Endless Cry: FFVII [Information, Sign Ups & Discussion]

"I will … never be ... a memory..."

The remnants of his consciousness was swept along the length of the lifestream. As with the overwhelming force of an ocean storm's overlapping waves, he was pulled completely under; unable to think, unable to even breathe, as the lifestream's current continued to drag him further and further into the depths of oblivion. With the force of his will he reached out, attempting to hold onto something, anything, within the swirling eddies of the lifestream. In an instant everything suddenly shifted. He cried out as if his lungs had burst within the confines of his chest, gasping in every inch of air as he momentarily solidified into a fragment of who and what he once was. Yet the effort was monumental, a surge of excruciating agony which was beyond the scope of mere language and words. Before long he was dragged back in, leaving behind yet another fragment of his core being.

He could feel it, knew its very intentions. He was being systematically broken down, inch by painful inch; the lifestream never ceasing its eternal assault as it sought to recycle his core spirit back into the whole. But this very act breathed new life into his fragmented consciousness, surged within him a scream of unbridled defiance and rage. This Planet, the very lifestream itself, was his domain, his stolen legacy. His and Mother's. No matter what, if even one fragment of himself remained...

"I will … never be ... a memory..."

He desperately sought sweet release, yet even the concept of formulating a simple coherent thought was painful. And right now, his mind was his most powerful weapon. Inch by dramatic inch, he lessened his struggle against the tide, shifted his consciousness to ride the lifestream rather than oppose it, and with this, came more semblance of clarity. He knew that he had lost too much of himself in his first attempts to strike back at the Planet. His body was gone, the stigma had been eradicated, and the remnants were lost. Even Jenova was...

He laughed so suddenly that he almost completely lost himself within the torrent of the lifestream. It was all so simple. His torment had blinded him to what was now so abundantly clear. Closing his eyes, Sephiroth let go of the final fragments of his outer soul and dived deep, deep into the heart of the Planet and the lifestream. The prey had now become the hunter once again.

It was time to find Mother.

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Endless Cry: FFVII is a stat-based roleplay which takes place shortly after the events within the compilation. Players will take on the role of WRO (World Regenesis Organization) soldiers, led by Reeves, who will begin to investigate strange occurrences across the Planet. Roleplaying will consist of normal descriptive prose, yet actual battles will be encompassed within a simple stat-based format in order to add something a little different and exciting, whilst also hopefully getting the RP forum active again.

The RP will be broken down into specific missions which the players within the WRO will be sent out on. At the end of each mission players will be given a score and ranked on various factors including their battle effectiveness and descriptive posts. All that will be required from players is a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs per post, as all the stat handling will be done by myself. However, if players find time to put in more effort, then this could result in a better end of mission score. Ranking up will provide access to better materia and items within the game.

Usually, the major stumbling block to most roleplaying is time, so I'm hoping that this format will help ease that pressure for most players and together we can develop something pretty cool and unique here. This may or may not work out, but I want to give it a try and have some fun along the way!

Battles and RP Etiquette

During random encounters with enemies, the RP will switch to a stat-based system consisting of HP, MP, Attack, Vitality, Magic, Spirit and ATB.

HP determines the health of your character
MP determines how much you can cast materia
Attack determines the strength of your physical assaults
Vitality determines your capability to endure hits
Magic determines the strength of your materia
Spirit determines your capability to endure magical hits
ATB determines how many actions a player can take per post

There is no specific turn-order during battles. Players can post whenever they get a chance to (just as long as it is not double posting) and within each post, the amount that a player can do is determined by the ATB attribute. At the start of the RP, all players will start off with an ATB of 2. This means that players can take up to two actions per post (depending on the available actions that are available to that character) which can also be reconfigured with attached materia. The exception to this rule is when using a Limit Break, which uses up all turns within that player's post.

The basic commands available are:

Attack Attack with your equipped weapon
Item Use an item from your inventory
Materia Use an equipped materia
Limit Break Use your personal limit break

Of course, this is a RP. We do not want to see single line battle posts consisting of nothing more than:
"ForumMember attacked Bandit with his sword twice."
As I mentioned previously, a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs is expected from all players. Be descriptive. Dive into the world and the fight! What is your character thinking? Feeling? Are they a pro with the sword? Or is this the first real battle that they have ever had? Have they encountered this specific enemy before? How did that turn out? What about your comrades, are they hurt? In danger? ... In short, be creative! Again, we're not expecting essays here, but 2-3 paragraphs in order to develop the characters and keep this RP and world engaging is needed.
"ForumMember closed his eyes in order to steady his erratic breathing and the hard thumping of his heart within his chest. His first fight. It was nothing like the simulations and the countless battle exercises that he had only ever paid half a mind to. Those were always sterile, void of adrenaline, but this ... this was real. This was life and death.

