viola did not tolerate resistance any more than they did failure; however, as Niresti were extremely rare, Telran was viewed by his captors as a prized and extremely valuable research subject – the only reason they refrained from “disposing” of him was his blood. Permission was granted to use special disciplinary measures in his case – total isolation, in the hopes that the lack of contact with others would break his will. This lasted for a period of eight months, a method which was met with some minor success. It is at this time that Viola began to see the appeal of multiple facilities, and so built its second research lab to hold more specimens, including “problem” subjects like Telran. During construction, Telran was transferred to the new facility, and spent well over a year locked away in his pod in a remote corner of the basement, with no outside contact until well after the facility was completed. Eventually, new prototypes began to trickle into the new laboratory, and he was removed from his solitary prison and could feel the closeness of his new brethren – but the damage had already been done.

Kept alive by his pod’s life support, and cruelly made to stay awake by the drugs Viola gave him, the only things Telran had left were his mind and his emotions. The coldness, the loneliness, the despair…the only feelings he could feel all alone broke his spirit entirely, leaving him to contemplate his meaningless existence in the harshest, darkest ways possible. As a result, Telran remains highly cynical, and tends to be quiet and somewhat aloof when in the presence of others; as his lack of contact and his time inside his own mind instilled within him a subconscious need to be near others, and so he spends as much of his time around others as possible. With so much time spent in reflection, Telran has reached a higher sense of self-awareness than most, and can be seen as highly philosophical; the irony of this is that he has self-internalized many of the Niresti teachings on life without knowing or remembering any part of the heritage that he so vehemently rebelled against as a child. Being also rather clever, he is seen by the people in his day to day life as being rather deep, if a little odd, and is well respected by his associates, though he cares for very few of them, or much of anything else. He seeks only his lost brethren, the Destrillians, seeking to finally belong to something more…a family.

Physical appearance: In the two years since he made his way out of the abandoned second facility, Telran's appearance has changed very little. He stands at a very average 5'11", though his lean but toned physique has lost its gaunt, emaciated look since leaving Viola. The Violan experiments have permanently changed his hair from its natural glossy black to a slate blue, save for his sharklike mohawk and a small bit of fringe around his hairline, which are a light teal color. He also has two short braids trailing his hair, ending in golden tassels. His eyes have also changed from a deep, dark brown, to a honeyish gold, and his pupils are no longer visible, having changed to match the colored iris.

One of Telran's more distinctive features is his array of tattoos crossing his face and body, the only things he (unknowingly) has left of his childhood among the Niresti. He also has a small, crescent-shaped birthmark on the upper part of his left arm, near the shoulder. In order to "fit in" better with human society, Telran also has numerous piercings along the outer rim of his right ear, as well as one on his lip. He wears a black leather jacket (which has a handful of knives stashed inside the lining), and is most commonly seen wearing a pair of slightly faded jeans and a pair of black and white trainers; additionally, he has taken a great liking to t-shirts, and his tiny closet is so full of them that there's no telling when you'll see one a second time.

Personal history (pre-Viola): Born in the south of Damascus, Telran is of the Niresti, an ancient and now almost entirely defunct tribe of indigents native to the northern continent. Once a scattered but flourishing people, the Niresti were all but wiped out due to the constant warring throughout the continent, particularly within Damascus. Now, only a scant few dozen remain, most of whom have banded together for survival in isolated areas, far from the eyes of “civilized” society. Telran’s tiny village is in just such an area.

The Niresti were inherently quite peaceful, devoting much of their time to agriculture and hunting. However, they were not unskilled at the art of war, and were raised to be quite disciplined, both from the demands of the harsh terrain and their own beliefs – they were a very spiritual people, taking great pride in the beliefs of their ancestors and paying their respects to nature itself.

