Edge 314 - Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Edition


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In Edge 314 (on sale 8th December), we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy. To mark the occasion, Square Enix granted us world-beating, world-exclusive access to a host of senior development staff from across Final Fantasy history, in a bid to tell the whole story of the one of the most long-running, and best-selling, series in games.

As for the cover, well, there’s 15 of them: one for each mainline entry in the series, showcasing rare artwork from the ludicrously talented artists who’ve lent their brushes to Final Fantasy over the years.

The selection we send to subscribers and retailers will be randomised. If you want them all, you’ll need this Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collection, a beautiful slipcase set containing all 15 issues. Supplies are limited, and pre-orders are open now.



Pro Adventurer
Pointlessname, Pointer
I initially thought this was something much more interesting than it actually is when I saw it on Twitter. Still, interested in the issue itself!


Bad Habit
Ruby Rose, Lucy
I'm staring at those slip covers trying to deduce which is which.... But yeah, as stated, 15 copies of one magazine? Bit of a let down but still cool.
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