Fan concept for Cait Sith ability list.


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Fan concept for Cait Sith's ability list.

Ocher M Phone: (None Gamble)
Catcall: Increases Aggro and doubles defense regardless of any other formula
Upgrade: Increases durration of Catcall status.

Blanc M-Phone
Coin Toss : Heads, enemy stagger damage increases by 10 %. Can stack 4 times. Tails: Cait Sith's ATB is locked for 60 seconds.
Upgrade: Percentage increases to 15%, 20%, and 25%.

Verdant M-Phone (Non Gamble)
Eightball: Turns Mog into a rolling ball of destruction, tossing aside friend and fo alike for high stagger damage.
Upgrade: M Phone increases the ability to control Rollout.

Trumpet Shell (None Gamble)
Mermaid's Call: AOE turns enemies into allies.
Upgrade: Increases duration.

Crimson M-Phone:
Find the Queen: All enemies frozen. Choosing the right enemy instantly kills them. Choosing the wrong one instantlly kills Cait Sith. Bosses immune.
Upgrade: Queen can appear in 2, or 3 enemies.

Regal M-Phone:
Hotel Royal: Grants a uniquely higher rate regen status to AOE to enemy and allies in groupUpgrade: Increases rate.

Adobe M-phone:
Double or nothing: Bet collective party ATB on 50/50 odds.Upgrade: Allows 2, and 3 bets.

Black M Phone: (None gamble)
Jinx: AOE causes low defense, low magic defense, and low critical hit rate.
Upgrade: increases AOE.

Silver M Phone:
Pachinko: Rolling ballbearings that explode on contact. Every pachinko that contacts with enemies grants an random extra gil reward. Characters that contact them also take damage, but still nets gil reward.
Upgrade: Increases ball bearing numbers.

Turquoise M-Phone: (None gamble)
Good Fortune : AI character in AOE will always evade enemy attacks, and enemies cannot dodge character attacks save certain special attacks. AOE follows Cait.
Upgrade: Increases duration.

Platinum M-Phone:
Ro Sham Bo: Rock, Papers or Scissors. Loser takes 15% of HP damage ignoring defense.
Upgrade: Raises damage pecentage to 25, 50%

Spy Phone: Non gamble
Sabatoge: Gives enemy an elemental weakness based on equipped materia.
Upgrade: Raises elemental weakness rate to 50, 75

Crystal M Phone:
Roulette: Area around Cait Sith becomes a roulette wheel. Character or enemies in the winner slot gain full cure. Anyone outside of it takes high damages.
Upgrade: Increases winner slot size.

Battle Trumpet: (Non gamble)
Hail Mary: Raises critical attack rate for all party members, but lowers their vitality and defense considerably temporarily.
Upgrade: Increases critical attack rate by 10, 20, and 30%

Gold M-Phone:
Moneyline: Bet on an enemy and a character. Odds change based on difference between character and enemy. Wining (Must be chosen character landing final blow) nets increased gil/ap/exp payout. Losing halves gil earning.
Upgrade: Increases payout rate.

Starlight Phone: (None gamble)
Lucky Day: System day of the week dictates a zodiac sign, which grants a buff to all party members.
Monday: Raises Strength and Magic
Tuesday: Raises Vitality and Spirit
Wednesday: Raises Speed, and ATB rate
Thursday: Raises HP and MP
Friday: Raises Luck and Critical Attack
Saturday: Raises all resistances
Sunday: Raises all stats.

HP Shout:
Lottery: Random number between 1-10. Any character or enemy with a level that is a factor of that number gets prolonged shell, barrier, haste, resist, and null-death.
Upgrade: Increases prolonged period by (factor unknown)

Erotic Materia

I put on my robe and wizard hat
The big ol' Mog Rider has always held a special place in my heart.

Although I'm just now realizing that the party's reaction to a talking cat riding a mog/moogle was severely less dramatic than one would expect. I mean, they were freaking out over Red XIII being able to talk, but this? Nah, business as usual.

Interesting abilities. I was thinking for his standard combat that square would control big hits from Mog, and triangle would control Cait Sith himself in some way. Give you a puppeteer feeling while using him.
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