FFVII CHARACTER SMACKDOWN - The Neutrals Championship

At least Ester is coaching herself, unlike the Pilot who had to be coached by Cid!

Anyway, if you think that in all her years working in the man's world of chocobo racing, Gold Saucer, and Corel prison, Ester hasn't needed to fight off men on a regular basis, then you need more insight into what life is like for pretty girls. The mere fact that she's still working there in a position of authority, respected by all the men, is proof that she knows how to knock heads together when needs be. A swift clip round the ear from Ester will send Billy boy squealing for mummy.
Ester may be a very successful career woman, sure, but as my partner points out, this doesn't translate to martial prowess!

Ester knows how to talk a good game and appeal to the base desires of some hardened criminals, and that's precisely how she was able to get ahead. But this ain't a battle of who get talk their way into the best deals, but a battle of grit and strength, and our country boy has got this city slicker beat! He cares not for her promises of fame and fortune - he just wants to get back to his birds! And if it takes knocking this pretty lady flat on her ass to do it, well, that's exactly what Choco Billy is gonna do.



This marks the end of round 1-9!

Spectators (and the audience!*) have 24 hours to cast their votes (either by posting in this thread or messaging me privately) for the champion that they have been swayed to stand behind. Your judges are...

solo player sab

At this time, spectators and audience members are allowed to post their thoughts on the match. Players are NOT ALLOWED to counter any of these comments with new arguments or to continue ‘battling’ in general. Any attempt to do so will count as an automatic loss for your team. Players are free, however, to pay compliments to your opponents and such. ^^


If you’d like to opt out of participating in the next round, tell me in the fortnight that we’re on break. Otherwise, I’m going to assume you’re still playing and you’re going to be reshuffled into a new team.

In General

If anyone (players, spectators, audience, anyone) has any feedback, questions, or concerns regarding the rules, please post that in the master thread here. It’ll be easier for me to keep track of/find your feedback this way for future reference. Thank you!

Any non-participant who’d like to be shuffled into a team, please say so now.



Too Angry™
on a fair
and exciting fight(indeed
but who
will be greece
and who
will be troy(and who will be
the horse​
and a horse
they shall

- b b
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Too Angry™
this fight
was daring
and too t h i c c for comfort
much was revealed of
the two contenders(green
so much​

before them
as much as the prowess of
the lady ester
swayed me​
twas not given
her exact fighting procedure
my vote goes
to b illy(scrappy, with bite, no holds
even for a lady)
a true street fighter
thus born

- b b
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Too Angry™
may the gods
this triple poast
for i thereby nominate
InterfaceLeader and LicoriceAllr
for a wonderful
worthy of mvp

- b b
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Thank you to spectators and audience members who voted!


✧・゚: *✧・゚:*InterfaceLeader and LicoriceAllsorts*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

That’s going to be our last game for about a fortnight. A huge thanks to everyone that participated! I laughed, I cried, I shouted, “CURSES, THEY’RE GOOD!”

Till next time. :joy:



Bad Habit
Ruby Rose, Lucy
Apologies to my team I'd been kinda MIA last two rounds - things been all sorts of everyplace so I hope to be back in the game for round 2
Battle Post - ROUND 1-10

Round 1-10

Your Teams...



Your Champions...


The Location...

Icicle Inn

Deputy Mayor Hart - An underling of Mayor Domino who will give you the Mayor’s password for enough cash...
Are you ready Team Chocobo?

Shinra Manager - An employee of the Shinra Electric Power Company who has little patience for the riff-raff that are usually on the last train…
Are you ready Team Moogle?


The countdown begins when the first team player posts!

*I went ahead and rolled you into a team, but it's no big deal if you don't get a chance to post! I figured this would be better rather than risk having you miss an entire weekend. <3
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OMG my favourite NPC!!

We don't know much about the Shinra manager's fighting style, but we do know that he has balls and then some. He stands by what he believes in:

You... you've seen the news, right? AVALANCHE says there'll be more bombings.
Only devoted employees like me would go to Midgar on a day like today.
He calls it like he sees it:

You say sumthin'? I said, 'you say sumthin'!? Yo, look at that!! It got empty alluva sudden. What's goin' on?

The manager jumps.