The headman of Telran’s village was his father’s brother; both men were quite devoted to their beliefs and their people, and worked very hard to ensure their village’s survival. When Telran was born, he had a crescent-shaped birthmark on his upper arm, which his uncle declared was a good omen, auguring many years of prosperity – the village was thrilled, and Telran’s father, Radnar, was proud to have stepped from his brother’s shadow. His elation was short-lived, however, as Telran had none of the tribe’s values – he didn’t care about respecting a bunch of dead people, and he didn’t care about the blessings of the earth; all he wanted to do was play with his friends and be happy. Why couldn’t his father just understand that and let him be a child like the other parents? Telran never understood that his father was playing these burdens on him to keep himself from becoming a laughingstock to the other villagers, and from losing face with his uncle. His frustration with Telran’s rebelliousness and stout refusal to play his part in the tribe grew almost daily, until one day, when they were on a hunt, his father decided that he had had enough, and that it was time to do something about this problem…

Telran awoke within the confines of the Viola research lab. His father had sold him to the research facility, who was delighted to have such an unusual subject, for a substantial sum, the proceeds of which went to the restoration of the village. His uncle was right – he had indeed brought prosperity to his people.

After Escaping Viola: After awakening from his stasis tube in the abandoned second facility, Telran took to wandering the Artolian countryside, searching for refuge. His nomadic vagrancy eventually led him to the outskirts of Osea, where he stole some clothing and money, then took to the road again before he was able to be recognized by authorities, aimlessly making his way south through the southern wilds, until he came to the Audoulan border. As he was sold to Viola from his home in Damascus at the age of ten, he had no identification, and was unable to pass through the Artolian side of the checkpoint; as guards moved to escort him into a holding area until he could be officially identified, he broke away and fought his way through to Audoula, killing numerous guards in the process and making him a wanted criminal in Artolia.

His wanderings continued until he reached Ehrde, a city near the Audoulan capital of Phyress. Tired of leading his nomadic existence, never knowing where he would sleep, as well as to lose some of the heat from Artolia, who was still looking for him, he decided to slip into Ehrde and assimilate into human society for a while, before planning his next move. He found employment as a courier with a small messenger service, and, one day, delivered a message to the head of Ehrde’s largest gang (The Wild Bunch), a man by the name of Valmur. As he left, he was accosted by a group of Valmur’s thugs, who, seeing an easy target, decided to fleece the Destrillian. Telran killed four of the thugs in the blink of an eye, and rendered three others unconscious and broke a final thug’s arm in another. As Valmur came to investigate the commotion, he found the electric prototype rendering what minor aid could be given to the fallen thugs, and learned how they came to be injured. Impressed, Valmur offered him a position within the organization as a pusher –the gang was responsible for the sales of most of the drugs within Ehrde (among other illicit activities), including “toad”, which, unbeknownst to the human dealers, was a purified form of Distrum. Valmur’s offer would give Telran a small clinic in the slums to use as his base of operations, making an excellent front for dealing, as well as providing extra income for the organization. Telran accepted, though for his own reasons – it would give him a chance to continue to develop his powers, as there would always be plenty of injured people to practice on, with a gang like The Wild Bunch around. He would use them to master his powers and, someday, go back to Artolia and seek out his Destrillian kin.

Elemental Power: Within the past several dozen years, technological advances have revolutionized the art of war. While it has certainly made killing easier, it also presents a glaring weakness – namely, that all units, whether flesh and blood soldier or the cold steel drone, depend heavily upon sophisticated circuitry; that is, electricity is a necessity in warfare. It is here that Telran Miara’s abilities come into play, for he is gifted with the ability to control electricity in all its forms. Given the myriad applications of such an ability, it is not only likely, but highly probably, that Telran has yet to plumb the true depths of his powers.

Telran was trained to take advantage of his enemies’ dependency upon electricity, be they biological or mechanical in nature. Telran is capable of causing temporary numbness or paralysis in organic opponents just by having physical contact, however minor, with their body (having a greater effect when used against exposed flesh). This ability is most often used to impair function, allowing for an easier kill or an easy and quick escape, as circumstances allow. This same ability can also be used to short circuit the electrical systems and components of mechanical enemies (or disable such parts used by armored or partially cyberized opponents). However, it is still limited by physical contact, presenting a significant problem against drones, tanks, and other units that operate at long range.

