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Fantasy Premier League


Great Old One
Anyone here into it? ......no?

I'm on my second season, and I'm way too into this thing... I bought a sports premium subscription just to watch the matches. I've gotten my boyfriend into it as well.

For those of you that don't know, Fantasy Premier League is like the best marketing scheme I have seen in ever; basically it's a marketing campaign for Premier League (England's top 20 teams league) where you choose a team of 15 players and decide who's to play and who's benched, gaining points for how that player does IRL. There are a lot of rules to the game, but it's easy enough to get started. It's been going on since the early 90's according to Internet, and is actually inspired by American fantasy sports, what do you know.

Anyway, I just needed a place to rant because there's a number of times I'm legally allowed to pester my buddies with this :geek:

Keveh Kins

Pun Enthusiast
Luuuurrrv me some fantasy leagues :monster: I do it every year for the Six Nations and it's always a blast!

Even friends who ain't really into the sport enjoy it, cause it's like "Yeah I don't care who wins England versus France, but I absolutely must destroy Kev this week."

Which happens. A lot. Cause I'm really bad at picking with my head instead of my heart.

Flint and I had a Formula One fantasy league going a few years back, in which he handily trounced me, if memory serves :monster:

I keep meaning to sign up for the Premier League and NFL fantasy games each year, I'm a devil for forgetting.


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Ergo, V
Moved away from fantasy league premiership and started using a site called xperteleven to set up a league with friends. Two matches a week and you manage your club until the end of each season.
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