FAO All Members: Forum Staff Announcement


Hi folks,

A staff review has been discussed over the past three years (it's really been that long - it's cropped up every now and then) just in terms of staff activity re: posting etc., most recently Yop made a thread asking specific staff members if they were going to be around and reached out to them directly through email/ discord. The thread was opened 7 weeks ago and hasn't received any response.

The following people have been made Staff Emeritus (formerly Super Moderators):

Cat Rage Room (MOG) - Last activity 10-FEB-2018
Ryushikaze - Last activity 16-JUL-2018

Both of these dudes have a fairly legendary history on the board and have been mods longer than I've even been on staff. However even prior to their last post date their activity was too sporadic to really justify continuing as staff, so the decision has been taken to destaff them.

I want to say thanks to them both for serving the TLS community all these years.

We will be recruiting 1-2 new staff members in the coming period - we don't really need them right now but it's best to be prepared for when the forum gets busier as it surely will in 2019 :)


Generally there are nominations followed by votes - we may put certain criteria on it however, due to time zone considerations - i.e. if there are two spots we might say one from EU and one from NA, but that's not written in stone. It'll just be based on site needs :)
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