Telran is also able to store large amounts of electrical energy inside his body, then discharging it as he sees fit in a variety of ways - most commonly, powering small electrical devices (phones, flashlights, etc). However, due to the strain that storing such power places on his body, this ability is rarely used.

Currently, Telran’s long-range abilities are limited in scope; unlike a number of his kin, he is unable to reliably use his abilities to affect objects he does not have physical contact with. However, he has learned how to channel current through one conductive medium and into another (from a pipe in his hand to a pool of water a few feet away, for example). It is also known that at this time, Telran is incapable of creating or generating electricity – he can only manipulate its flow and current, unlike many of his kin.

Finally, it is to be noted that Telran's endurance levels have developed far beyond those of his brethren; this is a result of being kept awake during his prolonged isolation, with nothing to occupy his mind save brooding and self-experimentation with his powers. He is capable of using his powers continuously for far longer than other subjects, though still not immune to the headaches that are the hallmark of such power. However, as he is unaccustomed to wielding such power, Derinium takes a much greater toll on his mind and body than other Destrillians; while the typical subject would only suffer an exceptionally painful migraine and possibly lose consciousness for a short period, Telran would be completely incapacitated for days.

Physical/Telepathic Abilities: Telran is unique among Destrillians, in that Viola sought to seamlessly integrate useful skills with his power usage; Viola trained him in combat methods, as well as a number of other fields, that require the use of his powers to achieve the greatest results (similar to how Kramskov Niet has subconsciously linked his telepathic and Destrillian abilities, e.g. “Dark Sense"). Telran has become extremely skilled at the use of various forms of soft martial arts, which are based upon the principle of turning an enemy’s own force against him; these involve a great deal of gently guiding an opponent’s strike away via circular motion, rather than absorbing the impact by blocking (in a fashion similar to a parry in fencing). Such methods frequently place Telran’s hands into contact with an opponent’s limbs, thus granting him the opportunity to cripple their limbs, numb them, knock them out, or kill them, as the situation dictates. He is therefore able to manage close quarters combat with numerous deadly opponents with the greatest of ease, dropping one after the next with little effort.

Telran was also given extensive medical training by Viola, on par with that of the best medical schools in Alvyssia (which hardly comes as a surprise, as many of their alumni work for Viola). As such, he is able to use his powers to varying effect on the human body –examples include electrical stimulation of muscles to induce pain (or provide a temporary burst in strength or speed); running low voltage current through portions of the brain, causing pain (or lack thereof), temporary short term memory loss, loss of consciousness, etc; and the use of low levels of current to detect abnormalities within the body (clots, tumors, etc).

Telran is also skilled at knife-wiedling, as well as the use of a wire hidden within his watch, to increase his combat capabilities. As he was once considered for usage in espionage, he is also skilled in silent movement, and is, rather appropriately, one of the fastest Destrillians.

Telran's telepathic abilities can easily be summed up as "woefully lacking". He is able to telepathically communicate with others, but only within the rather limited range of about fifty feet. Additionally, he is unable recognize Destrillian energy signatures – he is only able to notice that other Destrillians "aren't like the others". Given his style of fighting, he has become adept at interpreting body language and movement; however, just as great as his mastery over the body is his inadequacy at unlocking the secrets of the mind.
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"I've seen enough."
Kris; Mantichorus; Sam Vimes; Neku Sakuraba; Koki Kariya; Hazama; CuChulainn; Yu Narukami; Mewtwo; Rival Silver; Suicune; Kanata; Professor Oak; The Brigadier; VIII; The Engineer
- under the light of the full moon, the majority of the Animus shifted into nightmare forms, an unnatural blend of their human appearance and that of the creature they shared DNA with. The majority of those Animus who did not shift were torn apart by their maddened brethren, as were a few of the scientists and guards. A few of the shifted Animus were sedated and captured that night; many were killed in defensive actions; and some managed to escape into the night...

