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Do you like grunge music?

I only like the nihilism in some of it. But i generally dont listen to it. But i consider it to be some form of art. Like typical bands such as Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Nirvana is on my top list. And some other bands like Soundgarden.

What about you?


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I'm starting to. I was too busy listening to midi versions of FF songs to really pay attention to the radio in the 90s, and by the time I did start listening to the radio, it was well after the 90s

So lately I've gotten a few rock collections, and other albums, so I'm getting a little grunge in some of those collections.


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Do you like grunge music?
Not particularly. As far as grunge goes, I like a few of Nirvana's songs and that's about it. Off the top of my heard, the songs "In Bloom", "Come As You Are", "Downer", "Aneurysm" are all right. Didn't really like In Utero much, found it a bit bland.

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Maaaaaasssive grunge fan! First band I ever got into was Nirvana. They were my gateway into entire genres of music. Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Swervedriver, Numb, agh! Sounds of me youth.
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