FFVII Confessions & Mishaps

I tried looking through past topics and relevant searches, but I could not find a topic similar enough to this - if there is one, I apologise, and this could either be deleted or merely addressed as a fresh start.

If you're like me, and played FFVII for the first time at a relatively younger age, what kind of things did you later learn that seem silly/worthy of confessing now? Who did you once name indecently? What kinds of thought processes make you now question your childhood sanity?

I had one major thing, but I had thought of this topic a few weeks ago, and forget what that is now - I just remembered during my latest playthrough how funny the comparison was to what I thought when I was younger.

Here are a few relatively smaller though:
I used to pronounce Tsneg's name as "Tiss-nig"

I never knew you could hit those pyramids Reno encased you with in the first battle, leading to a tremendously difficult battle enforcing the greatest strategies my childish mind could ascertain - it was tear-inducing frustration, as I recall

Although not me, my younger brother sold a couple of Ultimate Weapons

(Although not FFVII, finding the "Naughty Magazine" in FFVIII led to the belief that writing a similar thing was normal and fine in waking life, and my 8-year-old self was caught with my own written version and dealt with much punishment, all the while I passed it off as "It's a naughty magazine" through tears, as if it was perfectly okay)

Confession time!


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I pronounced Tseng as Tis-eng, In fact I can't look at that word without thinking that, but I hardly ever have to say it so I guess it doesn't matter.

I thought Vincent was Sephiroths dad. And then at the end when he says 'The one who should have slept was you Hojo!' I thought that meant that all that time Vincent had thought he was the father (obviously that doesn't make sense now)

I did think Aeris was going to come back somehow.

I thought you'd get to explore a lot more of Midgar.

I was never sure I'd saved properly, like I thought pressing circle and going back would delete the save or something, so I used to save and then reset the psone. I was an idiot :monster:

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When I was 10 and playing through it I renamed Cait Sith to some variation of 'Dickhead' to fit the character limit (might've been Dikhed) because using a misspelled swear word for a character name was the funniest thing ever to 10 year old me. 10 year old me had a wee want in him...as does current me :monster:

I spent hours upon hours following ridiculously convoluted internet "guides" about hidden sidequests that let you unlock Zack as a party member. I lost days just running back and forth between screens in Nibelheim, waiting for some guy to appear that would sell me a key or some shite that would unlock the tube Zack was kept in in the Mansion.

I found and still do find Zack's death scene in the OG much more emotional and profound than any other death in the game, with the possible exception of Dyne's. Whilst I loved the DMW scenes in Crisis Core's ending, his death scene in that just didn't have the same impact on me as his OG death.

When I was younger I used to hate going through the Shinra Mansion because the music and general look of the place frightened the living fuck out of me


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During my first, second, and third runs of the game, I did not "get" that Honey Bee Inn was a brothel.

I was 16-17 at the time.


I kept calling Nanaki 'Red 8'. Even after ACC.

Yes I can read Roman numerals. Just didn't bother to correct myself. :(


I couldn't get "Red Exzai" out of my head even though I knew it was a Roman numeral. For some reason...


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I always thought Lost Number was a canon boss and you couldn't leave the Shinra Mansion without beating him first when I was a kid.

I genuinely used to think Don Corneo was actually marrying one of the girls when Tifa used the word "bride"

I like many people tried to see if you could get past the big fish in the Forgotten City after disk 2 to see if I could revive Aerith and lord knows how many times I tried to find that fellow in the tube (I believe the rumours called him 'the general')

Tried to find many of the so called 'hidden' WEAPONS from the rumours.

Emerald weapon will still scares the shit out of me when it randomly appears outside of the Gelinka when you leave it and I've accidently rammed into it many a time because of this.

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This thread has definitely happened before but :monster:

At 12 I think I was familiar enough with the word "tsunami" to know that the "Ts" in "Tseng" was pronounced similarly, but I had no idea the e was pronounced more like "sung." Yuffie rhymed with "Buffy."

First time I played through I had a crush on Cloud. That's embarrassing enough. I thought Sephiroth was an old man because of his gray hair. And I was absolutely positively convinced that Vincent was Sephiroth's father.

Umm, my best friend kept pronouncing "item" like "intem." I have no idea why. But that's pretty embarrassing for her.