To this day, the governor of Chulainn - and the few Volsung scientists who survived both the Night of the Rage and the recriminations for it - still search for the escaped Animus. They are unaware if there are any left to be found - and if there are, if they still live - but they keep searching. So many Animus were reported missing in the aftermath, it is impossible to determine how many were utterly destroyed by their fellows and how many escaped.

- some physical laws have to be obeyed, no matter how fantastic the use they are put to. Change from one state to another requires equivalent energy. This is true with the Animus ability of lycanthropy. Changing from human form to the hybrid form uses a lot of metabolic energy, with the growing of extra muscle layers, etc.

This causes the Animus to feel gnawing hunger, especially after a shape-shift. At times, especially when they were already considerably hungry before shifting, this can manifest in the destructive state known as the Hunger.

The Hunger, also called the Rage by Volsung scientists, is a berserk state that an Animus in hybrid form can sometimes lapse into. While under the effects of the Hunger, the only thought (or more accurately, instinct) on the mind of an Animus is to feed itself. In this state, any comprehension of self-preservation is completely absent from the mind of the Animus. They seem also incapable of determining threat from ally in this state.

Needless to say, if an Animus does not quickly master the Hunger, they soon die. For one thing, the heightened metabolic state experienced during the Hunger will eventually consume the body of the Animus itself for substance. For another, an Animus in the grip of the Hunger is too single-minded to think of retreating from a fight. Also, their inability to tell friend from foe has lead to Hunger-maddened Animus dying from “friendly-fire”, as their allies fight to defend themselves.


"I've seen enough."
Kris; Mantichorus; Sam Vimes; Neku Sakuraba; Koki Kariya; Hazama; CuChulainn; Yu Narukami; Mewtwo; Rival Silver; Suicune; Kanata; Professor Oak; The Brigadier; VIII; The Engineer

CHULAINN: the province that hired Early and produced the Animus. Sharing a border with Artolia, it keeps a closer eye on the global picture than the majority of provinces. Chulainn's primary terrain is fields and plains, with a few small copses and foothills scattered away from habitation. Chulainn is reportedly named after a favoured son of the province’s ruler at the time of the Unification of Damascus. This son met his end attempting to halt the unifying armies.

NISKA: before the Damascus Schism, this province was the only one that practised military conscription. Like Chulainn, it has a larger idea of global politics, due to it sharing borders with Artolia and Audoula. Niska has hills at each border with its neighbouring provinces.

YAIDEN: one of the provinces that lost its Volsung facility during the Schism. Yaiden has a peace treaty with its neighbour, Angua, both provinces fearful of any invasions by the more warlike In the days of Unified Damascus, Yaiden provided much of the country’s fish.

ANGUA: another of the provinces that lost its Volsung facility during the Schism. As previously noted, they have a peace treaty with Yaiden. One of only two landlocked provinces in Damascus, Angua nevertheless has a standing navy, which can only reach open waters via the Delphine River which flows into the Bay of Weyland.

VULKAN-WEYLAND: originally two provinces, the sparsely settled Vulkan and the Weyland docklands, Vulkan-Weyland was formed after a natural disaster.

Half a century before the Damascus Schism, the volcano on the Vulkan headland awakened, after spending all of recorded history dormant. The lava flows and tectonic instability in the wake of the eruption sent Vulkan into chaos.

In a rare show of spontaneous inter-provincial altruism, Weyland dropped all of its border guards and actively sent relief troops into Vulkan to help evacuate the refugees into their own province. As a piece of the political history of Damascus, this is fascinating, as the first refugees had already been ushered into Weyland by the time word of the eruption reached the heads of the two provinces at Hephaestus. The leader of Vulkan excused himself immediately, with the leader of Weyland following suit shortly afterwards.

For two months, both heads were absent from the National Council Chambers, focusing on relief efforts. Of course, other provinces sent what assistance they could, but due to the after-effects of the eruption, long distance aid was near impossible. Due to this, the majority of the aid came from Weyland's neighbouring provinces: Amarna, Angua and Yaiden.