Shinra Manager
DAMN!! I... it's empty because of... g, guys like you...
And he stands his ground, refusing to be intimidated by a huge man with a gun for an arm:

I won't give in to violence... and I'm not giving up my seat either!
Shinra Manager isn't going down without a fight, that's for sure.
Ergo, V
Hmm I'm not so certain about that.
It's less "I'm not going down without a fight" and more "I'm too afraid to fight for what I believe in"

Assistant Hart however at least knows what it is to help others.

"As a public servant, it's my job to serve the needs of the people."

He may be a fickle man out to make a few Gil but he knows that shinra is evil and helps cloud and co to stick it where it hurts.

What does the shinra manager do except cower in fear and pray that he doesn't get shot?
Does he set off the alarm to alert his employers of these dangerous looking people? No he merely sits and watches it all happen while toting a line about being such a diligent employee.
When saying goodbye to the crew Hart's last words are "If you run into President Shinra please don't tell him about this. I can't be a partner to anymore trouble for Shinra." This man was bought by the Shin-Ra a long time ago, clinging to the pathetic form his job as Deputy Major has taken because he can't do any better.

Even someone like the manager, a man that still has hopes and ambitions, is probably an intimidating presence for him.


Let the record show that the battle phase of Round 1-10 was initiated by Team Moogle on 21 June, 19:51 GMT.

All players have until...
23 June, 19:51 GMT
...to sway their spectators.

Here's a link to a time zone converter in case anyone needs it.

Best of luck and welcome back!!

I'm not sure how you got, "I'm too afraid to fight for what I believe in," from "I won't give in to violence... and I'm not giving up my seat either." Shinra Manager is openly defying Barret, despite the possibility that he may end up with a bullet through his forehead. That's not the action of a fearful man. The other passengers fled from the carriage when Barret and his 'hoodlums' appear, but not our Shinra manager. He's a decent man who will never be the first to raise his fist in anger - but he won't shrivel in the face of violence, either.
Oh, yes! The Shinra manager is a very diligent employee, indeed! He demonstrates that he&#8217;s unfailingly loyal to Shinra and is a man who values order and rules. It&#8217;s why the likes of Barret displease him. So, surely, he would be the sort to recognise and respect the office rankings within the Shinra company, yes? So he would know that the Deputy Mayor holds rank above him.

Luckily for the manager, Deputy Mayor Hart is no fan of violence either. Hart would only need to demand that the manager surrender the match lest he lose his job. The manager&#8212;who never cared for fighting anyway and just wants to get to work and do his job and pay his taxes&#8212;would agree without hesitation!
That would be the same Deputy Hart who corruptly assists known terrorists in ransacking Midgar's library of knowledge, then pleads, "If you run into President Shinra please don't tell him about this. I can't be a partner to any more trouble for Shinra." The same Hart who claims, "As a public servant, it's my job to serve the needs of the people" and then asks you to fork over 2000 gil before he'll help you. Hart's interested in one thing only, and that's money.

I'm not convinced Hart outranks our Shinra Manager. Hart is merely Domino's assistant. In any case, while our Manager is definitely a loyal company man, he's no pushover (as we've seen) and he has his pride. He's angered and humiliated at being forced to stay in a broom cupboard during a business trip to Junon. He goes to work the day after a major terrorist incident, when no one would have blamed him for staying home. In short, he's feisty - and unlike Hart, he has principles.
Hart knows how to hustle and the man shouldn't be shamed for it! He has his eyes on the prize, all right, and it's clear that he ain't afraid to get a little shady, maybe even a little dirty to grab it. Who has time for niceties and principles in the midst of a smackdown? You betcha, Hart will use the stuffy disposition of the manager to his advantage. Whilst the manager may be outraged to find himself in Icicle Inn and, thus, so very far away from his beloved company, Hart's surely relieved to be away from the corporation and won't break a sweat. Oi, and do you see that little get up Hart is wearing there?? What is that??

I guess he will be breaking a sweat drop kicking that uptight manager! :lol:

Friendly reminder to players that as of the 22 June, 19:52 GMT, you have less than 24 hours to sway Spectators.

Here's a link to a time zone converter in case anyone needs it.

Keep on keepin’ on!

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