All of my early fanfiction is pretty much an embarrassing confession that I dig out of a box every now and then. And web shrines.


At 12 I think I was familiar enough with the word "tsunami" to know that the "Ts" in "Tseng" was pronounced similarly, but I had no idea the e was pronounced more like "sung."
I didn't know it was "sung" until CC. It's still "Cheng" in my head.

Oh, and the cross-dressing shenanigan. I thought Cloud's overall look actually changes depending on the items you get. I was really hoping to see Cloud in bikini briefs...


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On my first playthrough I somehow walked straight past Kalm. Went through the whole process of getting a chocobo and riding past the Midgar Zolem before the game kindly informed me to turn around. Oops.

Also, I too pronounced "Tseng" as "Seng" until Crisis Core.

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I genuinely used to think Don Corneo was actually marrying one of the girls when Tifa used the word "bride"
Same here!

It's funny how implications about Corneo flew over my head as a kid but 6 months later when I'm playing through Tactics I caught on fast to the implications that Rafa was raped/molested by Barinten. :closedmonster:
This thread has definitely happened before but :monster:
Whoops, guess my searching skills have once again let me down! Ah well, maybe it's one of those kind of topics that are good to get a few new inputs!

I remember now with my brother selling ultimate weapons, it was actually that he was throwing them at enemies...shite enemies...and if I'm mistaken, then it was not that this didn't happen, but that it was me who did it...
FFVII confessions

(note how old I must be during these childish confused impressions)

1. As college freshman in 1997 my new friend's roommate showed us a bunch of his save points, including the last fight with Sephiroth and the ending. I thought Super Nova was the END OF THE WORLD. Then the ending continued and, oh! that must've just been a cool way to represent a magic spell. Then the flash-of-white-light ending came and I thought maybe THEY ALL DIED.

2. Started playing summer 1998 and loved the music while I was playing, especially the Overworld Theme and Dear to My Heart, but because those tracks made me feel bittersweet sad 'cause THEY WERE GOING TO DIE at the end of this possibly futile journey. (only made it to the Temple of the Ancients before the memory card got destroyed but my neighbor had shown me Aeris's fate before I got to play)

3. 2006-2008 Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core. How did I know those names? Did I absentmindedly see some commercials? You mean, there's more? They definitely didn't all DIE AT THE END? I thought my love for FF had to end with FFVI, but over the years I guess I wanted to recapture what I was starting to love about FFVII.

4. 2008, Li'l Bro told me there was a movie, so I looked it up on youtube. A collection of lo-res videos on a computer with no sound. Okay, Tifa gets beat up and POSSIBLY DIES? Cloud is having an affair with Aeris's ghost?

5. 2010, Li'l Bro downloads FFVII from PlayStation Network and I play the game I loved and left behind 12 years earlier. Goto Amazon so I can buy Dirge of Cerberus, Crisis Core, and Advent Children in no particular order that I'm aware of. Looking at the reviews, I see that there's voice-overs listed; I see that Tifa is in 2 of them but not the other, so, she REALLY DID DIE or what? Damn! I'm not liking this.

6. Beat the game. Watched Advent Children Complete. All is well. NOBODY DIED. Why miso stupid? Now in love with FFVII and trying to understand the compilation (fer four years...!)
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When I was younger I used to hate going through the Shinra Mansion because the music and general look of the place frightened the living fuck out of me
This. I swear my heart would race from how much I dreaded having to go to Nibelheim. Not just the mansion but the whole town gave me the creeps. I think I was seven years old the first time I played; that's some scary shit for a child.

Like Ravynne, Yuffie rhymed with "Buffy". (And Tidus will always be /'tɑɪ.dəs/.)

I probably spent an hour or more looking for Aeris' house the first time I played the game. I remember running around that part of Midgar talking to every NPC a hundred times and checking out every corner of every map except the one I needed.

Actually, the first time my brother and I started up the game, we couldn't even press New Game. We must have hit the X button a thousand times. I thought our copy of the game was broken. Of course you need to press Circle.

