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FFVII Remake Official Trailer (& other footage) Thread


Thought it'd be a good idea to catalogue these in one thread now that we have a fair few.

Trailers in Sequential Order

E3 2015 Reveal Trailer [June 2015]

PS Experience 2015 Gameplay Trailer [December 2015]

PS State of Play 2019 Teaser [May 2019]

Symphonic Reunion (release date reveal) Trailer [June 2019]

E3 2019 Trailer [June 2019]

TGS 2019 Trailer [September 2019]

Game Awards 2019 Trailer [December 2019]

23rd Anniversary Theme Song Reveal Trailer [January 2020]

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Game Footage

Demo Gameplay [E3/ Gamescom 2019]

Aps Battle [TGS 2019]

Opening Cinematic [Feb 2020]

Miscellaneous/ TV Spots

FFVII Japan Nostalgia Commercial (Official)

FFVII Japan Nostalgia Commercial (Translated)

FFVII Remake Theme Song (Behind the Scenes)

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I hear the new trailer has a lot of the stuff I was curious about how they’d handle in the remake - Hojo, the lab, Red XIII, the cross dressing scene, Don Corneo, etc...

And yet? I won’t watch it ‘cause I want to find out as I play. I feel like half of my posts here have become “here’s how much I’m avoiding info” :P
It sounds like the new trailer’s an absolute banger, though.


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I think they did a pretty good job in response to the whole leaked demo and other aspects of the game. They pretty much showed everything and I'm still incredibly hyped!
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