FFVII Remake delayed to April 10th Worldwide

While I am personally inconvenienced in a moderate fashion (I'll have to see if my boss is okaying with me changing my reserved vacation to April instead) I'm sure the developers are under leagues more stress. Here's hoping they pull through with a final release that isn't too buggy. Not that we've had it confirmed that the current build has tons of bugs but I'm going to assume it as a likely scenario, considering the complexity of the project.


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Of course Square makes this announcement as soon as I put in my PTO time. >_>
Honestly though, after seeing how many graphical glitches were going on in a few of the demos I watched, I kinda saw it coming with how close it was to release. At least I don't have to take as many PTO days as I originally was going to now that it's a Friday release instead of a Tuesday.

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I feel for the folks who had already booked their leave - I was about to do the same thing!
Welp, I think I share the sentiment that 5 more weeks isn't a big deal (I've been hoping for a remake since the late 2000s). Not great to have it so close to the release of Cyberpunk 2077 though.


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I don't have leave to book and I would never take vacation to play a video game. Still it's sad as my hype levels have only increased since watching demo footage, but it is what it is. Just got to let them finish the game.
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