A friend of mine at the time didn't know that save files could be overwritten. He had never got past the Sector 1 reactor mission because he was concerned that he would fill up his memory card too fast and not be able to play other games.
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I genuinely used to think Don Corneo was actually marrying one of the girls when Tifa used the word "bride"
Wasn't he? Sure, he was using the opportunity to bang as many people as possible beforehand, but I didn't get the impression he wasn't actually going to marry one person eventually for the status, as that's what crime bosses do.


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Yeah I'm pretty sure the Don was going to marry some broad, probably use her to do all sorts of tax dodge stuff and whatnot, but I'm pretty sure he'd keep on banging anything he could.

I used to pronounce Sephiroth as Sep-y-Roth even thought my own name has a ph sound in it. :closedmonster:
Similar, I used to pronounce it Sep -hear- oth. Even though I know full well how to pronounce 'ph' sounds.


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I saw the ending before I played the game. I discovered FF VII through my cousin while I was watching him play the final bosses(spoiled myself there, didn't I? lol). After he fought Bizarro Sephiroth, anticipating what will happen next, the first notes of One-Winged Angel cued up and I was just excited to see my cousin play through it. I had to look it up and got my own copy.

I thought Yuffie was pronounced "Yuffy" like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, haha xD


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I mean, it makes sense in English for Yuffie to rhyme with Buffy. The double consonant following the vowel gives it a "short" quality. Think about words such as lad, lady and laddy. Notice how the vowel changes and lengthens for ‹lady›. That's why we need the double consonant when we write – it's not just another irritating thing for students to remember (well, that too, perhaps). If the producers of FFVII had wanted us to call her "You-fe" /jʉːfi/, they should have spelled it with a single ‹f›: Yufie.



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Whoa, for me there was a lot of mishaps, but when you are 10 years old and you have just recently started learning English, usually there is a lot of problems when playing any games ;).

First of all, since I am a PC player, my first contact with the game was the PC Mt. Corel demo. To those, who did not play it, it was whole Mt. Corel area with North Corel and Ropeway Station. Cloud, Barret and Aerith were a bit overleveled (with Cloud and Barret having approx. 1000 HP). Cloud had Bahamut, which totally owned the whole area ;). But back to the topic.

At first few tries I couldn't pass the second area (just before Mako Reactor), because there is a moment when you essentially move forward in place (you go "into" the screen), so I thought this was a dead end. Fortunately, later I discovered a little bit more of area ;).

After playing demo for a long time my parents finally agreed to buy the whole game (it was helluva expensive, unfortunately) on Christmas. I installed the game, run it and.....there was no music! And I practically couldn't play it, because something messed up with the in-game cursor (I was using a keyboard, but at the same time the cursor randomly moved itself). I was very sad, but after two months I decided to run it once more. I changed some options and fortunately the music went back :D. And the faulty cursor turned out to be the joystick's fault - between playing demo and a full version I bought some shitty joystick that was not properly calibrated.

Then, the fun began ;) TBC.


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When I forst played I never thought final fantasy vii was a creepy game but now that I play it..it kind of gives me the heebee jeebees!! Lol I think it's the music..like the work map music sounds pretty freaky when they are in a crisis. Not only that but everyone in the game is flipping crazy..so it makes the mood of the game really strange and freaky lol.

Another thing is I used to not like Tifa. I used to think that she was always bugging cloud and flirting with him, so it made the game less fun..but now that I have played it while I'm older I realized that she wasn't the one doing that. I actually felt really bad for Tifa because she had to watch the guy she liked love another girl, or rather just be interested in her..since she dies lol. I could really relate to Tifa so when they give me options I always choose the options that make cloud like Tifa! Lmbo

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I used a gameshark to get all the materia...
I also used a gameshark to have Aerith in my party after her death and my game froze when I tried to go to the next area (whatever comes after the forgotten capital).

We really need a let's play....
While not directly related to the game in itself, I just found out something that could have destroyed any credibility I had going forward as a writer with a particular piece of "FanFiction" - This particular piece I'm writing at the moment has lots of FF characters in it, and Tseng happens to be one of them: As I learned, after a year of writing it, I have been spelling his name wrong in every chapter he is in (Tsneg, instead of Tseng).

My first post mentioned how I used to pronounce his name like "tis-nig", and I spelt it wrong there, too. Seriously, that man's name will be the death of me!
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