English Canon: The mistaken capitalization of ‘Weapon’


Threw this together in just a few hours today, without actually having planned to make this feature. :monster: I just noticed that a lot of people capitalize the word, and so I wanted to clear up some of the confusion.

Not sure if this should be given a newspost in the frontpage, but here it is highlighted on the forums at least. It is now linked to on the Canon of FFVII index page.

Had the old thread locked down mostly because I made the mistake of referring to a difference in capitalization as "spelling". Also thought it more proper to have a news thread about the editorial. =)

Some of our articles writes Weapon in capitals. I will contact the author of each article and see if it's alright that we have these parts edited.

I'm also off to tell Absolute Steve about this, as his guide also capitalizes the word/name.
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You could have just changed the thread's title :P

I linked to your page in today's roundup, but I wouldn't be against a standalone front page post if you want to make one.
You could have just changed the thread's title :P
NEIN! I MUST BE CLEAN OF MY MISTAKES! *washes and scrubs relentlessly*

I linked to your page in today's roundup, but I wouldn't be against a standalone front page post if you want to make one.
I don't feel a separate newspost is important in this case. If somebody else, like you or Prince Lex, wants to make one then I won't object.

Made thread now on GameFAQs. If I wait a while, Absolute Steve may notice the thread without me having to send him a mail. I've also contacted X-SOLDIER and MakoEyes to check that they are alright with their articles being edited.
I always find it interesting how one's memory can be changed. It is one of those "I could have sworn this happened" moments. Further showing anecdotal/subjective evidence is worthless, to all those who believe in that stuff.


There's actually a science devoted to that, :monster:.

In one experiment, they shooped pictures of subjects when they were four years old into a hot air balloon and showed it to them. Most of the subjects made up memories of that event (that never happened), :awesome:.

I for one don't trust my memory and accept the fact that most of it is made up and/or missing bits imagined. But then, that's how the mind works; unless you're a photographic memory savant, the brain can't remember every fact and detail, so instead it stores the highlights and fills in the blanks based on other experiences (which, actually, works quite well).
All but Tres's "Compilation FAQ" article have now been edited to suit the canon writing. I'm sure he won't mind me editing his article, but for formality's sake I will wait until his return (probably tomorrow) to ask for permission.

I'm still trying to figure out why we caught this only 15 years after the game was released...
In related news:
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Feel free to edit/correct my faulty capitalization of the name. :monster: It should, indeed, be "Weapon," as you pointed out to me shortly before I left for vacation. That is the only way it is used in the original game.

As for why this confusion has prevailed for so long, I can answer that easily enough: the Bradygames Official Strategy Guide for FFVII that so many of us are familiar with uses "WEAPON" in every single reference. Literally ever single one.

So, a lot of us got more used to seeing it that way because we looked at the book more than those specific lines in the game itself, especially as others on the Interwebs adopted that spelling -- and we probably filled in our memory of the original game with that through the process Yop mentioned.

It also seems really intuitive that it would be "WEAPON" since the game actually does use "AVALANCHE" and "SOLDIER" throughout.
And why does the game only ever use the singular? Weapon is never plural, to my knowledge, except in Dirge of Cerberus when Shelke says Omega's the same type of creature as the Weapons.
Because it's katakana, I know, but if they didn't caps-lock it...
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