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Era Tools is a multitask modder's resource tool for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age with functions such as .tm2 clut and .dds.phyre texture editing. Era Engine is a graphical editing tool capable of importing custom models in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. Era Engine has a model importer editor.

-Compile/Import Models
-Compile/Import Shaders
-MAP Viewer
-Model extractor

PoC [Animation]

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I've inspected the models on switch version and there are the same as PC on .phyre; I'll make it portable for Switch users // Switch modding.
Currently updating the tool with the following assets:
-Model importer
-Motion editor
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More stability on animation (on tool's import/update animation).

Tool progress briefing:
The following is an example of too much weight paint strength to the neck joint, noticeable on Balthier as his head lowers further than it should. For certain animations not present in Gabranth's (target's) hierarchy, the tool will dummy those animations so the models don't t-pose on animation call.

I also tested it on Ashe and the result is more stable than I'd initially thought.

Models are imported with no initial crashes, however, crashes do occur whenever the player zones from map to map. Addressing this issue is my main focus.


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Last PoCs for a while..

I've been working out full cutscene imports, extracts and swaps. Some are extracted some are not and because of that, 1.2 build won't include model extractor; other characters are fine. Animation for main characters pretty much done, now I finish alpha/beta testing on model imports, track changelog via Nexus.

Model Import:
Gabranth- imported Vaan (c1004.dae.phyre)
Doctor Cid - imported Balthier (c1005.dae.phyre)
Vayne Solidor - imported Basch (c1019.dae.phyre)
Gabranth - Vaan's animation set
Doctor Cid - Balthier animation set
Vayne - Basch full animation set / hierarchy kept the same
Vayne's data is slightly different than the other NPCs, he can only walk, can use weapons; however the weapon position is off and his walk speed is halted to walking, so forcing a run animation via his original walk animation will keep that same walk speed.

Animation walk speed is not affected, this function is called elsewhere so importing your model on NPCs such as Cid/Vayne will keep them walking instead running.
Only Gabranth has a normal run speed given his data in vanilla.

Cutscene animations are not stable some scenes the models t-pose at the start and game crashes at end of scene.

Despite the lingering cutscene bugs, the model import works, this first video is its PoC, others will come later.
Not all cutscene animations and bones for other NPCs are fully extracted, those are worked on 1.2.
Walk/run speeds may can be altered via the script in build 1.1-beta.

Changing weapons work only at the start of each map zone. This is due to the call of some dummied animation from the tool the game does not like which will result in a crash. This is only present unfortunately on NPCs.

Sheathing and unsheathing are similar, however the resulting imported model will not T-Pose which was the goal initially in 1.2-beta, to dummy voided animations on animation swap.
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