All told, the death toll in Vulkan was mercifully low, not even reaching triple figures. However, dozens of towns and villages were destroyed, leaving thousands homeless.

When the respective heads of Vulkan and Weyland returned to the Council Chambers, they tabled the motion that their provinces should merge. They also said that they would both stand down, so that a new leader of their new, unified province could be elected.

As a result of this history, Vulkan-Weyland is one of only two provinces to have more than one Volsung facility. The Vulkan facility primarily studies the volcano, which, although it has quietened, is still active. They have also discovered many rare and new minerals and gems in cooled lava flows, which has translated into increased wealth for the country.


AMARNA: another of the provinces that lost its Volsung facility during the Schism. One of the most affluent provinces in Damascus, Amarna was once the most hedonistic, too. However, in the wake of the Damascus Schism, the province has changed almost beyond recognition. The province's riches, where once poured into the arts and various inane entertainments, turned every major city and town into a heavily defended fort. Even now, Amarna has little in the way of standing military forces, relying instead on armies of mercenaries.

DUMAS: a landlocked province, Dumas is the most hilly and mountainous province in Damascus. The majority of population centres in Dumas are based in the valleys or on the lower lying hills. Volsung Dumas is carved into the side of the second highest peak in the region, and is widely avoided.


VAUL: in the days of Unified Damascus, Vaul was one of the main manufacturers of small arms, personal armour and armoured vehicles. Much of the province's wealth came from exporting their goods to other provinces, and indeed, other countries. Since the Schism, the export of such goods has lessened (although Vaul naval convoys still occasionally deliver their wares to other countries), creating a knock-on in the province's finances. However, they have some of the best equipped troops in the country. There are often tank skirmishes on the borders Vaul shares with Jotunheim and Ymir.

Side note: Early drives a Vaul-manufactured Keris personal armoured vehicle (real world note: the look of it is basically a Winnebago with armour plating).

JOTUNHEIM and YMIR: Ymir was once part of the Jotunheim province. However, after several centuries of no official settlements in the icy wastes, the Unified Damascan government split a vast expanse of the tundra into a separate province. Ymir has two Volsung facilities -- both of which carry out studies considered too risky to be carried out closer to civilisation. Jotunheim's Volsung facility is sited on its island mass for much the same reason.

Ymir was the main competitor of Vaul in arms supply, and has the largest tank factories in the country.

After the Schism, the sparsely populated Ymir hastily signed a treaty with their smaller parent province, Jotunheim. This has turned the north of the country into the one place in Damascus where Volsung has remained unmolested by local government.

CARABAS: even before the unification of Damascus, Carabas was a swirling hotbed of political intrigue. In those days, the leaders of the proto-province (called marquises) were as likely to fall to an assassin's arts as they were on the battlefield or at the ballot box. Between the Unification and the Schism, while things were just as devious, they were certainly less violent. Even during those peaceful days, Carabas had an ear and an eye in every province. Since the Schism, Carabas has kept its borders safe via ever more ingenious acts of subterfuge.

YAVERLAND: another province to lose its Volsung facility during the Schism. During the centuries of Unified Damascus, Yaverland became less and less inclined towards military matters, much like Amarna. However, unlike its more opulent cousin, Yaverland's rolling plains were turned to the business of agriculture. The province produced most of the country's foodstuffs. Little of Yaverland was dedicated to military matters. Due to this, one could be forgiven for thinking this was the province most disadvantaged by the Schism. However, neither of its immediate neighbours are inclined to attack the province, still conducting trade for the goods grown and produced within the province.

THE MOOT ISLES: these small islands were once part of mainland Damascus. They have gained their current name due to the hotly contested matter of where the land-bridge once lay. Both Carabas and Yaverland claim that the islands were once part of their territory, and pre-Unification, the ownership of the islands was the most common cause for bloodshed between the two provinces. The arguments continued even after Unification, so that one of the first rulings of the Unified government was that the Moot Isles would be left uninhabited.

