FFVII candidate for VG Hall of Fame


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Stumbled upon this piece of news:
2017 World Video Game Hall of Fame Finalists
The following 12 electronic games are finalists for 2017 induction into The Strong’s World Video Game Hall of Fame. The inductees will be announced during a ceremony at The Strong museum on Thursday, May 4 at 10:30 a.m.


Final Fantasy VII

Square Co.’s Final Fantasy VII took the already popular Final Fantasy series to new levels of technical achievement and story development when it debuted in 1997. It introduced 3-D computer graphics, full motion video cut-scenes, and a deep, complex storyline to the franchise. The game sold more than 10 million units, making it the second most popular game for the Sony Playstation, and helped to popularize the Japanese role-playing genre across the globe.
The other finalists are Donkey Kong, Halo: Combat Evolved, Windows Solitaire, Mortal Kombat, Myst, Pokémon Red and Green, Portal, Resident Evil, Street Fighter II, Tomb Raider and Wii Sports.

Tough competition, but if previous years are any guide then six of the finalists will be inducted, so I'd say VII has a chance. :)

More here. I'll put up an article later this week but the Kupocon article should go up first.
Out of those finalists, if they select six, FFVII would certainly be in for a good chance, I reckon.

*... and then FFVII gets beaten by Windows Solitaire.*
They're all great games in their different ways, but it's a bit like pitting War and Peace against backgammon or deep sea fishing and deciding which is more deserving of fame.
The game sold more than 10 million units, making it the second most popular game for the Sony Playstation
I was caught by surprise here. Second? Had to look it up. WTF?! GRAN TURISMO IN FIRST PLACE?! o____O

...and Gran Turismo 2 is on third place! :lol: I had no idea that the Gran Turismo series was so popular on the PlayStation.
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Um goddamn right Gran Turismo is the top. Like you think FFVII changed the game but then you look at FFVI/III and are like "Oh it was just the next step in an escalating master series" but GT was... was... like, holy shit. Unprecedented. There's nothing near it. I'm still impressed.



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Gran Turismo really was genre-defining. To think Polyphony Digital struggled to get manufacturers on board - there were a bucketload of big names missing from the game because the various companies didn't think it would be a successful game or didn't think it would paint their cars in a good light. They were so wrong on both counts. I still remember my favourite cars, from the Toyota Supra to the Nissan Skyline and Honda NSX, and I haven't played it in over 15 years. I guess Japanese companies were more inclined to give it a chance. Nowadays manufacturers are probably desperate to get their cars into GT and Forza.


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I dunno man.....Windows Solitaire...I mean, probably moar people worldwide have played that than any of the others :monster:

Is Minesweeper in there?

EDIT: I actually bought Gran Turismo, even though I don't give a shit about car games, just because it had the remix of 'Everything Must Go' on the soundtrack. I was impressed with the graphics however. Nissan Skyline FTW.
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Windows Solitaire is iconic, especially the bouncing cards at the end, but it's just a digital port of an extremely simple card game, not requiring anything more than an interface and a "shuffling" mechanism. Minesweeper, on the other hand, is a very unique computer game. Playing on different difficulties and sizes really displays how versatile the design is.


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I have never, ever, ever ever ever even once come close to winning minesweeper.


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I have never, ever, ever ever ever even once come close to winning minesweeper.
Please tell me I'm not the only to get frustrated, just randomly rageclick an keep losing? :awesome:


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I never knew how the fuck to play it, and then it was explained to me and I was like 'so basically this is some secret way of making me do maths?! fuck that shit!'
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Minesweeper is all about logic. Except for a few specific situations where there's more then two logical patterns of mines...

I have no idea how many hours I put into that. It was one of the games I figured out how to play early and didn't stop playing it until the Vista version messed with it. After a while, the hardest version is the simple 10x10 grid; the 40x40 and Expert grids give too much information away.

Solitaire was great until I found out I like playing it with actual cards better then on the computer. There's a zen-like quality to shuffling the deck and laying out all the cards for yourself that the computer version does not have.
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@Gran Turismo: Only ever played the demo to Gran Turismo but if I had to guess - racing games have perhaps the broadest appeal of game types, especially in terms of "pick up and play". No committing to a 40 hour storyline of RPGs, no mastering tricky combos in fighting games, no convincing your parents to let you buy it of any M rated game. Go fast, don't crash. Everybody has at least one racing-type game they enjoy, be it the GTs or Forza brand, or the altogether different experience of say Mario Kart. Going at high speeds in cars is something we all can enjoy.

@Minesweeper: Want to win a game easy? Set the height and width of the field to maximum and put the minimum number of bombs down. Usually you win in 1 click. Impress your friends, baffle your enemies. :monster:

@Topic: Yes this is actually legitimately tough competition as each one is in its own way pretty genre-defining. I'm curious to see how it plays out.


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Windows Solitaire is pretty groundbreaking, I mean,

I'm actually kinda torn between Pokemon and FFVII :closedmonster:
2018 World Video Game Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Final Fantasy VII section from 14:29 - 18:57.

The ceremony is somewhat wooden and stale when they talk about Spacewar!, John Madden Football and Tomb Raider. But once the topic gets to Final Fantasy VII, the speaker can't contain her excitement and she proceeds to fangasm. The atmosphere of the ceremony becomes completely different.

No doubt partly due to the speaker's excitement, at 15:38 she accidentally says "when a spiky-winged mercenary and a corrupt one-winged angel". :lol:

Seriously, she was quite reserved when talking about Tomb Raider but once she had to talk about FF7 there was so much genuine joy. <3
You know what else is special about today? It's Tifa Lockhart's birthday! :monster:

Whoever writes a newspost about FFVII's induction into the VG Hall of Fame should probably include that little fact for the fun of it.

EDIT: You know what I'm on it (with the newspost).

EDIT#2: NEWSPOST PUBLISHED! I give Lex permission to edit and improve the newspost. :awesomonster: Great thanks to Teioh for alerting us so quickly about FFVII's induction in this hall of fame.
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That Acceptance video still has that same old one video they released what, two years ago? about the remake in the background :monster:

And to think they would've churned out two new mainline FF games in two years back in the PS era already, :monster:
Wow, I really enjoyed seeing FFVII get some 'historical' love, interesting to see it in this context.

Now, this is off topic, but damn, Cthulhu, that last remark really puts things in some perspective. I'm no programmer, so that no doubt ties into this, but always kind of think of it in the sense of 'as technology evolves/advances, so does everything connected to it'. Meaning like, although now something like PS1/PS2 seems quaint and can be emulated effectively by a computer, at the time of launch it was all new and pushing the envelope and more complicated and difficult to design for when compared to the generation before it. But yet, back in the golden-age of FFs during the PS1 era, even with a huge-selling AAA title like FF7, which could've easily been 'sat-on' for years and years (maybe pushing out bullshit re-releases which included new art booklets, or some shit), we got a full 4-disc followup barely 2 years later, with the next one hot on the heels of that one a year later. What the hell happened??
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