Fate/Grand Order

It took 3 months but I just finished the Final Singularity (of this arc at least). That was a good & fullfiling ending.

Romani, sorry for doubting you, you were the MvP all along.

Now onto Epic of Remnant.


Wide and Slow
I haven't even started America yet I need to get suucchhh a move on before I get left out of more events haha. Glad to hear the story is good all the way to the end!


Wide and Slow
Ugh yeah that's why it's taking me so long. Still, I'll try to grit my teeth and get through it so I can enjoy Camelot and beyond. Wish me luck!


Joe, Arcana
I'm grailling Ushi and Leonidas right now.
I am so tempted to grail Ushi. If they could just give her an animation update that would seal the deal.

Also, grats on clearing Part 1! Now onto Epic Of Remnant. EoR is all good with Agartha being the least best (sorta rank it on par with America) and Salem being so damn good, I'd say it's in the top 3 with Camelot and Babylonia.
My Grand Order journey:

I've completed Shinjuku and I say it was decent chapter if quite meandering until the last third but oh my, what a plot twist, excellent, didn't see it coming.

Currently going through Agartha and done with section 9.

Also finished the Part II Prologue for that sweet x30 SQ. It was an exciting appetizer for what's to come, I only have one thing to say:



Cosmos in The Lostbelt coming to NA on spring 2020.

Babylonia anime finished last week, overall an pretty good adaptation, expanded what needed to expand and streamline what needed to streamline in most places, the part that suffered a bit was torwards the last 3 episodes where too much content was compressed in such a short amount of time, you could feel they were a bit in a hurry to wrap up the story in that time, that aside I liked it a lot.

Also...we are getting SOLOMON singularity being adapted!! Which can only mean one thing:

I am so ready for that but also not so ready for my heart to be crushed again:

oh and Mash last stand too.


Camelot movie pv 2

RIP Touta and Hundread Faces :(
My Grand Order journy update:

Finished The Forbidden Advent Garden: Salem

And with that concludes our little Epic of Remnant adventure, probably the best chapter of the four, followed by Shimosa. Now the only thing left is farming materials to level up my servants, do their interludes/rank up quest and wait for Cosmos in the Lostbelt.


Joe, Arcana
We are go go go!

Nobody I really want to roll for this chapter. Honestly holding out cos it's gonna be hectic in a couple months time with a lot of top tier servants to summon.
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In an update scheduled for June 2020, the game engine will change from Unity5 to Unity2018.
This update will resolve the issues of lagging and skipping during gameplay on certain iOS devices.
Android device users will notice a decrease in loading times on certain screens.

Supported devices will not change with the game engine update. However, we would like to request that all users take this opportunity to generate a transfer number.

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This was a pretty good rolling.

Just finished Lostbelt 2, quite solid overall. The final boss was hilariously long (ran an Arts stall team)

I was healing 5k-8k and getting 15-40 stars per turn


Joe, Arcana
Nice LB2 rolls. Two Napoleons in one. I did the same with Ivan back a few months ago.

Anniversary tomorrow, which means Skadi and the GSSR summons. That's hell we're walking into.

Master Bates

Do you enjoy your life?
Mr. Koiwai
My cousin just got NP2 Skadi on his first single multi roll. He keeps on showing it off to me. The extremely lucky bastard!!!!

Well, my team comp is mostly arts-based anyway and I already have an NP2 Waver (who is still overall better than Skadi because he can fit well in any teams) so I wasn't really that desperate to get Skadi. But I still wasted 90 SQ and 5 tickets in an attempt to summon her but she never came to my Chaldea. And to top it all off, I accidentally burned my free servant Rider Kintoki (best welfare servant, imo) and I can't undo it. Damn this game!
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