Do you guys ever bother to get Great Gospel?

I honestly don't. It just takes too much effort and considering I usually don't even have Cloud at a high enough limit level to use his level 4 limit break, let alone Aerith, I just don't see the point. Why would I get the level 4 limit for a character who dies before she even gets a high enough limit level to be able to use it if I'm playing at a reasonable pace? Not to mention I don't really use Aerith that much anyway.


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Nope. I've done almost everything there is to do in Final Fantasy VII across many playthroughs, but I've never bothered teaching Aeris Great Gospel (though I have picked up the limit manual). I know what it does, I've seen it in action, and that's enough for me. It's the best limit break in the game, and it makes one of the hardest bosses (Demon's Gate) a breeze, but... yeah. I hate grinding and it's obviously not worth it in the long run. If there was some indication of whether it was learnt in the save file, it would probably be a different story.
I get Great Gospel every time. It's a compulsion and I always keep a save file where the limit break is unlocked and available. A favorite is to be prepared with Omnislash, Great Gospel and Cosmo Memory against Demon's Gate.


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I think maybe once I got it, just out of curiosity. But not usually. In fact I hardly had Aeris in my party unless it was compulsory :monster:


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I've done it exactly twice. Once on my second playthrough ever when I was going for 100% completion, and once on my most recent playthrough on the PS4 version in order to get platinum.


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I've gotten like, three or four times. Depending on how much I'm grinding in the playthrough. It goes a little easier if you are specifically grinding limitbreaks and if I'm just going to spam magic all the time.

Although normally I'm good with just grinding until Fury Brand, which is my favorite.


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I've never done it. :monster: I considered doing it my last playthrough but, didn't want to grind around places to get all her Limit Breaks unlocked.
A favorite is to be prepared with Omnislash, Great Gospel and Cosmo Memory against Demon's Gate.
This indicates you make very good choices in life ^_^

I've only ever taught it to her once, during my previous playthrough. Even on my current file I have two Great Gospels - but none used for Aerith. Why?
she's dead. She's very dead.
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Although normally I'm good with just grinding until Fury Brand, which is my favorite.
This :monster:

I will usually try and teach it to her before heading off to the Temple of the Ancients but whether I can be bothered to grind for all the limit breaks depends on the playthrough. I do collect the item every time though, for some daft reason.
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I am a mutant and do it every single time lmao
Same ha ha. I tend to do all the Fort Condor battles, which, just by going back and forth across the sea levels up my limits (every battle I usually sit around and get pummelled by nerosuferoths or grangalans.)

Then Tiny Bronco, Fort Condor, sleeping dude, and voila!
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^^Same here. I get it every game. Then again, I've got something of an "overleveled? what do you mean overleved?" problem. I'm always at a higher level then I should be.
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I did it once, just to see it in use. Granted the only bosses on whom I got to employ it were the Temple bosses, but it's still pretty handy. However Final Fantasy is one of the few games where I prefer to stress offense over defense and as a result my favorite limit break of hers is Fury Brand which I get much more use out of.
Not a chance in hell. I've never got anyone's level 4 limits, never mind in the first disc. I try to avoid grinding unless I have to, being overpowered sucks the enjoyment out of the game for me.

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Got it twice out of some 8-9 playthoughs. I dislike grinding, however for completion's sake I made the effort to get it. Now that's done, I really don't feel compelled to it.


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I haven't played through the game all too many times, but on my last normal playthrough I got it. And I probably would in any future playthroughs I do.

I grind. And since grinding Limit Breaks for other characters is easiest when you have Aeris in your party (Fury Brand), it's not much harder to get the rest of Aeris's limits to.
My other problem is I don't use Aerith that much. Other than when she's forced, I'll only use her hear and there for a bit, and stop using her entirely after I get Cid, after which I only really use Cloud, Tifa, and Cid. Before Cid, I just use Cloud, Tifa, and whoever I feel like, which is sometimes Aerith, though I usually favor whomever was gotten most recently. If she didn't bite it at the end of disc 1, I'd maybe use her during the section when you don't have Cloud, but obviously I can't do that by legitimate means.
I never have. I don't necessarily mind grinding for things that are going to be really useful throughout a game, but when all of that time is literally going to sink to the bottom of a pond somewhere, I don't see the point.

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I got it on my last play through for the first time ever. I think. My college days are kind of a smoky haze.

Used it once. Pretty neat... *cough*

I also just one-shotted Emerald Weapon with Barret for the first time, too :headbang:
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The issue is really that even if you get it as soon as you get the mythril, the gauge fills so slow that you’ll be lucky to use it more than once. Healing Wind, on the other hand, continues to fill faster as enemies hit harder, and scales enough to always pull you back from the brink (unless you’re slapped with bad statuses) so imo it‘s my favourite of her limits. If Breath of the Earth were a level 1, there would be no reason to switch.

Great Gospel is a must-get for me, not for the limit itself, but because the secret is part of winning the game.
I’m playing through the game on Switch right now. I’m the type that loves to power level. I’m level 61 and I just finished Temple of the Ancients! Anyways, I did get Great Gospel. I almost always do and I always try to get Aerith’s limit level high enough so that she can use it. I even used it during the wall dragon boss fight.

And no, I didn’t use any of the cheats now provided. I love just listening to music and power leveling. If you want a way to get a ton of levels early on, the Shinra Mansion works great. I literally got to level 60 by training at the mansion. I listened to the game music while a really awesome thunderstorm rolled through last night. Life doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂
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