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NovaCrystallis said:
We at UFFSite, RPG Site and Nova Crystallis have partnered with a bunch of other Final Fantasy fan sites and fans in order to create a special celebratory digital magazine to mark the series turning a whopping 25 years old. Featuring a suite of articles offering information, memories and insight into the series, it’s a special one-off project. Check it out below, including download links to multiple formats. Enjoy!
TheLifestream.Net is one of the sites that were contacted. I wrote the FFVII-centred article on page 17, which quickly describes the different categories of unused text found therein. Some analysis in there, primarily the content in the final two paragraphs, are yet to be published in an official TLS article (but they will be, in time).

Note: My article was edited and tidied up by Alexander Donaldson, one of the main coordinators behind the magazine.
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Yay, you went ahead with this!!!!! I am so glad, I thought it would never happen as you didn't mention it anymore and Alex D/APZR didn't come into #tls again (afaik) either. GLORIOUS.

(PS, it's on page 17 in the PDF. Might be helpful for anyone on poor bandwidth.)


Great jusice, :monster:. I had pretty much forgotten about this project; wasn't it announced and weren't we contacted about it almost a year or so ago?


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I just looked through the magazine, and holy crap it's pretty amazing. I'm surprise it's not Frontpaged, it's obvious it's incredibly extensive and took an obscene amount of work. And great article, Shademp.


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I just looked through the magazine, and holy crap it's pretty amazing. I'm surprise it's not Frontpaged, it's obvious it's incredibly extensive and took an obscene amount of work. And great article, Shademp.
I don't think by Frontpaged you're referring to TLS Frontpaged, but imo this should be on our front page. I think we even discussed this briefly with APZR, the right to put the article on TLS. Don't know what came of that. I'd say this definitely should be its own news post, imo not with the article itself but with a link to the RPGsite newspost w/ downloading link.

I can write it but it'll be short :P If anyone else wants to, go ahead.
I asked APZR (Alexander Donaldson) and he said that we can embed the magazine as if it were our own, because of our contribution to the magazine. You will notice that another contributing site, gamerscape, embed the PDF document on their own site, even though they are not one of the three "primary" sites behind the magazine
which would be UFFSite, RPG Site and Nova Crystallis
. So embedding it here on TLS is perfectly alright.

If the newspost writer decides to link elsewhere, RPGsite works just as well as UFFSite or Nova Crystallis.

You can go ahead and write the newspost if you like, Fangu. I must now go and compensate for lack of sleep and adjust so I am ready for tonight's meeting.


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I really like how my two articles turned out. The whole magazine looks very polished :D
Which two articles are yours? I ctrl + f'd on Jiro but I guess most authors are listed by their real names :)

Yeah the more I look at it the more I love it. I was just saying in #tls I feel like having a copy printed, it looks so nice.

Also, made the front page article, short as I promised :P


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Dakoda Barker is me! I wrote a piece on FFX and Religion as well as the evolution of the battle series. The last one was not something I intended to do; it got shunted onto me because other people were lazy, but I think I did a decent job of it :monster:

I really enjoyed the article by Shademp too, btw. I'd try and say more but I'm having fanboy spasms, this is pretty much the coolest thing I've ever been involved with.
Looks awesome, and that article certainly sounded like you, Shademp. :monster:

It is remarkably well done, too bad it isn't a physical magazine. I'm also glad that we were on the map enough to be contacted.


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What a fantastic job, Shademp! And great job too, Jiro! I'm always pleased to see such fancreations that are worthy of being creations by the actual game designers! :P


Fantastic. I've shared this on the G+ and Twitter accounts. It was ery difficult to word properly with the ridiculous Twitter character limit >_>
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