This ruling has been obeyed ever since, even post-Schism. It is worth noting that both provinces maintain small garrisons at advantageous points near the islands, in case their rival should make the first move. The only people to step foot on the islands since the Unification of Damascus have been small research groups of Volsung scientists. For the sake of impartiality, these scientists were dispatched immediately from Hephaestus.

HEPHAESTUS: the once, and now absent, capital province of Damascus. Hephaestus was the most heavily urban area in Damascus, and it was from one of its cities that the man who united the country through political ideals and force of arms arose. Hephaestus was also the birthplace of the company that would become the juggernaut Volsung. Not even a crater marks where the province once stood, and it is impossible to transverse the area.


"I've seen enough."
Kris; Mantichorus; Sam Vimes; Neku Sakuraba; Koki Kariya; Hazama; CuChulainn; Yu Narukami; Mewtwo; Rival Silver; Suicune; Kanata; Professor Oak; The Brigadier; VIII; The Engineer
NAME: Kaden “Kade” Wyndham
CODE NAME: Orthrus
SEX: Male
AGE: 19
EYE COLOUR: Golden brown
SPECIES: Lykaon Animus

Kaden’s outer persona is alternatively aloof and cocksure. He is dismissive towards the concept that others may be equal to him, and to the idea of teamwork. However, such behaviour is repeatedly reported by Chulainn agents who have encountered feral Lykaon in the field. When adding this to the fact that repatriated Lykaon quickly and eagerly readapt to their situation, it may be concluded that this is just an act.

In fact, Doctor McGann, the Animus Program’s zoologist, compares the behaviour to that of the Lykaon’s genetic forebears. She has noted that in wolves, those individuals who either leave or are evicted from their pack - the proverbial “lone wolves” - show a similar disdain to full packs of wolves. This is a survival instinct, as it is possible that the pack may attempt to drive the lone wolf away, if not actually engage it. However, lone wolves usually seem overjoyed (if such an anthropomorphic conceit may be applied) when they are accepted into a pack.

Another lupine behaviour trait seen in Kaden - as it is in the majority of Lykaon - is the preference to combat aggression with intimidation, wit, guile, bluff and bluster, rather than by physical means. Inevitably, this approach does not always succeed - some are simply too disturbed to be taken in by such displays, while others see an avoidance to engage in actual combat as a sign of weakness. This latter group find such conclusions as quickly dispatched as they themselves are.

Again, Doctor McGann can shed some light on this behaviour, citing that wolves use such tactics to avoid injury. While it is by no means uncommon for wolves to engage in physical disputes, the majority of territory disputes and leadership challenges are settled by intimidation, rather than bloodshed.

Like many Animus, some of Kaden’s behaviour patterns fall outside human norms, especially when it comes to interpersonal interaction. There are differing theories amongst the Volsung Chulainn scientists as to why this is, most of which can be grouped as the nature-versus-nurture argument. Some scientists have stated this is due to the non-human DNA within the Animus genetic structure, while others blame the sheltered upbringing of the Animus. However, Kaden is a relatively stable case, with any oddities in behaviour being - most probably falsely - attributed to mild autism.

There is no evidence that links Kaden with any reports of man-eating Animus. This suggests he has the same taboos regarding human flesh seen in the majority of Animus, whether feral or repatriated.

Records from his time in the care of Chulainn show that Kaden was relatively well-balanced, neither too aggressive or too passive. The exception of this was in the build up of tension amongst the Animus before the Night of the Rage, where he was as prone to attempts of dominance as any male Lykaon. This seems to have been especially true in any situation involving Lani Blaise, AKA Nemesis. Evaluations at the time, and interviews since Lani was repatriated, suggest an entanglement between them.

Kaden has the same wiry build common of all Animus. As a feral Animus, he appears to be slightly malnourished when compared with a typical human. It should be noted that, as with all Animus, this is an inaccurate conclusion [c.f. Abilities subheading]. It is not uncommon for civilians who witnesses an Animus in this state to believe that the Animus is involved in some form of substance abuse.

