FF7 remake just in case square ruins the real one


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Hey everyone, so i'm not sure how many of you here are aware that mods exist for Final Fantasy 7. Well if your one of those guys. Yes. Yes they do.

Okay intro complete, step 2 :P

I am currently making my own mod for FF7 with all intentions to basically "Remake" the game but using the original engine.

This mod contains new:
Field/Battle scenes
Re-Translated script from Japanese to English
And it is fully voice acted.

Uhh i'll admit i'm mostly here to promote myself, it's horrible i know...
But as a small channel/company .. thing..
I have to take it into my own hands to advertise. And it sucks.
So i do apologize.

Reason i need to promote it is because i currently do this entire project alone. All models, coding, scripting everything. And i hope, that if we can get bigger, i may find people as interested in this as me. Which will really improve production speed for us.

Now the voice actors in this mod are all random people i found online, and are unpaid. So it's isn't professional in any way. So please excuse that. This is my first time directing anything and i'm still learning.

So i cant post a link because im new but if you can.
Please go to YouTube and search for
"Project Echo-S Mod" by Tsunamods

Episodes 2 and 3 are also on this channel if you'd like to see more.

But all in all, i'd love opinions. I wanna try make this the best i can for everyone if possible. So i need to know if you guys like it.


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Quite the impressive endevour. I applaud this, even if my ears want to clamp shut because of Aerith's VA. But that's less to do with the quality, and more I just can't that style of voice acting for her.


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Kudos to you doing that, when i first found out, like so many others, that it will still take several years for the remake to be done, i thought "Okay, at this point Fans will just create their own remake" and well, finally it is happening.
Though i wished it were completely fanmade from scratch and not just a mod. But well, beggars can't be choosers


I originally came here from Qhimm so I'm well aware of the Vii modding scene. Best of luck to you with the project!
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