"FF VII - Original DVD - High Quality CG Collection" - worth anything? ever dumped?

Hi guys,

I have one of these DVD discs:

I bought a Toshiba Vision Connect P130 about 10 years ago off eBay. Came with the FF VII CG DVD still sealed. Opened it, glanced at the contents briefly on a computer and then put the disc back in the case and stored it on my optical disc shelf ever since. Never realized it was so rare until this last week when was reorganizing my discs.

Is this disc still worth anything? Have they ever been dumped and released? The only references I can find on the net are from this site and from an e-bay sale in 2017.

As an aside... the article linked above mentioned the game Scorcher was included with the P130... and I do indeed have that disc as well.

However, a few Japanese SEGA PC discs and demo discs were included as well with the unit. I do not know if they were included originally with the unit when it was first sold - or if the e-bay seller simply tossed them for me as a bonus. Can't find much reference to these specific discs on the net. Anyway you can see them in the photos:

Hi, I'm the seller from the 2017 ebay listing that you mentioned (retro*dream on ebay)

I wrote everything I know about it in the original ebay listing, which is being mirrored on this site: http://finalfantasyvii.biz/final_fa..._quality_cg_collection_1997_toshiba_promo.php

I've owned two of these discs; one I bought sealed from Yahoo Auctions Japan, the other (opened) I managed to snag on eBay years ago when a collector was liquidating his collection.

I only see them go up for sale once every few years which should say something about its rarity.
Fine geez :monster:

The full, dumped disc has never been shared as far as I know. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody had uploaded the entire DVD to archive.org somewhere, but finding content on that site can be difficult so I can't determine with confidence if the full DVD has been uploaded there or not.

As you may already know, the FMVs from the DVD can be downloaded at the bottom of my article about said disc. They were cut out from the DVD in such a way that there's been no loss in quality.

There are arguments to be made for- and against dumping the DVD in its entirety for anyone to download. As years go by I definitely feel though that the responsibility grows greater to share a complete extraction in the name of preservation and free information. This opinion may be controversial to some collectors and sellers, but if nobody has shared the full dump in, say, ten years from now then I'll probably go ahead and do it myself.

Monetary value is a highly subjective matter, often defined by whatever bubbles we decide to maintain regarding an item. We may build a monetary narrative around the fact that the CG Collection DVD came with an expensive package and that it only rarely appears on sale, but if multiple sellers suddenly decided to sell the item at a far lower price than usual then that may become the new expected standard.
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