Kaden has his hair worn long, and pulled back in a ponytail. This is a typical feral Animus style, and should be noted by all field agents. The psychology behind such hair growth is uncertain at this time, as all repatriated Animus show a preference to short hair, regardless of their gender. It has been hypothesised that it is in part a trust issue.

Like many Animus, Kaden betrays himself with his body language. The posture of an Animus is inevitably more predatory than even the most predacious human. Depending on his confidence, this either manifests itself as careful and aloof watchfulness, or the nervous cringing of a cornered animal (as with all Animus, it cannot be stressed enough that approaching him in such a mental state is unwise in the extreme. Stressed Animus slip into the Hunger more readily than a calm Animus).

One physical abnormality that Kaden has is an uncommon but not unheard of condition amongst the Animus, informally referred to as “beast eyes”. For unknown reasons, the eye lacks the noticeable white and iris of a human eye, but instead resembles that of the animal species from whom the Animus’s genetic material was claimed. This condition is easily noticeable even by civilian witnesses, especially as a significant proportion of people witnessing this phenomenon cite revulsion as their primary response.

As with all feral Animus, Kaden’s clothing is put together from whatever he can scavenge, or that others provide for him. The last suspected sighting of Kaden suggests that he is wearing a navy blue, sleeveless, hooded jersey. The choice of colour for the clothing is interesting, as navy blue is the provincial colour of Chulainn. However, it must be noted that Kaden may not have had any choice in the colour, so it is unadvised to read too much into this.

As with all Animus, Kaden has an inhumanly powerful musculature, composed of dense fibre spindles with a greater power-to-mass ratio than is found in humans. Swift muscle contractions create a whiplash effect, allowing Kaden to launch multiple high-power blows more swiftly than a human would.

It is this musculature that grants the Animus their enhanced speed and strength, and lends credibility to reports of Animus making high leaps to avoid pursuit.

Kaden’s senses are as sharp as the Lykaon’s genetic forebears, the wolves. In practical terms, this means his senses far surpass a human’s, especially his senses of smell and hearing. Like all Animus, Kaden can pick out surrounding heartbeats with ease, as well as individual scents. This can easily be turned against him, however, as all Animus inevitably suffer from a degree of sensory overload within the city environments that they are most commonly encountered in.

As with all Lykaon Animus, Kaden has what is termed “zoological empathy” with canines. The exact details of this ability are recorded elsewhere. To simplify it, Kaden is able to commune with domestic dogs - and wild canines, such as wolves and foxes - to a limited degree. At different distances this manifests itself in different ways. Up close, Kaden is able to hold a “conversation” with a dog by interpreting its scent and posture. Repatriated Lykaon express the conviction that the dog can understand human speech, as long as it is the same language it grew up amongst. However, they do also say that their own scent and body language is also useful in these “dialogues”. At greater distances, the zoological empathy manifests as a pacifying influence on the dogs. In its own way, this can help an experienced dog handler tracking a Lykaon; if a dog who had been faithfully following a scent suddenly whines and lies down, it can be presumed that a Lykaon Animus has passed by, if it is not still in the area.

Unusually, Kaden also has a minor zoological affinity with corvidae - that is, the likes of crows, rooks, ravens, etc. It is understood that this is limited to him being able to gain information from their cries, flocking and individual body language. There is no evidence to suggest he can communicate with them himself. Doctor McGann has noted that in the wild, wolves have an almost symbiotic relationship with the scavengers - the birds lead the wolves to easy prey, while the wolves leave some of the downed animal to the birds.

As with all Animus, Kaden has limited shape-shifting abilities, taking on a half-human half-wolf form (informally called the Lykaon, in reference to his Animus genotype). It is advised to not approach any Animus in this state; while the Hunger can occasionally overtake an Animus even while it appears human, the metabolic processes involved in the transformation almost inevitably trigger the Hunger in a feral Animus. It must be noted that some repatriated Animus are capable of taking hybrid form without succumbing to the Hunger - post-action interviews attribute this to their degree of hunger beforehand.

