Farewell to a Legend.


Hi folks,

It is with a heavy heart that I inform everyone Pixel has decided to leave TLS. In the past hour he has transferred ownership of the YouTube channel and removed himself from the Facebook page. He has also requested a ban from the board.

Needless to say this is a colossal loss for TLS. Pixel was solely responsible for our Audiobooks, management of the YouTube channel and heavily involved in Novella translations, as well as many other projects. He also created many of the site and board's icons as well as our logo.

I'd like to make it clear that this isn't a ban by staff or a dramatic exit. While it's no secret that relationships have been prickly between some staff members (including myself) and Pixel over the years, he has his own reasons for leaving and wishes to - in his own words - "disappear unnoticed". While I will leave this thread open for discussion (and questions), please be respectful.

Thank you Pixel for everything you've given TLS. I'm sure whatever you do next will be amazing.


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TLS literally wouldn't be what it's become without all of your contributions and hard work, and it won't be the same without you either. Thanks for everything, dude. Sincerely.

X :neo:


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Sad to see Pixel go, the audiobooks and their production quality are part of what got me to join the TheLifestream.net years ago.

Does this mean the Turks Lateral Biography audiobook is postponed indefinitely/canceled as a TLS project?
Whether for publication on TLS or not, I hope you'll be able to finish current audiobook projects. Your excellent narration for analytical FFVII videos on the YouTube channel is also a contribution that should not be forgotten.

We are all grateful for your contributions, both mentioned and non-mentioned, and wish you a prosperous future.

*respectful bow*


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It's no secret that Pixel and I had a difficult working relationship but I've always appreciated his contributions to the site. The things he has produced for us, such as the Audiobooks, are some of the "crown jewels" of TLS, the unique content that draws people here. He'll be missed.


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I hope you come back some day but, either way thanks for all you did and good luck with your future projects. Take care dude :properhug:
Minor issues aside, he put a lot into creating content and evolving TLS and there will certainly be a massive hole felt with his departure. Wish him the best of luck in the future.
Been trying to think how to put the words together since finding this out.

Pixel, we haven’t exchanged two words to each other, but for what it's worth, this devastates me. I recognise your contributions and I am a big fan of those contributions and the work you do. This really hurts. Again, for what it's worth from a stranger like me, I’m sorry you've left. :( And sincerely hope you consider coming back.


This sucks. I wish you the best, Pixel. Your contributions to the site and the fandom are staggering. I’m sure your new pursuits will be just as great. Break a leg out there!


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Good luck with things, Pixel. I know I've always been kind of jealous of your ability to be so good at everything. Your work has always been top quality. Take care. <3


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What a shock, your contributions to this site and the community were always outstanding and I'm really sorry to see you go.

I wish you all the best and hopefully, maybe I'll see you around IRL.

Take care xxx
There is so much of TLS's core and unique content that has some kind of Pixel stamp on it, especially on the Youtube channel. There's no denying that dedication and talent in driving TLS forward, and really getting the site out there on a broader field. We all salute that.

Should you ever come across this thread, Pixel, I hope you see how much your efforts are appreciated, even when people like myself never took the time until now to express that.

What else can we do but honour such a legacy and continue to establish whatever else we can :)


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Someone had to direct me to this thread since I missed it on my new posts crawl. Pixel this devastates me. I've been a fan of your artwork for year (even waaaay back on TLS with those tiny plushie things), the audiobooks are fantastic and I tried to assist with completing some of the descriptors on the Youtube channel but cba hit me.

Your legacy will live on in the unique take on the youtube commentary videos and contribution to the forum right down to every little beautiful icon. To say you will be missed is an understatement. I wish you all the best and hope you come back one day. <3 <3 <3
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