The wind was roaring all around him and the unwashed stench of the Bandit was carried along within it. For a moment, it battered against his jacket, but as he finally reopened his eyes, his heart had found a regular beat and his sword hand had stopped wavering. He could do this. He knew he could. He just had to focus! Dashing forward, ForumMember lightly ducked under the careless swing of the Bandit and ran his sword edge across the Bandit's chest. Even before the cry of pain erupted from its lips, he turned and delivered a second slash across its unprotected back.

The amount of blood was shocking. He never knew that a human body could contain so much. The Bandit cried out, clutching in vain at its back as it dropped momentarily to its knees, but it was not yet out of the fight..."
Not only does this simple post meet the 2-3 paragraph minimal requirement, but it includes the actions of the stat battle whilst breathing life into both the world and the character. The more descriptive, the better the end mission score and rewards. (Just don't go completely overboard, you ain't getting Knights of the Round in this. :P)

Battle will continue until either the player(s) or the opponent wins. The opponent will strike back with every update by the GM (aka myself), so be prepared.

Game Over?

If a player loses all of their HP within a battle, then they will be rendered unconscious. Players can be brought back to life by their comrades with the use of a Phoenix Down item or Life materia. If a player is not brought back to life before the end of a battle, or if all players in the current party are killed, then a Game Over scenario will be enacted. Those players will regain consciousness back in a nearby area with a penalty given of a 15% loss of gil (30% on boss battles), 10 random items stolen from their inventory, and the chance for a loss of materia. So be very careful during battle, plan your strategies, and look out for your fellow teammates!

The exceptions to this rule is of course the use of special linked materia which will immediately bring a player back to life.

The key to this RP is to work with your allies. Trade materia, give each other items, and work together in order to combat the threat against the Planet!

Limit Breaks

Though battle composition and the exact effectiveness of your character are strictly stat-based, this does not mean that I want everyone to feel like they are giving up a sense of creativity, control or development over their characters. To this end, players will not only be able to define in what exact way their characters will level up (see sign up form section) but you will also have complete control over the development of your own personal Limit Breaks.

With every hit by an enemy opponent, players will gain a point on their Limit Break Gauge. Once a certain amount of points are acquired, players can unleash a specific Limit Break. Players have complete control over what that Limit Break might be ... within reason. You want a Limit Break that attacks and drains the health of your opponent? Perfect. Expect not to wait too long in order to use that. But if you want a special Omnislash style attack? That's completely fine, but the penalty for such an extravagance is that you will have to wait a very long time for your Limit Break Gauge to fill up enough in order to use it.

I'm only asking players to be reasonable. You will all start off as a level 1 WRO member, so if you want your first Limit Break to be able to attack all opponents, restores all your HP, MP, revives all party members, and has all the bells and whistles attached; then that's perfectly up to you ... but the Limit Break Gauge penalty will accurately reflect how powerful you make it. The less powerful your Limit Break, the more often you will be able to use it, it's that simple! I'm up for discussion on this, but the GM's decision is final concerning the penalty cost, and it is something that will continually be 'balanced' and amended as the RP continues on in order to keep things fair and a level playing field for all.

Players will be granted the ability to compose a new Limit Break with every certain amount of levels, adding to their arsenal of available limit breaks. As mentioned earlier, the use of a Limit Break will use up all your available ATB for that post's turn, meaning that a Limit Break can only be used on its own within a turn / post.


Most materia will work in exactly the same way as in FFVII. Materia can be slotted within your weapon or armor and its effects, if any, will be logged within your character sheet. Additional slots for your weapon or armor, including links to segments, can be purchased in shops around the world.

Magic Materia
Support Materia
Command Materia
Independent Materia
Summon Materia

Sign Up Form

So, if you think that this is something that could be quite a bit of fun, simply fill out this signup form and let's get started!


Physical Description:
Background / History:


Weapon Name:
Weapon Type:
Weapon Description:

Under 'type' please state what type of weapon it is: sword, nunchucks, revolver, etc...



Players must pick two strengths, two balanced, and two weakness stats for their character. This section will directly effect the growth of a character and which stats will level up quicker. Players can choose from:

HP determines the health of your character
MP determines how much you can cast materia
Attack determines the strength of your physical assaults
Vitality determines your capability to endure hits
Magic determines the strength of your materia
Spirit determines your capability to endure magical hits

Limit Break
Limit Break Name:
Limit Break Type:
Limit Break Description:

Under 'type' players must clearly state what their limit break will actually do. Is it an attacking or defensive Limit Break? Does it attack 1 opponent, or all? Does it cure your character and party? Please see the 'Limit Break' segment for help on the composition of your Limit Break.

If you have any questions about the RP please don't hesitate to ask! Sign up, join in and let's have some fun back in the FFVII world!
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