Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


I've thrice been robbed of that precious first time crown on Fall Mountain.

I'm becoming Gollum, and that crown is my One Ring.
I've won a few times now and it's always been Fall Mountain, but I've had my share of mishaps there aswell. The first time I won it was by technicality, because someone beat me to the top by a good 5 seconds and didn't know what to do, so I sniped the win. The next time I got fall mountain at the end, I was first to the top but mis-timed my jump when the crown was too high in the air, which felt horrific lmao.

I get to the final round fairly frequently, but I've only ever won on fall mountain. I actually prefer hex-a-gone and the spinning jump one but about 90% of the time I tend to get Fall Mountain.

The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
Lucky ass. I get that abhorrent Hex-A-Gone fucking constantly when all I want is Jump Showdown or -- to a lesser extent -- Fall Mountain. Blessedly, Royal Fumble is rare.

Ironically enough, two of my wins (and most of my almost-wins) were on Hex-A-Gone. I've gotten one win each on Jump Showdown and Fall Mountain, and zero on Royal Fumble.

I don't know what it is about Hex-A-Gone that fucks me up, but I can have what should be a guaranteed win and I'll blow it:



That is one of the problems I have with battle royale games tbh, you're either #1 or you lose. I mean I've played online FPS games, where it's not so much about whether you as an individual reach the #1 spot, but where your team wins and you get rewarded for your individual contribution. I'm thinking games like Battlefield and Titanfall. They reward you for your contribution to the overall game, not even if your team won or whatever. And in Titanfall's case, when a team wins or loses you get to the 'prologue' state where the losing team has to escape while the winning team has to prevent their escape; adds another minute or so to the round with a desperate scramble. Really interesting mechanic.
Not having played since the session with Tres, Lex and Carlie back in October, I was expecting things to go poorly for me when I joined Tres and Carlie yesterday for some Fall Guys. The Jump Club mode was right up my alley though and I had a ton of fun.

On numerous occasions I got close to the crown but failed right at the end. Me and Tres were communicating on Discord inbetween rounds. As we entered the final round, Tres wrote...

TheTwilightMexican: Okay, you're going to take the crown this time. I have a feeling​
Shademp: instant death, got it​

...and that's when I actually won my first crown, as seen in the top video Tres linked above. All the pieces just fell into place to create a beautiful last round where comrades shared the isolated board together and gave it their all. It has been quite a while since I've felt so gleefully happy from a victory. ^_^


Chloe Frazer
On that second video at 1:18 you can see a red panda grabbing me so I would fail which happened a lot during that session. People were taking advantage of some many people having that red panda outfit so they could be assholes and you wouldn't know which one did it.

I've played with Lex, Tres and Shad, would anyone else be interested in making a group outing out of it one weekend?


Eyes of the Lord
Epic Games acquires Tonic Games Group.

FAQ from the devs:


Nothing to announce right now!

How will this affect the community?

We absolutely love our community and we wouldn’t be in this situation without your continued support.

We’ll stay super close with you, continue to chat with you in the same open and honest way, and continue to take on all of your suggestions and feedback.

Why did you choose Epic?

We’ve been mutual fans for a while and as we’ve gotten to know the Epic team better, it turns out we have a lot in common and share a lot of the same goals.

They really love Fall Guys and our team at Mediatonic. We’ll continue to be the same team, working on the same game, but we’ll now have the full power of Epic Games to help us take the game to new (dizzying) heights.

Will you still make the same kind of games in future?

We’re proud of Mediatonic’s creative culture and this is something that Epic really values too. We’re focused on creating games that empower our players, create joy, and bring people together to have fun, and we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities ahead.
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