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Eurovision 2017


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It came to my attention that we didn't have a Eurovision thread yet this year. Now we do. So... Eurovision. Discuss. :monster:

First semi-final is tonight, second is Thursday, final is Saturday.


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Gotta start paying closer attention to these thradz, so that I can be on the up-and-up when I relocate. :awesomonster:

X :neo:


Great Old One
^ That list is just horrible. It's all Huge Western Artists and doesn't take into account ESC history...

...wait, I think we've had this conversation before :lol:


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Text or voice? For the latter you might as well just use chitchat since nobody's in there anyway.

This seems to be an official live stream. No idea if it's geo-restricted to Europe.



Great Old One
For chat mostly for me, since I'll be watching with boyfriendo :monster:

Chit chat it is :monster: Unless someone starts whining. You know. the regular 'whaaat is Euroviiision'. Etc :monster:


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Waaaiiittt... there's a channel called "nocontext" in addition to "chitchat" and we can't have an Eurovision channel?



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I'd say text chat because I cba speaking tonight and need to eat. :monster:


Great Old One


I'm very happy with the results. Montenegro could have been a contestant but their stage show was lame. Should have hired some dancers :monster:


‪‫‬‭ ‮
bleh. just watched the first semi-final. everything sucks. last year I had not only poli, but even if she hadn't turned up with a killer fucking anthem, there would have been france, spain, australia, cyprus, they all had good stuff.

this year everybody sucks. best bit was the half-arsed cameo by verka serduchka.


‪‫‬‭ ‮
probably voting for switzerland or uhhhh fyr macedonia

I mean c'mon seriously, where's the optimism this year? i was singing to half the entries last year. even germany's faux-loli had an okay song. EVEN BELGIUM SENT SOMEONE FUN LAST YEAR.


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for anybody who has no idea what eurovision winners should be like,
here is the exemplary indeed perfect entry:

I mean I literally paid for this song.


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bleh. just watched the first semi-final. everything sucks. last year I had not only poli, but even if she hadn't turned up with a killer fucking anthem, there would have been france, spain, australia, cyprus, they all had good stuff.
I disagree with you. I just watched the finals of last year less than a week ago and I felt kinda glad that I missed it. Me and my friend were really struggling to watch it because all of the entries were too similar and in my opinion quite boring. I agree that France had a pretty good entry and I really enjoyed Belgium. Austria would have been good without the europop beat on the background. And Russia had a great stage show but I can't say that I remember much about the song.

I actually did something yesterday that I have never done before. I voted in the semifinals! :O My vote went to Portugal. The music and performance just stole my hear, it was so beautiful. And I really thought that I had found my favourite but then...

I've been listening to this the whole morning and I'm so torn! I think I will have to vote twice on the finals this year... And there better not be any more great songs in the finals! :rage:

I do have a feeling Italy is going to take the win this year. That song is so catchy and over all amazing. And I think they absolutely deserve to win because they have had great songs almost every year since the came back to the contest in 2011.

I can't wait for Saturday. :excited:


Great Old One
^ Okay, I was pretty sure Australia would have it this year, now I definitely share your prediction that Italy will win. And yep, it would be a well deserved win looking back on their entries since their return in 2011.

And that fucking gorilla :lol:


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I KNOW! I've been listening to it all day, it's so good! I'm worried I'll get sick of it before Saturday, though it's quite unlikely.

And the gorilla is the best. :D


My Italian friend after me saying "your country might win Eurovision this year" says "we won't have the money to organise it though" XD

I miss him. Must have coffee soon. And make him sing this song to me :D
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