Although it is in no means an ability, the nature of the Hunger should also be noted here. The Animus have an accelerated metabolic rate compared to humans. While this does mean their wounds heal significantly quicker (a factor of 1.9 times the normal human rate), it also means their bodies digest sustenance more rapidly. This leaves the Animus almost perpetually hungry (the so-called “Limos Effect”).

The growth of body mass involved in the transformation process burns up a lot of metabolic energy, which the body attempts to replace swiftly with an intake of calories and proteins. It is this state that is called the Hunger - the afflicted Animus seeks to gorge itself on the nearest possible meat, whether living or dead, humanoid or bestial. An Animus in the grips of the Hunger seems incapable of all other mental capacity, as it shows no sign of self-preservation, and will attack even those it had been aiding moments before. The only consolation to those facing an Animus in the grips of the Hunger is that eventually the Animus’s body will kill itself, as it consumes vital organs to feed the metabolic process.

As a subject of the Animus program, Kaden spent his early life in the care of Setanta, the Volsung facility in Chulainn. Whilst there, he seemed unremarkable compared to other Lykaon, with the exception of the beast eye condition - but that itself was not enough to mark him out as exceptional. He was at a tertiary standing with other Lykaon - he did not dominate the group, but was rarely dominated himself.

With retrospect, the lead up to the Night of the Rage was marked with increased hostility amongst the Animus to the majority of those around them. For the most part, Kaden remained aloof of these tussles, except, as previously noted, where Lani Blaise was involved. In at least one altercation, Kaden’s actions with regards to Lani led to a third-party Animus (XXXX XXXX, codename Achilles) being hospitalised.

After the Night of the Rage, Kaden was involved in the event termed the Flight of the Animus. As is recorded elsewhere, many Animus escaped during the chaos when the Hunger - and the Animus ability for transformation - first manifested. Immediately after this, Setanta dispatched kill teams in an attempt to destroy the escaped Animus - it was only later that Setanta chief scientist, Doctor Hartnell, ordered that the escaped Animus be captured for repatriation. Those Animus who survived contact with the kill teams disappeared altogether, fleeing into the wilderness.

Due to this, exact details of Kaden’s activities are nearly impossible to compile. In fact, the only available source of information as to what he may have done in the interim is conjecture. It is highly probable that, as with most Animus, he has lived a vagrant lifestyle and done as little as possible to draw attention to himself.

The last suspected sighting of Kaden was, surprisingly, in Chulainn Hub, some weeks before the execution of Achilles. What he was doing in the province capital is unknown at present, but he managed to evade repatriation agents from Setanta thanks to assistance from an unknown individual, believed to be human.

Surveillance footage that has recently come to light from a few days after that incident appears to show an individual matching Kaden’s description boarding a coach due to leave the borders of Chulainn - and Damascus. Verification of that the individual in this footage was indeed Kaden is considered to be high priority.


We have come to terms
It occurs to me that this is helpful for people picking up the RP:


Destrillians sleep without dreams. They are injected with a small dosage of Distrum each night to suppress their subconscious from dreaming. They are most commonly experimented on during this time.

Eventually each Destrillian reaches a state where their body surpasses their potential and they reach an almost godlike, invincible level of power, called "Derinium". Once this state has been reached, they have little time to act before it wears off, leaving them with massive migraines.

Genetically altered human, taken, generally before the age of ten, from their home. Once captive at Viola, they knew nothing from their previous life as their memories were instantly erased. Each has their own power and they are perfected for the uses of war. All Destrillians also possess some level of telepathy and superhuman strength; additionally, each has well as other varied abilities, such as heightened senses.

A Destrillian will almost always have headaches when they engage in physically or mentally taxing activity. The longer they exceed their abilities, the harsher the migraine is on them. To relieve them of such pain, Distrum, an drug injected most often to the arm or neck, was formulated. This allows them to remain calm and collected even at the highest levels of exertion.

The calendar system by which time is measured in the world of Destrillians. A year consists of twelve months, each comprised of thirty days; five days make one week, with six weeks in every month. The days of the week are named as follows:

The twelve months are named:
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